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5 Simple Ways to Get Your Emails Read Now

So you have the perfect candidate for a hot job in your database. On the other side of the desk, you’re trying to capture the attention of a potential client. You can spend all day creating an email message that will entice them to work with you, but if they don’t open your email, your effort is wasted.

Use these five tips to craft a clickable subject line, and prevent your message from sinking under the radar.

1. Address Your Reader

Have you ever…


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Need to Get More Out of Your Employees? A Solution.

How do you help your employees take ownership of their work?

Workflow technology can erase excuses for missing the mark, and help your employees to excel without a manager breathing down their back.

Erase these flimsy employee justifications for not meeting objectives with workflow technology:

I don’t know where I stand. Workflow technology tracks employee progress. So whether they’re…


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5 Lame Excuses for Not Closing a Deal

As a professional in the recruiting industry, you never know what your day could bring. Put a few good habits to work, so when things do go haywire, you can stay on route to closing more business.

Are you guilty of putting these lame excuses between yourself and opportunity?

1. Didn’t Have Access

Recruiting is a business based on people. And people can be a bit unpredictable at times. So don’t get caught off-guard. An investment in…


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Do You Need Pinterest in Your Marketing Arsenal?

I’ve been trying to figure out what Pinterest, a virtual bulletin board of recipes, diy projects, paint swatches and style tips has to do with the business of recruiting.

And I really haven’t come up with a good answer...

Gregg Dourgarian of Staffing Talk did a search for “hiring” on Pinterest (see his results).

He came up with hiring infographics,…


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The One Thing Your Recruiting Technology is Missing

Recruiters have unprecedented access to phenomenal technology. Some solutions are free, some are a large investment. Some provide basic sourcing tools, and some solutions have so many bells and whistles, it’s hard to figure out a use for them all.

No matter what your budget, or your goals, everyone has access to great technology.

But there’s one key element great…


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The Surprising Truth about Spring Cleaning

Traditionally, spring is the time to sweep out the dark corners that were neglected over the winter, open up a window or two, shake out the rugs and perform all of those once-a-year cleaning rituals.

That’s in your physical space.

And with everything feeling so fresh and new, the spring cleaning frenzy may even spill out of your home and into the confines of your…


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Experience Sendouts Market at SIA, #ef12

Visit Sendouts at Booth 617

The Sendouts crew is headed to Vegas this week for the SIA Executive Forum. We'll be set up at Booth 617, giving live demonstrations of our newest features, including Sendouts Market. We hope you'll stop by to get more information about the best of breed integrations we offer through Sendouts Market, and explore all of our latest innovations.

As always, you can try your luck at an iPad on…


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The Beauty of Coworking for Recruiters

Some recruiters go to an office every day. Some go to their basement home office every day. So if you are one of the entrepreneurs, the blended desk worker who does a little bit of everything, this post is for you.

We are increasingly becoming a freelance, temp-work nation, and the recruiting industry is no exception. So while you may be working with temp firms to find contract, temporary, and freelance workers, you may be a bit of a contract/freelance…


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Enjoy More Wins - Work Like HR

Most agency recruiters who have been in the business for a while are fantastic salespeople and great negotiators.  But they can always take a few practical tips from their counterparts in corporate HR.  While developing and managing relationships may be your strength as a third party recruiter, thinking from the perspective of a recruiter in a corporate setting can set you…


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How to Link Mobile with Recruiting

At least 28% of employees check their smartphones during downtime.

For recruiters, this means that the pool of passive…


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You Don’t Need to be Budweiser to Have a Great Ad Campaign

Every year we can expect to see Budweiser fill several spots during the Super Bowl. But an ad engagement survey shows that Budweiser is the brand least likely to see a return on its investment in Super Bowl ads this…


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Drive Recruiting Events with Social Media, Obama-Style

A recent article from Forbesdelineates a few ways the Obama campaign has been using social media in its political outreach efforts:

  • Fielding questions and speaking with ordinary citizens in a Google+…

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6 Tips for Decreasing Application Abandonment

An abandoned shopping cart is THE WORST for online retailers.  So close to making a sale, but the customer just didn’t bite.

Maybe the shopper couldn’t find the shipping costs, and decided to skip it. Maybe an item was out of stock when they went to checkout, so they left the site feeling disappointed. Perhaps they had a question, but it was too difficult to contact…


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5 Habits of Highly Successful Recruiters

What makes a good recruiter great?

While everyone has a different opinion on what success really is (wealth?  notoriety?  the elusive work/life balance?), there are a few themes on what makes a recruiter a big success that keep popping up again and again.

Here’s a quick look at what the successful…


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The Year of Mobile Recruiting: A Look Back at the Sendouts Blog in 2011

One of the biggest highlights at Sendouts for 2011 was the release of the revamped Sendouts mobile.  The mobile recruiting landscape had changed quite a bit from the initial launch of Sendouts mobile in 2004.  Advances in technology, not to mention the proliferation of touch-screen devices meant that it was definitely time to reinvent our mobile app.  Mobile will…


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Dear Santa, I want a personal assistant this year.

With Christmas knocking at our door, the holiday season always makes it excruciatingly apparent how valuable our time is.  We’ve been running around frantically all December trying to squeeze the most out of every last minute - buying gifts for friends and family, deciding how to appropriately thank clients, buzzing from holiday party to party.  We may have even reached that ugly turn the season takes when the holiday warm fuzzies turn into holiday stress as we dash from place to…


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Interstates and Inboxes - What Infrastructure is Blocking Your Next Placement?

This post originally appeared at

There is a trend sprouting up in cities across the US to tear down monster interstatesas a way to increase vibrancy in downtown areas.

In the case of St. Louis, I-70 cuts…


Added by Jessica Lunk on December 14, 2011 at 9:30am — No Comments and Recruiters can be described as a personal content management system, a tool for aggregating your social media presence, and personal landing page.

The appeal of the site is the ability to create an aesthetically pleasing web page without the need for web design experience, for free.

And if you are a recruiter specializing in the creative industry, it could be another site for finding fresh talent.

Active and passive candidates are finding the value of giving people…


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13 Quick Tips for Writing and Marketing a Case Study for Your Recruiting Firm

Hook New Clients with a Tantalizing Case Study


A new year is right around the corner.  How will you position yourself to develop more business in 2012?   A great way to start is to share how your happiest, best satisfied clients have benefited from your service in the form of a case study.

The best…


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10 Reasons to Give Thanks That You’re a Recruiter

Despite recession woes, it’s still a great time to be a recruiter.  Here are ten reasons to chew on this Thanksgiving:

10.  There are still excuses for being a lazy recruiter from time to time.

9.   Job…


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