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Measuring Influence

Measuring Influence

Next week, as a part of the launch of the HRExaminer, we're going to release a ranked list of the Top 25 Online Influencers in HR. This list is completely generated by algorithm (think Google). The list ranks the Top 25 voices in HR based on their online footprint.

In the larger Top 100 project, we've been looking at the question of whether and how someone is influential…


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Digging Into v2.16 Tweeting Off

Tweeting Off

So, I was at this party a couple of weeks ago. All sorts of twitterati were there. There was even a small shrine for our forbears, Paul DeBettignies and Jim Durbin. The place was throbbing and crowded . If you yelled loud enough, you could hear yourself over the music. Lots of people lined up to yell at each other while pretending to listen.

You know the scene.

Anyhow, I walked over to the bar to get a drink. Along the way, I struck up a conversation with a…


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Digging Into V 2.14 5 Recent Things

Digging Into V 2.14 5 Recent Things

I have fun at my job. Recently, I've been writing about some things that I think are particularly interesting. The sustained downturn is causing innovation in recruiting to explode. I've been looking closely at trends and examples.

I have a weird perspective on the 'future'. I think it's already here and we are in the process of trying to uncover it. The best descriptions of what's actually going on sound like science…


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Digging Into v2.13

Talent Is The Problem

(April 03, 2009) I spent the first part of this week at the San Diego ERE Expo. It was an amazing get together with lots of interesting people. Everyone from the north and the east was celebrating the climate. It's not such a big thing for those of us who already live in paradise.

As I watched and listened, I started to realize that we're witnessing a sea change. Our little universe is transforming along…


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Digging Into v2.08: The death of sourcing

(Feb 27, 2009) Sourcing, as currently practiced, is a short term phenomenon. There is money to be made in the field today because the techniques required to find people are arcane and confusing. Additionally, with the strong exception of Avature and Broadlook's products, there are no useful tools for the automation of the process.

Meanwhile people are getting easier and easier to find.

The next… Continue

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Digging Into RBC v 2.07

Digging Into RBC v 2.07

(Feb 20, 2009) Last night, I got into a long conversation about the meaning of "media", how it has evolved and what it means for the HR/HCM/Recruiting Industry. It all spiraled out of a round of appreciation for Rayanne Thorn's new vehicle, "Bonus Track". The idea behind "Bonus Track" (graciously sponsored by…


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Digging Into v2.06

Spending an Hour

(Feb 06, 2009) Have you tried the "Spend an Hour with..." project? I've been having a great time getting to know new and old people. It's been a way to catch up with old friends (like Ami Givertz), renew old acquaintances (like Mike Johnson) and find new connections like…


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Digging Into v2.05

Unsung Hero Sings

(Jan.30, 2009)Amitai Givertz, Mr. Recruitomatic, works tirelessly to aerate the featured content on RBC. Ami, as he is known to his friends, compiles the daily feature articles and his exhaustive "best of the week" collections. His blog here on RBC is an inventory of the great posts that top the…


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Digging Into v2.04

Digging Into v2.03 Who's the Techie

(Jan 23, 2009) It's a downturn. Skinnying back means letting go of the niceties of outsourced web work. This week, I've been learning how to do my own IT. I used to do it; made enough money not to and have started again.

It's easier to be your own tech guy today than it was 15 years ago. HTML nearly writes itself. All you have to do is figure out the nuances of a couple of pieces of software,

I'm using Google Apps,…


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Digging Into v2.03 Verbal Summary

(Jan 09, 2009) It's not the shovel, it's the garden.

Have you been following the defriending trend? The notable tip of the iceberg is the Burger King campaign offering a Whopper in exchange for deleting friends on Facebook.

In an industry known for indiscriminate and promiscuous linking (Recruiting),…


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Digging Into v2.02

Digging Into Recruiting Blogs v2.02

(Jan 10, 2009) This week, I moved into a big house on the beach (well, almost) in Bodega Bay, California. The town, which is on the Sonoma Coast, is where Hitchcock's…


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Digging Into v 2.01

Digging Into v 2.01

(Jan 02, 2009) I'm entering this new year with a problem. These days, more than half of my communications are through social networks like RBC, Facebook and Twitter. More natural and less formal than freestanding email systems, each tool has its own utility and its own idiosyncrasies.

Twitter offers a flow of really fresh professional information tinged with…


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Digging Into v1.30: Predictions

Digging Into v1.30: Predictions

(Dec 19, 2008) As the year winds down, prognosticators all over the world run their greedy little hands together. Now is the time for impressive feats of crystal ball gazing and hearty forecasting. Since no one has been speculating about the future of RBC, it seems like a good time and place to get the ball rolling.

I'm going to give you ten predictions about social media, Recruiting and RBC. I encourage you to disagree or…


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Digging Into v1.29

Digging Into v1.29

(Dec 12, 2008) Where does Twitter stop and Facebook start? Where does the web of social media begin and end? Is Twitter a part of RBC? LinkedIn?

I would have scoffed at these sorts of questions as recently as earlier this week.

I'm not sure if it was the financial failure of key old media firms or simply finally getting enough rest…


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Digging Into v1.28

Making Your Mark

(December 05, 2008) How many times can you say "Please keep the job postings on the job board." Maybe this would be clearer: "When you put your jobs in the blogs or the forums, you make the place less useful to the people who inhabit it".

I suppose you could say that "posting jobs anywhere but on the job board is rude and inconsiderate". You might frame it as "Anyone who doesn't take the time to understand RBC before posting risks looking like the morons… Continue

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Digging Into v 1.27

Thanks, Maureen

(Nov 28, 2008) One of the really useful things about is the way you get to know and trust certain voices. The array of voices around the Recruiting and Human Capital Industry is vast. Our friends take the time to highlight valuable pieces and separate the wheat from the chaff.

Everyone in our community has their own view of the value chain. If you're around very long, you start to figure out who you listen to and who you ignore. It's…


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Digging Into v1.26

Remember Ricky Nelson's great song, Garden Party?

"But it's all right now, I learned my lesson well.

You see, ya can't please everyone, so ya got to please yourself

You may not. Ricky was the precursor of the whole "rock star" thing. With more than 50 Top 100 hits, Nelson was second only to Elvis Presley as the most popular rock and… Continue

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Digging Into v1.25

Thanks, Dave

(Nov 14, 2008) I spent an amazing couple of days with Dave Mendoza, our resident networking genius, sourcer extraordinaire and all around good guy. Dave organized a group of us (including Dan DH Harris and Sean Rehder) to spend a day…


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Digging Into v1.24: Stats

It's Slurpee Day in Europe... 7-11

(Nov 7, 2008) Yesterday, I had a great conversation about the growth of RBC. We looked at the statistics on


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Digging Into v1.23


(Oct 31, 2008) My trip to India was no less than a complete mental enema. Although the image is a bit harsh, my cherished assumptions were challenged again and again. On my return, the simplest of Western luxuries seem like overabundance.

I don't know why, but I have this recurring fantasy that moments of transformation are supposed to be fun. That the correct response to deep insight and breakthrough thinking is joy. That letting go of the old and shepherding in the…


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