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In Defence of Salesmen, Part 2

(Audio version here)

Last week, I criticized a young, corporate recruiter for slandering salesmen on his blog. Well, he got in touch with me because he didn't like hearing me say his philosophy is well suited to cult members and cream puffs but not strong women and real men.

And you know what that means? That even after listening this little punk still didn't get it. So I'm going to have to teach him another lesson, today.… Continue

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Animal Show July 30 NOON EDT

Jerry Albright -- Recruiting Animal Show
GUEST: Jerry Albright, The Einstein of Indiana

TOPIC: Recording Your Calls

Jerry has a new invention that allows you to record your interviews directly to your hard drive then upload them to a website where your… Continue

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Happy Birthday Maren Hogan

The Red Hot Mama From Omahama makes a bold, clear, meaningful declaration for a new year.

And don't forget: Maren will be signing autographs at RecruitFest

But, tell me, when is she going to get a chance to speak at an industry conference? Really, ask yourself: How come Maren, an eager Gen Y woman who loves to speak and is so full of good ideas, has… Continue

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Don't Hire People Who Have Small Children

Tired Parents - Recruiting Animal Show
Interviewer: Do you have little kids at home?

Candidate: Yes, we do.

Interviewer: Nice meeting you.

People with young kids are always tired.

This is… Continue

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(Audio version here)

Are recruiters salesmen? There are two schools of thought here. One says yes but there's a whole bunch of other guys who go around bragging that they're not into sales. I came across one of them last week on Fistful of His name is Jason Pankow and I want to take a look at how this little punk, a corporate recruiter, builds his case… Continue

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Animal Show July 23 NOON EDT

Mr Moustache - Recruiting Animal Show
GUEST: Richard Becker (Mr Moustache)

Blog, Twitter, LinkedIn

TOPIC: Marketing for Recruiters…


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Pose as a career consultant to make candidates trust you

Margaret Graziano says:

If you act like a career consultant, candidates will trust you.

So, forget about the job you are trying to fill for 45 minutes and get to know the candidate well. Just like a career consultant would. Then have a great sell.

Recruiting Animal Blog…


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Internet Makes Recruiters Wimps

The HR Capitalist claims that the internet has made recruiters into sissies.

Between 2004 and 2006 everyone had an email account and checked it regularly. All that you, as a recruiter, had to do was email a job description to potential candidates and you would hear back from them toot sweet.

Since 2007 everyone has more than one email address. And the email addresses on their old resumes are rarely… Continue

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The Future of

Recruitingblogs - Recruiting Animal Show

Back in September 2007, before Dave Mendoza brought in thousands of new people, JD Jason Davis (Slouch) sat down for a long and witty conversation about it is condensed to 8 minutes in length.…


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Tony Snow Teaches Recruiters

Kris Dunn learned this from the president's press secretary:

Critics should prove they can do better

Tony criticized the president's communication policy and was willing to step in to to fix someone else's mess when asked. (Don't criticize unless you can do better?)

If you're nice, your enemies will be nice, too.

Tony took the "high road" when he could have… Continue

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Recruiters Must Reflect Company Culture

Jason Pankow is a Company Man.

Jason Pankow - Recruiting Animal Show
Independent-minded Jason Pankow believes that recruiters must make themselves walking talking advertisements for their company culture.

According to Panky, a recruiter has to live the culture to… Continue

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Kids Don't Make You Happy

Sociologists are discovering that children may not make parents happier and that childless adults, contrary to popular stereotypes, may often be more contented than people with kids. Studies have also shown, says Simon, that parental depression increases along with the number of children parents have. -- NPR…


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Recruiting Experts Dissed

Jimmy Shack Says:

We at Recruiter Life are privy to some of the most forward-thinking executive recruiters. These are not the obligatory “Knights of the Round Table” type that continuously write the same bland material... while they stroke each others’ egos.... No, these [recruiters in my video] are key players who are making lasting…

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Losing Weight With Leptin


Leptin is a hormone tied to your body's use of fat.

When you lose 10% of your weight, leptin falls fast. So, your stupid body thinks you're facing starvation and it tries to protect you by burning 20% less calories -- and even if you're on a diet that can make you fat.

Also, once you start losing weight the parts of your brain running your love of food have more blood in them while the part that limits eating has… Continue

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Multi-Tasking Making Gen Y The Dumb Generation

I used to think that Steve Rubel was a pretty smart guy but now it seems he's just another dude taking an easy ride on the Gen Y bandwagon.

Steve says "the Attention Crash is entirely generational".

The Gen Yer's, it seems, do a far better job of coping with massive amounts of information. It's not uncommon for a lot of folks to be running Meebo with a dozen IM windows going at once, Facebooking,…

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Animal Show Jul 9 NOON EDT


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Animal Show Jul 02 NOON EDT

GUEST: MAREN HOGAN. All call in and listen info here

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