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Do Hospitals And Interview Processes Bug You?

I’m writing today’s post not only for anyone and everyone who works in a hospital, but also for every Recruiter, Interviewer and Hiring Manager out there in the Recruitosphere. Let this be a reminder to us all.

Over the course of the past couple of days I have experienced - - first hand - - the sorry state that our Health/Medical Industry is in. Not good. The debate and criticism is nothing new and it’s been in the national spotlight a lot lately in both…


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Hump Day Humor 1/30

Job Search: The Plan vs. The Reality.

Job Search: The Plan vs. The Reality

Get excited about your career search again and avoid this trap!

Start here and let Paramount Recruiting Partners, LLC do the…

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Video Job Postings

If you haven’t seen them do yourself a favor and check them out. That includes candidates who are looking for some additional insight into the corporate culture and work environment of a particular company.

John Littlejohn (VP and GM of The Employment Guide)…


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Mountain Top Tip #13: Use Common Sense

It’s been awhile since we had to issue a Peak Performance ”Mountain Top Tip,” but something I saw yesterday demanded a brief commentary this morning.

For those of you who watched the new Fox Reality TV…


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Hump Day Humor 1/23

Does your job stink? If it does Paramount Recruiting Partners, LLC can help!

Does Your Job Stink?

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Don't Forget The Past

Here’s a quick tip for Recruiters.

If your search for top talent includes any of the many Job Boards there’s an easy way you can find some excellent candidates.

Before you focus your attention on those candidates who recently created their account and added their Profile/Resume (or those who recently edited it) you might want to first check out all the qualified candidates from 1,2,3 and maybe even 4 years ago if the Job Board you’re using gives you that option.

You’d be…


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Forget Millennials? Employers Want Baby Boomers Instead?

Here’s an interesting bit of information from this past weekend.

“More employers are catching on to the benefits of hiring older workers. They recognize the fact that mature workers bring good experience and skills to the workplace,” said Deborah Russell, Director of Workforce Issues for AARP in Washington.

First things first, clearly, it’s not surprising to hear this type of thing from a political…


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How Should You Interview Sales Professionals?

I’m often asked, “What’s the best way to interview Sales Professionals?”

Let’s face it, these are some of the most difficult people to interview and assess because they’re good at selling themselves and they do so on a daily basis.

As Jim Durbin points out, “so anyone who has ever held a…


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Wouldja Use A Widget To Advertise Your Job Ads?

Ever since Paramount Recruiting Partners, LLC began exploring the potential benefits of joining the Web 2.0 world we’ve been simply amazed by the sheer innovation and endless possibilities that exist for the Recruiting industry.…


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2008 Weekly Blog Schedule

There’s been some confusion surrounding the direction and topics found on the Peak Performance Blog as we’ve begun 2008.

This was our first full week of posts in the New Year and I thought I would quickly set the record straight on our goals and plans for our Web 2.0 community in 2008.

First and foremost, Peak Performance is a Third-Party Recruiting…


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Faux Facebook Campaign The Future Of Recruiting?

The big social networking story from yesterday was how the French press fell for a major Facebook prank. Specifically, how a single Facebook user managed to pull off one of the biggest pranks and how the press bought it.

In case you missed it, everything started a few weeks ago when a simple…


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Hump Day Humor 1/9

I'm a sucker for jokes. Love hearing them, love telling them even more! Even the bad ones.

Here’s a Sales Joke from Basic Jokes

Good Points And Bad Points

“This house,” said the Real Estate…


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Microsoft Seeks To Patent System To Spy On Workers

Here’s an interesting news item from over the weekend that I forgot to post about yesterday in our weekend wrap-up edition.

An invention described in a newly published Microsoft patent application aims to make sure workers meet their deadlines and do what they’re supposed to…


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Put Me In Coach

While a great lyric to a classic John Fogarty song, I’ve found that this is the mindset of many Peak Performers in Sales.

While many of these first-class sales professionals are sales leaders within their organization, there still seems to be this inherent desire to be led and/or motivated by another great leader above them - - to an extent.

That brings…


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Recruiting With Cell Phone Videos

It’s Monday, which means it’s time for a quick roundup of interesting news from this past weekend.

The message I took from one news item over the weekend was this:

If it’s an effective marketing and recruiting strategy for bin Laden why isn’t it an effective one for many professional Recruiters?

First and foremost, please note that I’m not trying to make light of terrorism and its culture of death and destruction. The…


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Best Day To Email?

Here’s something to consider whether you’re a Recruiter who uses email to network with potential candidates or a candidate who’s using email to submit a Resume and find a job.

According to this report from eMarketer, Wednesday is the best day to email.

The debate has raged for as long as email marketing has…


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How To Keep Your Job Search Discrete

If you are currently employed, keeping your job search discrete can be challenging. Even so, it’s absolutely critical that you maintain a level of discretion so that you do not jeopardize your current work status.

It’s best to keep your job search under wraps at your current job so that you are no put into a compromising situation. To help you, we’ve prepared a short list of…


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New Year Resolutions

Yahoo HotJobs! has a monthly feature called “The Recruiter Roundtable” where they present a topic to a group of recruiting experts and share their collected responses.…


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