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You're Getting Noticed - Like it or Not...

With Great Power Comes Great Responsibility I’ve heard it said that branding is all about getting yourself noticed. I’d tend to disagree – at least I’d tend to disagree today. It’s my opinion that personal branding only begins with getting noticed. If done right, personal branding efforts (for employment) should continue down a path that leads potential employers to see you as the only viable option they have for a job they’re looking to fill (or to create!)

But first let’s have a quick chat about getting… Continue

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Got Brand?

RecruiterGuy 2008 Gone are the days where 'branding' was just about marketing a company or a product. And gone are the days where branding is difficult - at least for those that are serious about their personal brand or perceived identity.

Regardless of your profession or the profession that you aspire to - your brand is important - and could give you the edge over your competition. Don't think some…


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Is She A Keeper?

RecruiterGuy's Umpire This week I stumbled on an article that asked men, "Is She a Keeper?" The article began with the claim that while many women have problems finding the 'right man' they are in fact experts at spotting the 'wrong woman' for their male friends. Debatable for sure - but it did get the old RecruiterGuy wheels turning with a quick comparison to the courtship between a job seeker and an employer. C'mon... you knew it would, right?

So as a professional in the industry I'll play…


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Quick... Take a Picture of that thingy!

RecruiterGuy Mobile BarCode Hey look, I see one.... and another... and hey, is that another one?!

Mobile barcodes - they're popping up everywhere. And if you don't know what to look for, you just might miss them or brush them off as some sort of funny little logo or aesthetic addition without meaning. If that's you... you're wrong.

Also called a QR…


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The Right Fit...

I submit to you this video of an interview... gone terribly wrong.

No one was hurt as a result.. I think.

How many of us have taken part in an interview where either the company or the candidate just wasn't a fit? I know that I've conducted one or two interviews with job seekers where we were both wondering 10 minutes into the interview just what the heck each of us was doing there. And yes, I've been on the other side…


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It May Be Quiet - But It's No Secret...

QuietAgent Last week a handful of Fortune 500 companies launched a little program called AllianceQ - with the hopes that it would revolutionize the recruitment industry by establishing a free and generous supply of job candidates to its members. Formed and implemented by QuietAgent this massive push…


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Employer Videos... Thoughts & Experience?

One of the job titles that my team has had the pleasure of filling over the last year is the…


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Balance Isn't Just A Protein Bar...

RecruiterGuy talks about Balance This week I'm back in the gym like I should be every week (shame on me) and I'm reminded of my slightly peculiar talent (yes, I said it - RecruiterGuy has some peculiarity to him) to correlate my off-work experiences or journeys to goals and missions in my professional life. While punishing my abs and upper body last night I drew a correlation between the creation of (or at my age the maintenance of) my muscles and the 'm4d & cr4zy' skills I try to keep flexed and always honed…


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Social Networking - Socially...

Who among us doesn't remember back in the day when social networking was really about heading out and shaking hands and meeting people - not just online communities and emails? Don't get me wrong - I'm insanely passionate about social network sites such as RBC and the like - but I do miss heading out to the clubhouse for 4 solid hours of 'working' with a client/candidate on the fairways.

That's… Continue

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Mid-Year... Stepping it up.

RecruiterGuy Improve Gel Well the 4th of July is upon us. It's this time of year that I'm always catapulted into taking a hard look at my current fitness program, recruiting practices, personal relationships, or work related self-development. Strange, I know - considering most people do this around January when resolutions run rampant or in the Spring when love is in the air (or is it because of that spring cleaning thing? either way...)

Every year at this time I spend some time on each of the above…


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Something to think about...


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Back in the Saddle...

Ahhhhh, RecruiterGuy here and it's good to be back - sort of.

After a terrific week in Southern California I'm headed back to the office today. With batteries completely recharged I'm reminded why vacation time is so important. As addicted to online communities, email, my blackberry, etc. as I am I'm still a hard-core believer that you must completely unplug while on vacation in order to truly recharge.

Having not read a single email or dialed in even once to check voicemail I…


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