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Did Someone Tweet They Needed A Job?

RecruiterGuy on Twitter I find Twitter fascinating. I see it as many different things ranging from a search engine to an instant messaging device to a blogging platform to a time suck. And while these are just a few of the things that I myself have used it for - I love them all.

One of the first things recruiters have been struggling to understand since it's release is if… Continue

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Recruiting Evolution...

Social Recruiting - image courtesy of Fistful Of Talent So there's a bit of a fuss online with recruiters that took offense to Peter Weddle's recent article that social media within the realm of recruiting is just a scam. Some said he was wrong and others outright… Continue

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Fancy Recruiting... With the Basics in Mind.

iPhone I'm passionate about a few things... My family, my work, and not being bored. So it's important to me that I try to do everything I can to keep things fresh and exciting... to really push every aspect of the things I like so that they're always at their best - or most productive. One of the things that I think are important under the banner of family is my health.

So I'm back into my rhythm at the gym. Trying out new things and making sure that I'm not on any specific or… Continue

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Crazy Sexy Cool (Recruiting/Sourcing) Part II

Dashboard Well, you've done it. You created a tab on iGoogle and dug around through the literally hundreds of widgets and add-ons and have created an interesting place to search for job seekers. Maybe you even got a little crazy and did some searching for complete custom tabs like… Continue

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Yeah, But We're Only Paying Him $4/hr...

Alright - pay attention. Because this one is one of those interesting ideas that at a glance would seem to be either falling flat or just not getting noticed. Granted, it's no CraigsList killer or E-bay Eliminator - but it's certainly an interesting take on how to conduct a job search... or recruit.

Anyone that knows me knows that… Continue

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Paperless Recruiting - Paperless Job Hunting

beamME Year to date I'm paperless. That's right - I haven't personally created even a shadow of a paper footprint so far this year. Some days are obviously easier than others but for the most part it's been a pretty satisfying journey.

In staff meetings I typically have my laptop for notes and follow up items. When that proves too cumbersome or unrealistic I simply take notes on my blackberry or iPhone. (Yeah, I'm getting pretty fast with these thumbs - soon I'll have the mad… Continue

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Social Network Impact...

Social Measurement Not a week goes by that a Social Network Evangelist gets asked how to measure the power of their network. And hey, why not? If I were a naysayer and on the fence about a process that, at a glance, takes up a significant amount of time but is a challenge to measure - I'd probably ask too.

Just a few months ago I posted a quick video and blog… Continue

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Crazy Sexy Cool (Recruiting/Sourcing) Part I

Tazmanian Devil It was almost a year ago when I was digging through various search strings running in an uncountable number of tabs within my browser that it struck me how powerful the browser could really be for recruiters willing to take advantage of it. Of course at that point I was only thinking about bookmarks and Firefox plugins, so of course the little monster that resides inside my head just pointed to toolbars and… Continue

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Removing some Suck from Twitter on #FollowFriday

I have an idea. Let's see what we can do to suck the value out of Twitter. C'mon... I have some great ideas and you know you want to help out, right?

Ideas that Suck for Twitter

  • Let's create an auto-follow service so that you can immediately follow anyone that follows you first.

    This way your twitterstream is full of dialogue from anyone that simply decides to follow you - regardless…

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Recruiting Change...

Recruiting Change Last week I was working at my desk when my oldest daughter came up behind me and asked if I had time to review some homework she'd been working on for her history class. She said she'd already typed it up on her computer and just needed me to take a quick look.

"Sure sweetie," I said. "Just email it to me and we'll take a look together."

She responded with, "No need, Daddy. I already shared it to you." What she meant was that because it was a collaborative… Continue

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Can Recruiters Help me Raise $3 More for Kids?

I'm a sucker for a good charity and even more so when helping that charity comes with a good time. On Saturday March 7th I'll be taking part in the Big Brothers Big Sisters Bowl for Kids' Sake 2009 event in Dallas, TX.

Bowl For Kids' Sake is the largest annual fundraising event for Big Brothers Big Sisters, providing funds to offer positive mentoring relationships… Continue

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Conversational Recruiting... via Twitter?

Conversational Recruiting Let's talk a moment about Twitter - the infectious micro-blogging service that has taken the internet by storm. If you've managed to get this far and be completely in the dark as to what exactly Twitter is I'll simply point you here, here and here. Today's article isn't about breaking down the basics of the 140 character heavy hitter. It's more about how some recruiters are taking hold of… Continue

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Chrome Gets Fed... and Stumble(d)Upon

Chrome Even as a huge fan of Google's Chrome browser I'm always looking for great ways to customize my experience and use the browser to it's fullest potential - at least for what I do. My real goal is to find quick and easy ways to streamline my job and the job of my team by maximizing the power of various web based tools, applications, and software suites. So when Chrome came out I was both excited and a bit… Continue

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Your Internet/Recruiting Dashboard

Internet Dashboard I was talking with a friend of mine over the weekend and she mentioned how she was enjoying a few of the tips that I had showed her in regards to managing bookmarks and her Google Reader. I noticed that as we were talking it was obvious that she had several tabs open - some for very quick items or news sites. I asked if she'd given any thought to treating her browser homepage like a dashboard instead of a… Continue

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Not Every L.I.O.N. Knows How To Hunt...

LION Okay, recruiters... it's time we addressed it. It's time that we talked a little bit about what it means to use networking sites (specifically LinkedIn) to effectively ‘connect' and recruit. Hey - somebody's got to tell a handful of you that are stumbling and bumbling your way through it that you're giving others a bad wrap - and creating some hesitation by some to speak to anyone with the word "recruiter" in their… Continue

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Resolutions Be Damned!

New Year So other than the parties I believe that the best part of new year - the part that people just LOVE - is setting resolutions. Oh, I know - you're probably already picking up on my sarcasm, right? Of course, maybe you don't even make a New Year's resolution because you know that you just won't lose that extra 10lbs or you'll never find the time to pick up that old hobby again. But hey, let's chat a bit about them anyhow.

First - my resolutions from last year and how we ended… Continue

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Winners Get Connected... And Listed... And Paid!

Who won?! A dozen or so days ago I posted a quick article that talked about Google's Friend Connect and issued a bit of a challenge in the form of a drawing to use the new feature. The prize was a $50 gift certificate for the lucky name drawn from a hat (okay, I used a tupperware bowl - sue me.)

The idea behind the promotion… Continue

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Are Your Candidates Full of Wakoopa?

RecruiterGuy Wakoopa Cloud One of the questions I receive weekly is in regards to what social networks or applications I find most useful for recruiting and employment branding. We as hungry recruiters can't help but wonder if we're the only ones using LinkedIn or Facebook for sourcing and if there is something out there that's easier or more powerful that could help us get the job done. Some of us still struggle with deciding what tweeting tool to use (… Continue

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Maps, Maps, and More Maps...

RecruiterGuy Maps In the interest of answering comments (and even a voicemail!) about topics I've written about I wanted to follow up on my last Google Maps related article. The original article was just something to get the idea wheels turning in regards to the various ways a recruiter might use online maps. With quick thoughts ranging from commuter blues to competition bingo - there are… Continue

Added by RecruiterGuy on December 5, 2008 at 9:00am — No Comments Gets Social... (and hands out $50 for Xmas!)

RG Connected You knew it would happen sooner or later, right? Well today is the day... and tomorrow... and the next day... and the day after... okay, you get the idea. is growing up and becoming more than just a blog - it's getting "social." So why not be part of the fun and help us push the envelope a bit?

Anyone can now use the menu on the right to sign in using their Google account, Yahoo account, AIM ID or any other 3rd party OpenID provider (yes, you can… Continue

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