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According To Penny

According to Penny, This is the kiss of death.

Penny: Penny speaking

Candidate: Hi Penny, it's candidate here.

Penny: Hi, how did the interview go?

Candidate: It was GREAT! I did really well, I think they were really impressed and I'm really interested in the job.

Penny: Click

Please see my response to the… Continue

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Mr. Harry Joiner Wins A Year Of The Fordyce Letter

Congrats to Harry Joiner.

Harry is the winner of the 1st ever contest. He

submitted what he considered to be the best recruiting lesson he ever

learned. Harry wins a year of the Fordyce Letter. There were about 16

other great submissions. Thanks… Continue

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The Best Recruiting Lesson I ever Did learn....

Tomorrow is the day that the winner of the 1st contest will be chosen. The Recruiting Animal and I will be on the Recruiting Animal Show and will announce the winner at noon EST.

I know making a decision has not been easy for the Recruiting Animal.

Life is hard enough when you live in a cave with no electricity and no

fresh running… Continue

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And Alexa Says - Top 25 Recruiting Blogs

I was talking to Harry Joiner

yesterday and he was telling me that I should compile a top 25 list of

Recruiting Blogs. I said that is crazy, everyone knows that those Alexa rankings don't mean anything. I told him everytime I speak to John Sumser or… Continue

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Harry " Give Me The Fordyce Letter" Joiner

Harry Joiner is an interesting guy. I talk to him at least once a week and he is a guy who understands how a blog can help his business. He is contacted regularly by people who want his opinion or want his services because they found him via his blog via goole.

He submitted a very interesting lesson he has learned as a recruiter. Here is a little from it:

"For example, imagine that I submit six highly-qualified candidates… Continue

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Barbara Bruno Does Some Math

According to Barbara Bruno, 3+3=3

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1st Contest

I was lucky again to have won the last ERE Foundation Charity poker

tournament. There will be more, don’t worry. Because of my victory, I was able

to secure through a not so lengthy negotiation a number of Fordyce Letter subscriptions.

I want to have a contest now to see if we can come up with some great

recruiting content for the next week. The winner of the contest will

win a… Continue

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Chad Sowash Speaks About

Thanks Chad

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The Best Recruiting Tip You Can Give

I asked Bill Vick the following question " If a recruiter getting into the business asked you what is the best recruiting tip you can give, what would it be"

Here is Bill's answer

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Gerry Crispin and Blogs

I had a few drinks with Gerry Crispin

this evening. He was in Toronto doing work. Every time I get a few

hours with him, and lately it has been quite a bit, I always walk away

with a sense that anyone can really do anything or that anyone can

change the things around them.

I usually have to hold myself back when talking with people who know

things about things I am interested. Once I was at a wedding and I… Continue

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A Conversation With Dave

Jason: Did you see that video that anonymous guy made?

Dave: I saw it already.

Jason: I loved the effort.

Dave: You know what pisses me off?

Jason :…


Added by Slouch on May 14, 2007 at 1:38pm — 3 Comments Stuff

I wanted to point out a few creative pages that have been set up on The reason for this is that next week I will be announcing a contest and in order to participate, you will need a profile. Of course you can wait until the announcement but now is as good a time as any to get one.

Amybeth Hale

Chad… Continue

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No sleep for me in vegas.

The Kennedy Show is great and I did not go to sleep last night. I hung out with Gerry Crispin till 4am and then made it through till now.

Yesterday there was a discussion on blogs and the one thing that really struck me was that when the question was asked how many people in the audience are thinking about starting a recruiting blog, way more hands went up than last year when the same question was asked.

It will be interesting to see what happens.

I have had some great…


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Off To The Kennedy Show In Vegas

Tomorrow morning I am off to Vegas for the Kennedy Show.

They have set up a bloggers area based on the fact that last year, it

was a real success. People like to kick back and chill out. Afterall,

it's Vegas.

I am excited to talk about blogging and even though I am not on the panel that will be discussing blogs,

I do have some good ideas about them. If… Continue

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A Glimpse Into A Recruiting Animal's Psyche

Today was my last day

writing on But more exciting than that, today I was on

the Recruiting Animal Show. Not many people have gotten to witness

first hand the way he and I communicate together. It is sometimes very

difficult given the fact most of what he says sounds like barks and

growls. Anyways, it is rare glimpse into what goes on between the two of us on an almost daily basis.…


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