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StaffingU: A Mile or an Inch

I’ve seen a multitude of smart people fail in business and scores of modestly intelligent individuals achieve  great success. It’s not how brilliant you are or how talented you maybe that determines your success, it’s  persistence. Yet many believe they are persisting as a result of the sheer volume of work they complete each day. Tenacious effort only pays off if you focus on driving a few things a mile to completion…


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Top Jobs – The StaffingU Market Demand Report

If they are not doing so already, require your recruiters to actively recruit for the following roles and your salespeople to spread the message that demand is highest for the jobs listed in this week’s report. Demand will exceed supply in the next fours weeks and your customers must act with a sense of urgency to secure quality talent.…


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Corporate Play-Dates

On a flight home last Friday a raven-haired girl, whose adorable face a cherub would envy, provided an ongoing commentary on the wondrous sights she beheld outside her window:

“Mommy, look at how fast we’re going.”

“Wow, is that the ocean? It’s so bigggggg!”

“Whoaaaa…look at how puffy the clouds are. That’s cool.”

This organic behavior of children reminds us to reconnect with things we take for granted, and we can apply this to our work to gain a fresh…


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Competitor Insight – The StaffingU Market Demand Report

Here’s your peek into the job titles your competition is currently seeking.

Our data comes from 15,276 staffing and recruiting firms, from which, we’ve listed the top 25 candidates being sought and the number of jobs posted for each in the past 60 days.…


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Are You Growing or Dying?

Whether you grow in this business or die a slow death in it has everything to do with your choices. You can choose to learn from your successes and mistakes, or you can keep repeating the same old behaviors and hope for a different result (which never comes).

I challenge you to pick one aspect of our business, such as asking for referrals, selling value, raising your rates, or making cold calls. Then, pick one thing to change that you believe will improve that area and do it…right…


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Top 25 Jobs – The StaffingU Market Demand Report

The recovery continues to pick up steam with hiring paving the way, especially for our industry. Staffing and recruiting firms need to actively recruit for the following roles and should expect increased demand for these job types within the next four weeks as companies struggle to fill these openings.TOP 25 JOBS

Volume added in the past 60 days and the percentage increase compared to last year.



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StaffingU Living a Life of Whelm

Circumstances can seem overwhelming at times, and it may appear like there is domino effect of one event happening after another. Before you know it, feelings of overwhelm seem to take over and stop you in your tracks. It’s moments like these in work and life where I’ve heard people wish that they never got overwhelmed and, instead, had a life of consistent calm and underwhelm. If that condition persisted, I suspect…


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Best Practice or Most Practice? — How to Stop Doing What You’ve Always Done to Achieve Higher Profits

The major airlines and many recruiting firms have a problem in common — both want to be more competitive, yet, perpetuate the very business practices that keep them stuck in coach class. Southwest Airlines, on the other hand, is the perfect case study of the positive impact of new

and improved best practices, including no change fees, rapid turnover of flights, reasonably…


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