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Are you ready for Mobile Computing

Have you noticed mobile computing is permeating all that we know? To be honest - you probably haven't (unless you are particularly excited about IT, Technology or Cloud Computing). BUT it is changing our lives! Mobile computing is actually expected to surpass desktop using by 2014 - that means in 3 short years the ways we are used to will be all but obsolete!
What is mobile computing?
Mobile computing is simply about where the data storage and processing is…

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How recruiters can avoid the 11 out of 10 candidate syndrome

Every employer wants the perfect candidate; but there is nothing more annoying for a recruiter to hear than an employer say that they liked the candidate/s put forward... but just want to see 1 more.
Many recruiters complain of hearing the same response all too often. What is it that makes the employer want to look further, despite the fact that they may have already met with the perfect candidate?
Unemployment levels
When unemployment levels are…

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What makes a recruiter go from good to great

Recruitment is a fantastic industry to be in! In general recruiters love dealing with a variety of people, juggling different needs from different candidate and different employers and matching candidates with employers (both from a job description perspective and also from a personality/environment perspective).


Many recruiters started as professionals in another field, whilst just as many came out of Uni with an HR or similar degree and decided helping people find their…


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How technology changes can improve filling your vacancies

We live in the amazing age of technology! Everything is now at our finger tips - no longer do we have to rely on the library or Encyclopaedia Brittanica. The good news for job advertisers is that we can now use this technology to our advantage to ensure that more people have access to our vacancies and thereby improve our chances of finding the best applicant.
The breadth of the applicant market
We have noticed a trend with job seekers searching globally -…

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Why you should think Hospitality

Want to change industries? Here's a tip that might help you land your dream job: think Hospitality!


Typical Hospitality roles

The Hospitality Industry is made up of many and varied jobs and positions. The most commonly thought of positions in Hospitality are those found in Restaurants and Cafés: Wait Staff, Bar Person, Chef, Cook, Kitchen hand,…


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How To Tap The Hidden Job Market

Did you know there is a hidden job vacancy market out there? These are the great jobs that hardly ever get advertised (or the advertising is a formality as there is already a front runner for the role)! Would you like to be the front runner?? It really is simple, this is known as "word of mouth" marketing, where other people submit your application for you. These are the jobs where a current employee or confidant of the boss hiring says "Hey - I think I know…

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Jobs Jobs Jobs and more Jobs!

Where do I start to look for Jobs?? Seems a simple question, but quite frankly if you are in the jobs market, how can you be sure you are looking in the right places to find the right job?


There are literally thousands of jobs posted on websites everyday, the big newspapers have big dedicated advertising sections with pages upon pages of jobs on certain days of the week, the local papers have their own healthy jobs section every week. Yet there are people who can't find a…

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Why Australian job seekers should 'seek' elsewhere

If you've ever looked for a job in Australia, you will likely know that Seek's moto is that they are Australia's #1 job site and I'm not here to argue, thousands of jobs are posted daily. But I would like to point out some of the advantages to supplementing your seeking strategies with complimentary solutions!

The power of numbers
Seek is a fantastic resource if you are researching your options. If you want to know what is available out there, if you are…

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Why stay at a job you hate

We've all had one (or two, ok maybe more!) - the dreaded job we have come to hate. You feel sick at the thought of going to work, you can't wait for your holidays and when it gets really bad, you can't sleep at night.

So why do we do it?
Why do we stay at a job we hate? There are a multitude of reasons, from things like:
  1. it's easy
  2. fear of starting over
  3. lack of confidence
  4. family or financial commitments,…

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5 Ways to Hide Your Job Search from Your Current Employer

Things not going very well at work? Maybe you just want to see what’s ‘out there’ in the jobs marketplace. Whatever your reason for looking for a new job, and however ideal or not your current employer may be, there is still a certain etiquette involved in the way you go about your search.…


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Menial Jobs for Students the Ideal Starting Point to Kick-Start Careers

Who didn’t have a fast food job when they were still in school? Jobs for students have traditionally centred on the fast food industry or fashion because it’s great to work where your peers hang out.Generation Z is heading into the part time workforce now and not much has changed, but some teens keenly seek out…


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Why Australian Jobs in Government Are Great for the Ambitious

Want a job with security? One of the best sectors for that particular goal is government. Working for the government definitely has long-term potential because the network is so vast, that you could transfer from department to department for years and never become bored or run out of work! Government job openings in…


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How to Take Your Place in Careers Recruitment in Australia

It’s well known is that the careers recruitment industry in Australia is booming. It’s an industry alive with activity as at no other time in previous generations. Today, you rarely hear about anyone who receives the fabled gold watch as a token of thanks for 50 years devotion to a company. We change jobs with higher…


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The Top 5 Reasons Why People Are Changing Jobs

Is it just us or do so many people seem to be changing jobs at the moment? Some didn’t have a choice, of course ... need we mention a certain former Prime Minister and his inauspicious and involuntary removal from government? But aside from the country’s Very Top Job, many ‘commoners’ are changing jobs for a variety of…


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Are You Ready To Be A Sales Manager?

We weren’t all born to lead, just as we weren’t all born to sell. Some of us hide in a corner at the thought of having to deliver a sales pitch. Well the world goes around and around on the strength of all our differences, but there are indeed people who are born to be Sales Managers! Think Tim Shaw, the Demtel guy. What…


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Text message job service keeps the playing field level

Are you feeling a little left behind by the inundation of smartphone technology? Fear not, dear mobile phone technophobe, as SMStheJOB will continue to offer sms universality, regardless of how many you-beaut, bells-n-whistles, reach-for-the-stars hardware options – and their…


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Job opportunities sent directly to your pocket or handbag

Text messaging has of course been around for many years now and, as in the case of SMStheJob, its uses are…


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IT professionals benefiting from the GFC after the fact

Working in IT, just as in many other professional sectors, involved a bit of risky business as the GFC kicked the economy down a notch or ten. But since the economy cranked out of hibernation much more swiftly than was expected, IT projects that were put on hold are now being reinstated and the professionals who may have…


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Payrises in your future with growing skills shortage?

One minute we’re in the midst of the now famously-named GFC (Global Financial Crisis for those of you who have just peered out from under a rock), and everyone’s panicking about job queues,…


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The rise and rise of virtual jobs

Remember the quaint old days when it was considered a risky proposition to work from home, given the limitations of technology back in the day? Now, with smart phones, the Internet, video conferencing and widespread acceptance of the work-at-home model, it’s not only entirely possible to operate a successful home business, it’s becoming the way…


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