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Thanks Adam for 8 great articles over the last two months

Adam Peterson wraps up his 8th week as a guest weekly writer for

Today's final post is called Coffee is for Closers and here is a link to… Continue

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interesting post about the 25 most valuable blogs

list of the 25 most valuable blogs

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Simply Amazing

Below is my comment that I would leave on recruiterearth but I can't.

My Comment:

I just watched this video and this is an example of how social networking can go wrong. It's an example of how free software can make it so easy to fool people, and the allure of perceived fame is just too strong for some to resist. Here is the original post with lots of… Continue

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my new recruiting network agreement between and your Ning recruiting network

This blog post is for members of that run recruiting related Ning sites.

I have been thinking about this for a long time and I am in the process of some major "housecleaning"

1. If you are the administrator of a Ning network and you come to in order to build your "friend connections" so that you can then invite them to join your own network, I will ask that you put a… Continue

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a helpful image ( for me at least)

what I was thinking about just now:

I remember the wonderful image in my brain of a table at my client covered with checks made out to my agency and the only thing missing was a signature on those checks and the only way to get that signature was by finding the right person who was qualified and in a position to say yes, I accept the offer with your client. It was a motivating image. I always imagined a big table.

Jerry, How would you obamicon that one.

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Little Changes On

Late last night I started on a new redesign for Maren Hogan has helped with many of the logos and there is still more to come so thanks Maren.

For me it's important to keep this place fresh and this means changing the feel every once in a while. Over the next few days there will be some additional changes and sometimes it works and sometimes, it needs to go back.

If you have any feedback… Continue

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retainers and partial retainers

A while back I had what is always great conversation with Don Ramer. I enjoy seeing him at shows and we always have fun at night. Last time I saw him he said something interesting to me. At one point he puts his arm around me and says something like do you know the thing about bacon and eggs? I said I like to eat it but I am not sure if that's what you're talking about. He said the chicken made a donation but the pig made a commitment. I think about that all… Continue

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Firing Your Client

There is lots of news these days of people being fired. It's not good. In fact, it's really not good at all but there is nothing more liberating as a third party recruiter when you get to fire a client. goes something like this.

Recruiter: I can't work with you under these conditions. You don't give feedback, you make terrible offers and I'm firing you.

Client: what do you mean you are firing us, I pay… Continue

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I Drink Alone

A friend of mine is a writer and he wrote this. it's interesting.

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blah blah blah blah blah

I just read this and I am convinced I am over the hill. I don't understand half of this press release.

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RecruitFest! Pictures

Pictures from RecruitFest!

if you have any and want to submit them, attach recruitfest as a tag and it will go into this.

It feels like it was a great event

Pictures from RecruitFest!

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It's growing

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Gary fowler

My very good and very old friend Gary Fowler just joined He is a third party recruiter in the semiconductor industry and one of the finest as well. His company is called Analog Solutions I flew to Tennessee for his 50th birthday party and have visited with him many times over the years. He has been to my house a number of times as well. Welcome Gary, ready for round 2?

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Partial Transcript for Talent Talk cafe Jul 15th with Paul DeBettingies -

Talent Talk Cafe - partial transcript from Recruiting 101 with Paul DeBettingies

MN Headhunter 08 07 15-1.txt

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Shiny Red Apples and Big Red Tomatoes

Inspired by Joel Cheesman's post about ERE and

It's apples and oranges. They are not the same. They don't function the same. the expectations for everyone involved are not the same. They are two very different brands and brands evoke feeling. The feeling between the two is different.

I'm not surprised that ERE is launching a Ning network for the Fordyce Letter. The thing about Ning and the… Continue

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Craig Silverman Has Landed - Unlimited MedSearch

I have some exciting news about a good friend of mine named Craig Silverman.

Craig has accepted a position to be the Chief Operating Officer of a company called Unlimited MedSearch. It’s a medical recruiting company that wants to grow. There are already 13 franchises and 60 recruiters and Craig has some… Continue

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Fun times in Omaha

looking forward to it Maren

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a recent conversation

Recruiting Animal

Jason I'm going to be at Starbucks at castleknock and eglinton for the next five minutes


5 miles away. can you wait

Recruiting Animal

No. But I'll be at the starbucks at davisville and yonge at 3pm


3pm is no good for me. What about later

Recruiting Animal

5pm Starbucks… Continue

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Conversation with Shally Steckerl and Don Ramer

I spoke with Shally Steckerl and Don Ramer today about there recent decision to merge companies. I thought I was going to be in a bit of trouble because when the call started, they were not on the line. I had a little help from my friend Paul Debettignies and Jason Gorham. Shally and… Continue

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Paul DeBettignies

I wanted to write something short and sweet about a guy who has over time proved himself to be someone who does good for the industry. His name is Paul DeBettignies and he lives in Minnesota.

Last year Paul started putting on a local Minnesota recruiting conference and said right from the beginning it will be done every quarter. Well, since then he has made good on that and every quarter his… Continue

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