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Approach and style of conversation

One of the ways you immediately know when someone is junior is when they "follow the book".  They talk like they're reading from a script.  They greet you with unnecessary formalities and communicate with you like they "think they should".  There is absolutely nothing wrong with this except that it doesn't feel genuine and tells the person on the other end of the conversation that you're kind of new at this.

On the flip side, I was told recently that a client thought I was…


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When do you just walk away?

If you've been in the business long enough, then you've experienced situations that made you upset, angry, irritated.  People are irritating, sometimes situations are upsetting and at other times, things happen.  As recruiters, we might work contingent or on contract or for an industry player but either way, there are times when we've considered walking away either from an unreasonable client or from the field of recruiting all together.  "ENOUGH!" we said.…


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Blogs, Wikipedia, and the dangers of moving digital

I've heard recently that Britanica is going out of print.  For those of you who don't know, Britanica used to publish many versions of books called Encyclopedias. Back when I was growing up in the 70s and 80s, these books were an excellent source of world information.  In today's ultra fast moving information age, these books simply cannot keep up with the changing info that's more easily accessible online and not only that but we all know that people simply aren't reading books…


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Urban Legends about Recruiters / Myths

I've been a recruiter for 12 years and still every day, I come across people who have no idea what I do for a living.  They simply don't understand the concept of a recruiter.  As if that isn't enough, there is tons of misinformation out there about who we are and how we earn a living.  I hope this clarifies it for the general public.  To me, this is a PSA. :)

#1 - Giving someone the title, makes it so.  

Just because you call your Honda a…


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The DNA of a perm fee agreement

The fee agreement should be simple shouldn't it?  I mean it should be as simple as, A agrees to do this for B and B agrees to pay X to A for the service rendered PERIOD.  

Unfortunately, life isn't that simple but it's not terribly complex either.  There are only a finite amount of things can actually happen to potentially derail an otherwise successful placement.  So lets discuss what a good fee agreement, in my opinion should be made of, the DNA, if you…


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"The customer is always right", modernly.

We've all heard that adage, "The customer is always right".  Growing up, I didn't put much thought into it.  Of course the customer is always right, I'm the customer paying my hard earned money for a product or service so I should get whatever I want duh!  As I grew older, I learned what that really meant.  Think about who is making this statement.  It's the vendor, the business owner, the proprietor telling his customer "The customer is always right" or maybe his employee "The customer is…


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