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There’s Always Something Gooder – Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Week

In my practice of yoga, I consistently deepen and expand my ability to hold poses longer and to stretch just a little further. As a result, I’m stronger and more limber than I’ve ever been in life. In Sales Yoga, we stretch our clients, inviting them to think and even act differently. All you have to do is inquire about the “er” and watch how people suddenly go from disinterest to engaged conversations that lead to sales. For example, if a prospect tells you…

…I’m happy, ask, “What…


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Alta Gracia – Today’s Radical Accountability Hero

This garment factory in the Dominican Republic is paying more than three times the typical wage at similar facilities in the region. Safety and employee welfare are also a focus at Alta Gracia; workers are often seen smiling and heard singing along to the music blasting from speakers overhead.

This rapidly growing…


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Navigating Through the Business Fog

Looking out at Lake Superior from the North Shore of Minnesota this past weekend, we consistently saw one thing throughout the day — fog. At some points, as we journeyed up the coast, we could see just a dozen or so yards in front of us, necessitating headlights, taking corners with more care, and staying vigilant and completely present to our surroundings. At Split Rock Lighthouse, we saw how this…


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Are You Stranded in the Desert?

Desolate and lonely, you find yourself in a vast space where it seems no one, absolutely no one, can be found. Parched and hungry you trudge on, getting wearier by the moment. You just want to give up, thinking, “this is it. This is where it all ends.” 

No, this is not a vain attempt at channeling Stephen King or Dean Koontz. Rather, the “desert” described above is the mental space that…


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Selling Often Defies Logic – Scott’s Sales Yoga Thought for the Week

Watch how selling is typically done and what you see often defies common sense and logic. For example, in a conversation with a new sales manager on Wednesday, he informed me that he was told by the more tenured sales guys to share a success story when a prospect says they are working with other vendors. When I asked if that would convince him to change his mind if he were the buyer, he snorted and said in an incredulous tone, “Of course not.” “Then why would you do that,” I asked. To which,…


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Are You a Cyberholic?

Do you:

1. Check your work e-mail, LinkedIn account, or business Facebook page right before going to bed?

2. Within minutes of waking?

3. Do you panic if you accidentally leave your mobile device that can access the Internet on your desk or at home?

4. Is eating your lunch often combined with texting or surfing the web?

5. Do you find that you must check your email the moment you hear the arrival chime?

6. Are you spending more time on your computer than you spend…


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May It Rain on Your Sales Day

A year ago today I married the beautiful Holly in New York’s Central Park. What a day that was, a mixture of bliss, joy, and anxiety. No, I wasn't anxious about marrying her, nor did it have anything to do with fear that one of our guests would get awkwardly drunk and start removing their clothes (although that would have made for an interesting blog post). It was about rain on our wedding day.

While marital lore says this brings good luck, the approaching storm looked like anything…


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