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Performance Objectives, Dilbert Style

We’re always talking about Performance Objectives at BOB Search, so we thought for Friday, we’d look at the funny side of goals!


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Beating Workplace Stress

Noted health expert Dr. Andrew Weil has a short piece on his web site today about Beating Workplace Stress.  In today’s piece he discusses that stress is an indicator of the need for action – either to reduce or overcome the stress response, or to find another environment.

Today’s article has a very valuable link to an earlier piece by Weil on …


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Tactical Problem Resolution = Money in the Bank

Tactics are underrated.  Problem solving is taken for granted.  Business leaders want to hire executives who are strategic, who take a big picture view, who can make long term plans, guide and mentor others in the plan execution, and not get bogged down in details.

Interestingly, when I ask high level candidates about their accomplishments, often the stories are…


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REHEARSAL is Vital for Great Interviews

Many executives who are in meetings all day feel that when they go on an interview, they can “wing it” and successfully ad lib.  This is very dangerous.  Interview settings increase the tension, and you may not always be at your best when “on the spot.”

If you enjoy movies or theater, and you’ve seen an actor really embody a role, really own the character,…


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Neat and Tidy are the Mighty

Why an Empty E-Mail InBox Makes You More Productive.

Guest Blogger – Amanda Smith – BOB Director of Marketing

If you have ever caught a glimpse of one of the TV reality shows about Hoarders then you…


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Preventing and Countering Candidate Lies

I saw an article recently entitled 7 Resume Lies Employers Will Never Check, on the excellent candidate-oriented web site Resume Bear.  This inspired me to write the anti-article – how to counter these lies that…


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Take the Blame to Make a Name

A great business adage is “Give all the credit; take all the blame.” Very few leaders really embody this principle, because too many people hold on to the credit, and never want to be “blamed”. However, business leaders can gain a great deal of respect by stepping up and owning a problem. Most bosses really appreciate someone who thinks creatively and will volunteer to solve a…


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Recruiting: Speed vs. Quality

Are speed and quality mutually exclusive concepts in recruiting?  Can you find the best candidate in the shortest possible time?

The answer depends on what you are seeking.  Many employers are content to have readily available applicants (active job seekers) as the only candidates for certain types of jobs.  However, in some cases, employers prefer to recruit “passive”…


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"A" Players – Essential for your Success as a CEO

Do You Have “A” Players in Key Positions?

Achievement of aggressive company objectives depends on the solid performance of key leaders who are uniquely capable of producing essential results.

Recent studies have shown that employers are developing new executive profiles as they select people to lead their company into the millennium, especially in early stage and rapid growth organizations.

These critical factors will differentiate fair-to-mediocre prospects from “A”…


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Wild and Crazy Resumes

Most recruiters are still trying to get candidates to switch to bullet points instead of paragraphs, and use one font consistently. 

One sector that has gone way beyond bullet points is the media business.  Just for the fun of it, take a look at this article 7 Ingenious Resumes That Will Make…


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Blurry Boundaries – Home, Work, Media

People have always taken work home with them, but the boundaries between home and work are increasingly blurry.  Ask some executives where they work, and they respond “Here!” (wherever they are), and ask them where they live, and they respond “In airports and airline lounges!”

Social media and modern devices enable us to be constantly connected…


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A Disturbing List! Where Are The Women On Fortune’s 40 Under 40?

Men: 40, Women: 6.


Because they show “ties” for several of the top 40 listings, there are actually 46 people on Fortune’s 40 Under 40, an annual list of business movers and shakers.  13% Women.  You have to get to #20 (#21 really) to see the first woman.  How very sad.  Fortune has been…


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Why Executives Make Job Changes

We recently conducted a Linked IN poll with the question:  What would motivate you the most (to make a job change)?  As of today, we have 440 responses, and the overwhelming choice is Increased opportunity / company quality (at 39%).  The strong second choice is Increased challenges and…


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Hiring Better Than Yourself

Many hiring experts advocate hiring people with greater capability than yourself, as a way of growing your department, company, even yourself. Yet, in 25 years of headhunting, I’ve seen many high level executives be intimidated by the real go-getters. The one word feedback I sometimes get after submitting an “A+” player is “arrogant.” Yet, I have often perceived the…


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Incremental Truths – What Candidates Tell Recruiters

Passive candidates – the people every employer wants – the ones that are happy, productive, and not looking for a job – are often wary of recruiters.  They know that there is only a slim chance that the opportunity about which the recruiter is calling will be of interest to them.  They know that recruiters “Sell the Sizzle” – give them all the positive hype about the job.…


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Getting Out Cleanly – How to Leave Your Job

If you are leaving a position voluntarily to take something new, there is a right way and a wrong way to leave your current company.  Here are a few tips:

Resign Classy:  See my earlier blog on How to Resign.  Keep it brief.  Don’t say anything negative, and don’t leave the door open for a counter offer – you’ve made…


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Recruiting Must Factor in Smart Phones

In an article today published on, Dr. John Sullivan and Master Burnett discuss Recruiting’s blunder of epic proportions, not connecting with mobile users. They provide the example of a guy named Joe, who checks all aspects of his life on his smart phone before getting out of…


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Benchmarking the MacArthur Grants

Many years ago I wrote an article called “Benchmarking the Baldrige Awards” in which I discussed how all companies could act as if they were chasing what was then the gold standard for quality operations, even if they couldn’t meet all the criteria.  Such high aspirations would enable even small companies to create “performance excellence” they found in bigger, more established companies, and thereby, move in that direction themselves.…


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“I Want to Help People”


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Leader or Visionary?

Lots of employers, listing the top traits that they want in an executive hire, will list both leadership and vision as very important. How often do both of these traits actually exist at a high level in the same individual?

A leader is someone that others follow, so the skill is managing and motivating others. This takes several key abilities:

• Ability to see a…


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