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DIY Shoestring Resume Archive with Full Boolean Search

There are a lot of small companies and small recruiting firms out there trying to recruit talent, but don’t have the resources or money for expensive applications.  I know that often the challenge is to get by with very little.

However, one of the most valuable assets for a recruiting function is the resumes we have on file (our resume archive).  These resumes might be from applicants to specific jobs or just people who have been sourced by the recruiter. …


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The Quickest Way for Recruiters to Shame Their Company

I know we all have a job to do…for recruiters it is finding people for our open positions.  I know it is not an easy job to do at times, but we need to do it in such a way as not shame our companies.

For example, before you reach out to a potential candidate by email or phone…do you at least review his or her resume or LinkedIn profile?  I would think this is common sense, but I got a call this week for a JD Edwards position.  I asked the recruiter why he thought I…


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How to Get Talent Pool Insights from LinkedIn

I thought I would talk about a conversation I recently had with a hiring manager (that I had never worked with before) during our initial intake meeting/discovery call…more specifically the research before that call.  What I knew ahead of time (from the initial job description sent) is that this would be a Java developer role and the…


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What If We Thought of Our Employees as Volunteers?

I believe it is important to think differently as a recruiter or leader.  Today’s post is about our employees.  How we treat them is derived by how we think of them.  Because we pay them, many believe this should be enough for them to keep coming back, give us their best, and do as we say.

Today, I would like to challenge that idea and suggest we think of our employees as volunteers.  I know some people may be still thinking – “we are…


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What is Gravitational Recruiting?

I think we need to…


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We Need to Combat SPD (Self-Perception Disorder)

Several years ago I had heard from a friend about SPD – Self-Perception Disorder.  You know…those times when the pot is calling the kettle black (aka double standards).  Or when people self-sabotage their own efforts for goals that are trying to achieve and wonder why they can not achieve their goals.

It became a running gag with friends and my wife.  But it does make you aware of how people (and yourself) can get into trouble by not being…


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We Need to Change our Behavioral Interview Questions

On ERE, I recently read an article by John Boring call “How to Create Behavioral Interview Questions That Don’t Give Away the Answer.” …


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Help Applicants With Visas to Know Which Jobs to Apply

If you are a recruiter in the IT space, you already know that certain skill-sets are dominated by people that are in the United States working under a work visa.  When the time comes when a hiring manager says he will get the necessary internal approvals and take on the costs of visa…


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How Recruiting Internally Makes Employees Feel Unvalued

I am a major supporter of promoting…


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Who Else Wants to Attract Passive Candidates with Job Posts?

I have been told many times over the years that…


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A Plea to Recruiters to Send Relevant Jobs to Candidates

I know we are busy (as recruiters) and are pulled in multiple directions trying to help all our hiring managers.  Perhaps we have too many open jobs on our plates.  Perhaps it is just laziness.  Perhaps we don’t care who we irritate and annoy.  Perhaps it is just ignorance.  Not sure,…


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Don’t Be One of Those Recruiters (Recruiters Are…)

Have you ever gone to Google and typed in “recruiters are” and looked at what auto-fills?

Recruiters are…


Don’t be one of those recruiters.

Not all recruiters are like this, of course, but it happens enough that this is what comes to mind for many candidates.  If it were not accurate (to be…


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Don’t You Wish Employee Referrals Were Better?

We all know that employee referrals are one of the best sources of hire; however, referral quality beats referral quantity.  But do you measure the quality of your employee referrals?

I have seen the same situation in several companies and heard it from multiple peers, many of the employee referrals are crap.  We see referrals that don’t meet the minimum qualifications.  We see referrals that are beyond what the position pays.  We see referrals that…


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Talent Community: Targeting Active or Passive Candidates?

Over the years I have worked on establishing new talent communities and I have supported or worked within already established talent communities.  I have also visited other companies’ social media sites and talent communities.  One question comes to mind for me – who are they trying to target?  Active job seekers or people who are just trying to learn more about them because they might want to work for you some day?

It is an…


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What is Wrong With So Many LinkedIn InMails

I was carefully reading Steven Lowisz’s…


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Salary Transparency: The Key to Better Applicants?

This is a long one…just a warning….

For many years, working as a recruiter, I have been told that we should never post the salary information in the job posts.  When you post on job boards, there is often a place to put this information and I am told to leave it…


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Two Critical Questions to Ask During the Intake Meeting

This week I was at the Minnesota Recruiters Conference and I listened to Steve Lowisz speak about “5 Keys To Leading Your Hiring Manager.”  I am not sure if it was the lack of participation or what, but…


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Creating Job Descriptions That Show Meaningful Work

People tend to underestimate and undervalue the power of meaning in work.  People don’t understand the magnitude of the importance of meaningful work.

Behavioral economist Dan Ariely presented two eye-opening experiments that reveal our unexpected and nuanced attitudes toward meaning in our work in a Ted Talk he gave at…


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My Favorite Job Post of All Time

I am writing about job posts again, but it is what is primarily seen by potential candidates – active or passive.   Often, it is the first thing seen.

Think about it, a great professional who is not currently looking for a new job has a really bad day at work and decides to test the…


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How to Compare the Size of Talent Pools by Location

Today will be a very practical post that covers what I recently did for research when a hiring manager said he was open to hiring in other locations (anywhere in the US) and asked for suggestions on which locations to target that might have large talent pools.

This can be done…


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