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5 Ways The Medical Industry Can Improve Job Satisfaction

Morale in the medical industry is currently at an all time low. The malaise isn’t solely confined to the ranks of the junior doctors and nursing staff either. Once revered by society, physicians…


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4 Things Recruiters Want From Expat Healthcare Workers

Working abroad is the dream for many UK healthcare staff, with better conditions and pay on offer elsewhere in the world. But having a dream and seeing it through are two very different…


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Nurturing The Bond Between HR and Talent Acquisition

Human Resources and your Talent Acquisition team often make up two reluctant sides of the same coin. Whilst the crossover between these departments is inevitable, it is not always to the benefit of your staff - especially if there is friction between the two parties. As a leader, it is important that you find a way of bringing balance to the office, by carefully managing and integrating…


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How The Recruitment Of Medical Staff Is Changing

With so many people connected to the web, online recruitment has blossomed in the last few years, making it the most effective way to find jobs in the healthcare sector. Doctors and nurses can now be targeted directly…


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5 Tips For Forging Lasting Client Relationships

When it comes to recruiting, the ties you make with clients can be all important. Rather than viewing them as a way to make a quick buck, you need to earn their trust if you want to keep them around for the long haul. It’s simple - if you don’t build a genuine connection with your clients, then you can’t…


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Is There A Mismatch Between Recruiters And Candidates On Social Media?

Since the birth of social media, recruiters have had more choice…


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Are You Keeping Up With Modern Recruitment Trends?

Recruitment is a hard game to play, especially since potential candidates can come from such a large pool of talent. Nowadays, there are so many more platforms to advertise vacancies on, but knowing exactly which ones will help you unearth the consummate professional you are searching for is still perplexing to many…


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Not Getting Any Bites? 4 Fixes for Your Job Listing

Crafting the perfect job advert is no easy task. Not only does creating the content of job ads usually fall quite far down a priority list for recruiters and HR teams, but it’s also hard work knowing how to engage the right audience and make a job listing stand out. If the job listing that you’ve posted isn’t having the desired effect, here are four…


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How to Hire for Hard to Fill Vacancies

Every company has them. Those kinds of jobs that are hard to fill because they require a very specific skillset and come with an intimidating amount of responsibility. There’s a lot of pressure on the hiring team to get it right, and there’s a lot of pressure on the candidate who steps up to the plate too. These employees need to be the…


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Job Boards are Still Popular and Here's Why

Job boards came around in the early days of the internet, but they’ve come a long way since then and are still popular amongst job seekers. While some critics thought that job boards would die out as technology sped ahead, that’s not the case. Job boards are evolving:…


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Career Hubs and Job Boards: What’s the Difference?

You may have…


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Gender Divide in the Recruitment Process

While there are many employers who pride themselves on having a recruitment process free from discrimination, but gender bias can affect the recruitment process in subtle ways, and unintentional stereotypes affect everyone. A recent…


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Is Twitter the New LinkedIn for Recruiting?

While LinkedIn has long been the favourite social media platform among recruiters for sourcing candidates, it looks as though Twitter is planning to reposition its role in the social media hiring process. Twitter has the lion’s share of job postings with…


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5 Ways to Improve Your Mobile Recruitment Experience

Our attention span doesn’t take long to dwindle. After just eight seconds of browsing, 50% of users will leave a website, and you can bet that if they’re browsing on their phone and your site isn’t mobile-ready, they’ll snap it shut…


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Mobile Recruiting - Don’t Ignore the Trend

We’re seeing one of the most competitive hiring landscapes ever, yet there is one big trend of 2015 that HR managers and recruiters are still ignoring - mobile recruiting. An…


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3 Strategies to Source Quality Passive Candidates on LinkedIn

Due to high skills demand and low skills supply, recruiting high quality passive candidates is expected to be a key trend in 2015. A recent LinkedIn survey…


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How to Design a Winning Healthcare Recruitment Ad

While many industries will post abstract, out-of-the-box advertisements to catch the attention of new candidates, there can be a certain expectation of formality and professionalism within the healthcare recruitment sector. Large job boards, niche job boards and even local job listings websites are popular platforms for healthcare employers…


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How to Start a Career in Psychiatry

Psychiatrists deal with mental illness and the physical effects that this can have. Unlike psychologists, psychiatrists are qualified doctors. Mental illnesses are one of the UK’s biggest health problems, with one in four people…


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How Many Jobs are Available for Pharmacists?

Unlike the massive staff shortages of doctors and nurses, the UK has a steady flow of candidates to fill pharmaceutical roles. But will this always be the case?

The number of qualified pharmacists entering the profession in the UK has increased due to higher student numbers and more pharmacists relocating to…


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Top 5 Most in Demand Healthcare Careers

Healthcare is one of the most reliable job sectors in the UK and relevant skills are in high demand. The Five Year Forward View by the NHS, which aims to modernise the NHS by setting out a clearer vision…


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