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5 Elements of a Sourcing Strategy

The Recruitment field while an interesting one does in fact depend on Sourcers to meet the requirements.  A Recruiter’s task is never ending because as the company grows there are more vacancies emerging hence a Sourcer’s task is a continuous one. A Sourcer acts as a support for Recruiters to fall back on when all their efforts turn futile.

The emergence of Social Technology has had a lasting effect on the recruiting industry as a whole. The current trend in recruiting is Social…


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Social Media Recruitment Facts and Figures

Social media has recently continued to evolve at a rapid pace, giving rise to new and improved methods and techniques for recruiting. To cater to these developments several updates have been made to various social media sites including browser extensions that now assist and enhance a recruiter’s experience. Thus modern recruiters and sourcers are now required to have a…


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5 Ways to make your Online Profile Stand Out

Creating an online presence is not an easy task now as against earlier when recruiting was still doing things the traditional way. With recruiting now going online it is actually that important, especially for the recruiters and the ones on the receiving ends i.e. job seekers.

With social media dominating all most all aspects of recruitment and branding due to its efficiency and being cost effective. Everyone we know apart from recruiters and companies is on social media platforms.…


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LinkedIn Updates its InMail Credits and Renewals

For recruiters, LinkedIn’s new updates to its InMail credits and renewals seem to be good news to its users. Because these changes can improve its user’s efficiency thus their performance too will ameliorate simultaneously. I’m sure that by now you too are asking the same question as me i.e. what updates, LinkedIn has made to its InMail credits and renewals?  So let’s find out about these changes and use them to our advantage.

But before we move on to the nitty -…


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5 Important Aspects to a Smart Hire

The recruiting field is constantly evolving to meet the current trends so also is the task of hiring qualified and suitable candidates with the right calibre. Finding such candidates isn’t easy and candidates that display the right attitude are even harder to find. In such a case making sure you hire the right candidate isn’t an easy task to perform. Therefore, here are “5 Important aspects to a Smart Hire” that you should keep in mind before you make a hire.…


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How to Improve your Business Visibility?

If you thought that boosting the visibility of a business is different, you are partially right. Principles that aid professional visibility can also be applied here but with a few tweaks. Doesn’t this make the task easier? Well let’s see if it does.

So if you’re wondering whether the Business visibility that is fostered on social media like LinkedIn is similar to one’s LinkedIn profile ranking then read on. The answers to questions like how is one’s LinkedIn profile ranking or…


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5 Out of the Box Sourcing Tips

Sourcing and recruiting go hand in hand, because both are dependent on the other in an important way. For recruiters to make a hire they need the talents of a Sourcer.

But when all else fails, it is good to know that there are still more ways that haven’t yet been discovered or…


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Tips to Create Perfect Posts on Twitter

The recruitment field, like most fields have made certain changes to keep up with the changing times. Gone are the days when recruiting relied on the ‘walk in’ principle that was traditionally followed? Nowadays, the entire process that was time consuming is rather simple and fast too.

If you’re wondering what is this all about then this is about social media…


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Browser Extensions to Improve Social Media Marketing

Whether you’re a Recruiter sourcing the best candidates for your company or marketing your company on Social Media Sites, you need to be aware of how the company is viewed by people in general. Because the company’s reputation will determine how your search goes and how willing are potential candidates.

So here’s a list of Browser extensions for Safari,…


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5 Tips to Increase the Quality of Hires

Every company wants to improve the quality of their hires and are seeking similar candidates. In order to capture candidates that best suit the profile, each company needs to design their own recruiting process to appeal to potential recruits. The best way to explain this prospective is by understanding the nature of the recruiting process.…


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5 Myths of Recruitment

Myths are common to all fields and recruitment is no exception. These are common misunderstandings that are passed down from the first generation to the next and the next and the one after that. It is a vicious cycle that can do no one any good, unless identified and rectified.

Although you might think that you don’t fall in to the category of individuals who are victims of the vicious cycle, guess again? Do you recognise any of these myths in you?…


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Must Have Mobile Apps for Every Recruiter

The recruiting profession over the years has evolved in order to meet the changing times. At first newspaper ads used to be the way job seekers went about getting employed, then came the internet which simplified the job hunt further. With job portals mushrooming rapidly, the traditional ways took a back seat. Then social networking sites became an alternative to seek employment. Now we have mobile phones to speed up the tedious process of sourcing. And mobile apps have paved the way to…


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