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Bill Vick

I got an email from Bill Vick today and it made me think of this video I did with him a while back.

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Yesterday On The Phone with the Recruiting Animal

This was the most infuriating conversation I have ever had with the the Recruiting Animal

ring ring

Animal: Hello

me: It's me, I have a question to ask

Animal: Go ahead

me: How do you say obnoxious little sister in Yiddish

Animal: Vahksin zuls du vi a tsibeleh, mitten kup in drerd

me: Why do you need to insult me

Animal: (silence)… Continue

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Recruiter Houseparty Tonight at 8pm

Tonight there is a new radio show about recruiting of course and it's hosted by Geoff Webb. It's the first show of this series and he will be talking about online recruiting communities and the things to think about when building them. Geoff asked me and Dave Manaster who runs to join him for the discussion. Dave's a smart guy and a good friend so I'm not too nervous… Continue

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The Stay At Home Conference - coming soon to a couch near you.

When it's time to shut the computer and go to bed, if you force yourself maybe a couple of extra minutes, sometimes you find something that made those extra few minutes worth it. Like tonight for instance, I don't know how many other people will find this interesting but if you look at this page which looks like a… Continue

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I can't take it anymore

Ring Ring

Animal: Hello?

JD: It's me.

Animal: (silence)

JD: you know what just happened to me?

Animal: (silence)

JD: I just threw up and it came out of my nose.

: good.

JD: Yeah, anyways, you want to know why?

Animal: (silence)

JD: You made it to the list of the… Continue

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Today's phone call to The Recruiting Animal Inspired by Lance Haun

Ring Ring

Animal: hello?

JD: It's me.

Animal: (screams) JAY DEE

JD: You know, you have not called me in 3 weeks.

Animal: I have not talked to Anthony Meaney or Jim Durbin for years.

JD: I know because if we don't call you you would never call us.

Animal: (silence)

JD: It's doesn't matter. Listen, I'm calling to tell you that twitter has gone to… Continue

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A list of 21 HR people places you should know about according to Icims

Icims put out a list of 21 HR people and sites worth following/knowing about. Thanks for including

Added by Slouch on October 21, 2009 at 3:00pm — 1 Comment Acquires

I love days when I can share good news and today is one of them.

I am happy to be able announce that has acquired and even more excited about being able to work with Laurie Ruettimann. Laurie has a great spirit and she knows how to make things work. If you have not been to her… Continue

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Good news before morning coffee

I love waking up to an inbox that says you now own 20 new great domain names. Good old @milesJ

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interesting view on the difficulties of innovating in the recruiting Industry

From the reason closed it's doors.

"The online recruitment space has its own unique market dynamics that restrict innovation on the company side. From the outset, online recruitment spend is huge. Its a market with the right fundamentals from the outside looking in. Its a large market ($10B/year spend), with rich customers, and poor innovation. It sounds like an entrepreneur's dream. The truth is that there are barriers to adoption of newer technologies which come down… Continue

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I love twitter for a lot of reasons. I'm happy that I am alive in the same era that twitter arrived in because I love it that much. What I love the most about twitter though is how it works and how it enables a lot of possibilities and how it works with job distribution but the great thing is that twitter works I think with almost everything.

About a month ago… Continue

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I don't think it's worth the call

I saw the other day that a new employee referral system launched called I thought right away I should tell them that what they should really do is buy the domain name because it's better but then thought that they would have already if they were committed.

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Resume Parsing System Built just for

I wanted to show you something that I think is really a great little tool that Hireability has built and co-branded with

It is a resume parser that sits on top of Microsoft outlook and essentially, you take a folder of resumes and click a button and the system extracts all the information from that resume and creates a contact in your email for that candidate, including the resume which is searchable. It's… Continue

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Nervous Animals

This happened today when I called the Recruiting Animal

JD – Hey Animal

Animal – What

JD – Got a second?

Animal – (silence)

JD – You have a real problem

Animal – Ya JD, tell me something new.

JD- Ok I will

Animal – (silence)

JD – (silence)

Animal – (screams)

JD – Have you heard of… Continue

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A three way recruiting domain name deal

Harry Joiner and I have logged a lot of hours on the phone solidifying a solid relationship based on the the love of two fundamental addictions in our life we both have. The first is recruiting and the second is domain names.

Two weeks ago Harry calls me up and says I just bought a really good domain name. I'm jealous immediately and he then shows me why it's so good but I don't need graphs or stuff to know it's good and he knows it… Continue

Added by Slouch on June 24, 2009 at 2:30pm — 1 Comment domain name sold.

A group of investors have purchased the domain name from me and Dennis Smith will serve as the CEO of this new organization. Dennis, you built a great community over at and I look forward to seeing where you take it next. I was blown away to find out that you have made quite a few placements happen from the site and it shows how hard work and a great domain… Continue

Added by Slouch on June 5, 2009 at 10:00am — No Comments and ERE media acquire

Today ERE media and I ( announced that we have acquired from Chris Russell. Here is the announcement from Chris.

I left a video comment there as well about my excitement but after looking at it, it looks like I am… Continue

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Joel Cheesman who has a blog called wrote a great post today about I've been pushing it without trying to be pushy but it's tough because I really believe in it and I think it works. It uses… Continue

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Recruiting and HR Networks

Two recent posts pointing to many recruiting and HR networks compiled by John Sumser

Link one

Link two

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Dave Mendoza BobbleHead Style

Do you have a bobblehead that looks like you? I don't either but Dave Mendoza does

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