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Compassionate HR - December 07, 2012

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Stephen Hart, Recruiter Trainer

Recruiting Animal Show - Recording - Feb 27, 2013

Yes, I'm the host - but is everything my fault? Is it my fault if the guest calls in from England on a bad line? I beg the guests, I implore them, over and over: "Sound is important" I say. Then on the show, the other schmoes tell me, "Shut up, Animal, we can hear him…


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Interview - Michael Heller, Recruiter

I met Michael Heller a few weeks ago on Twitter. He was arguing with me about something so I invited him to try his luck on The Recruiting Animal Show.

The callers didn't speak up a lot during the show but when the Aftershow came they let him have it. Why? I don't know. It was pretty good show. But…


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Carmen Jeffery - Interim Management Recruiter

Good show today with someone who places old execs in temp jobs.

Unfortunately, someone was doing some heavy-breathing into his mic at the start of the show. And here's something that bugs me. To talk on the show you have to call a number in New York. Jerry calls in from Indiana and Carmen called in from Toronto just like me. They were both clear as a bell but my voice…


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Matt Charney - Corporate Recruiting Superstar

A very lively show featuring The Matt Charney, Jerry Albright, Mike Astringer, Cathy Mannis, Alan Fluhrer, Rebecca Sargent. 

Comments From Twitter

Darrell Disco: How was today's Animal Show.…


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How To Recruit on Twitter

My guest today said his firm made about 300K by being active on Twitter. So, of course, I had complaints that my guests never supply the details of how they recruit on Twitter. And he didn't.

But I actually had a show a few years ago when they did.

Plus I edited the key parts into a 16 minute mp3 file. (Below)

Craig Fisher, How To Recruit on Twitter…


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Tiffany Branch - Corporate Recruiter

Tiffany is very articulate and quick on her feet. The Animal Panel got mad because I didn't berate her for anything but, in fact, I only get mad when I have a reason to be. And she didn't make me mad. Except that she doesn't seem to have a Twitter address - an issue I forgot to take up with her on the show.

The callers and the people on Twitter seemed to like her too. I hope she comes back again.



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Daryl Daley - IT Recruiter

Today's guest on The Recruiting Animal Show was Daryl Daley. He's an IT Recruiter in Toronto. He works for himself. His company is called Intel Minds.

His Twitter address is @IntelMinds

Daryl speaks well and had answers for every question.

I started off with a long critique of his online…


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Raking Job Hunter Over Coals

Today's guest is a very good writer. He's a professional journalist but he is moving his career towards being a Content Manager on websites.

What's a Content Manager? He manages all aspects of a commercial website and…


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Janice Presser - Teamability

Introduction to Teamability

Janice Presser is a PhD Behavioural Scientist. She and her partner came up with a service that assesses a candidate's ability to fit into your team.

I asked @MaureenSharib to take the test to provide an example for the…


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The Dark Side of Gen Y

I wasn't 100% sure what the show was going to be about today.

The guest is not a recruiter. She's a 24 year old marketing grad and her story is very different from the claims of Gen Y Triumphalism we were hearing a few years ago.

The conclusion I drew from the conversation was that Generation Y is not…


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Mitch Sullivan, Recruiter

Mitch2 Place: Recruiting Animal Show

Original Air Date: Wed Oct 03, 2012

Listen: Click here

Mitch on:…


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Hot Tips From A Cold Call Machine

 Bowmer Morse400


CLIP Bowmer on Cold Calls

 Animal:     You described…


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I Need You!

Dear Recruiters

A couple of weeks ago I asked a career coach to be the guest on my show on May 16, 2012 at Noon Eastern.

She agreed to come on but then sent me an ultimatum. "I want this info or I'm not coming on." I didn't like that. I actually granted her request but I got snippy. I admit it. But just a little.

She, however,…


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@HR_Nasty - An HR Guy


I thought it was a good show. Amy Ala introduced me to a guy who used to be a client of hers and we made him the guest. He likes to call himself @HR_Nasty but, really, that's like a short man calling himself…


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Michael Dennis of


Findhire is a combo of contact management, project management and sourcing software for recruiters. Michael Dennis the CEO was a surprisingly candid, easy-going guest and because of that people liked him. It didn't seem as if he was being asked hard questions but he was. He just…


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Cyndy Trivella - Employment Branding


This was a pretty wild show. I didn't seem as if there was much coherent content while it was going on but I'm listening to it as I write and I have to admit that I'm having a good time.



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Sean Weinberg of


I thought it was a good show today. The guest was an articulate young guy even though he did suffer from a certain amount of first appearance shrinkage. I got criticized for my critique of his Linkedin profile but I was right and my critic was wrong. And I got criticized for…


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Carmen Hudson - Corp Recruiter

I thought it was a great show today. That was my feeling while we were doing it. The pace was pretty fast, there was some relevant content and the guest seemed comfortable with the "culture" of the show. So, of course, I got slammed on the aftershow. I don't know what it is with these guys. They either over-rate me or under-rate me but they are rarely spot on.

Mind you, that's what I like about the Recruiting Animal Show - they get to air their opinions even if I don't agree. Though I…


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Mike Harding - Re.Vu Infographic Resume - Recording

It was a fun show and to my surprise it got high marks from the crew. The topic was infographic resumes and we looked at some during the show. The primary example was http:re.vue/Natalie

We also looked at Rory . Here is the guest's infographic resume - http:re.vue/MikeHarding and here are a whole slew of examples on…


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