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Mobile Recruiting ... All The Kids Are Doin' It

Mobile recruitment is on the rise right now. Many companies have already realized that they can hire competent employees through their mobile phones. This is expected if we consider that in America, one-third of the people own at least one mobile device. Also, two-thirds of mobile phone users use their smartphone for browsing the Web and sending tweets on Twitter, and about half of them are known to use their phones…


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Retain Your Employees: A Few Ideas

We’ve been considering the assessment year at a organization, when managers must fix employees’ “interpersonal” and “teamwork” abilities, and employees often fear the causing conventions because no one prefers the process, but everyone recognizes that it will be linked into improves, benefits and possibilities for development within the organization. In this process, we usually forget to pay attention to employee storage space…


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Employee Opinion Survey Best Practices Go Old School

There are various ways to deal with issues with job fulfillment. Some of them, like gamification, definitely take a contemporary strategy. But there is also a strategy that is centuries old which scientists are finding to have a positive effect in the workplace: mindfulness.

According to a latest content in Avoidance, mindfulness has its origins in historical Buddhist custom. Stating a research in the…


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Employee Satisfaction Survey [Video]

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Mobile Recruiting - The Way of the Immediate Future

mobile recruitment solution Although most of the top competitive companies in today's market have a corporate career site on the web, only a fraction of even the most successful Fortune 500 companies have a corporate career site that is optimized for the mobile web. There are, however a handful of pioneers in the mobile recruiting field, that are providing the answer by becoming the primary…


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Worker Satisfaction Survey Questions

Job fulfillment views have been confirmed essential in identifying work-related problems, especially in high-stress locations. When problems that prevent performance are determined, a company's energy can see more clearly the paths to solving those problems.

As an example of a company that has designed excellent use of views, details Job Satisfaction: Program, Evaluation, Causes, and…


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Looking at improving employee morale and motivation? Google it.

What do metal slides, alien pods, pool tables, and zebra print beanbags have in common? They are the things you can see at Google's work environment. With more than 70 Google offices expanding over 40 countries around the world. Each office has their own personality.

If you were to talk with a Google employee it would be common to hear how much job…


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High Job Satisfaction Comes Not From Cash

Work is a day-to-day activity that most people have to do to sustain income for everyday lives. And while most are passionate in performing our everyday duties, some just go with the flow of things just for the money. Since this is the case, is there any way to keep less enthusiastic employees motivated?

How will you be able to show them that work is more valuable that the pay they are going to receive? In this article, we are going to talk about the importance of money as a tool for…


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Ten Incredible Facts: The Mobile Web

10 Facts about the Mobile Web

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Here’s Why the Deal Sucks for Monster

In all the hoopla last week surrounding the acquisition, most pundits overlooked how bad it was for Monster and its job board brethren.

According to a source who wanted to remain anonymous, Recruit Co., Indeed’s buyer, had a deal with Monster on the table as well. Indeed’s pricetag was rumored to be $1.2 billion while Monster wanted $1.4 billion.

So, a measly $200…


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Monster Rumors Heating Up

Someone might be close to acquiring Monster - finally.

The who’s-going-to-buy-Monster rumors have come and gone over the years - LinkedIn being one of the most recent - but the buzz this time ‘round may be more than a ploy to pop the stock.

Sources have been pointing to Fall as the time it’s all supposed to go down. Only time will tell, but here are a few of the players in the mix, ranging from logical to not-a-chance-in-hell:

  • Microsoft -…

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They’re heeeeeere. Again.

Remember itzbig (see pic)? Trovix? Climber v1.0? The original Jobfox? It’s sort of like remembering your first iPod and its navigation wheel. These were the original “eHarmony for jobs” players.

Itzbig Mascot at ERE, 2008

Similar to the popular dating service, these solutions hoped to magically pair candidates with employers based on sophisticated algorithms.

It didn’t go too well.

Trovix, the big winner, sold to Monster for like $70 million and became …


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[Infographic] History of

History of Monster Infographic

Original Source

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Meet mJob, Free Mobile Recruiting White Paper

I’ve been intrigued by mobile since I bought my first Palm back in 2003 and always thought the ability to have the Web in your hand, always on, at all times, was bound to be an idea and technology that would take off.

It was merely a question of time. And since smarter people than me agree that now is that time, we took the jump. If you’re not a Facebook fan or on our e-mail list, it’s news to you. We’ve recently soft-launched our latest venture,… Continue

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From Cheezhead - Seems just like yesterday we were reporting the end of itzbig, the first of the eHarmonies to officially go bye-bye. Not so fast! Back from the dead, former itzbig CTO, and now its CEO, Asad Khan sent me a message today proclaiming the company’s rebirth.

“We are changing our model to become more of a technology player for other job boards so as to deliver our superior matching and score card functionality to the widest audience possible.”…


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A Look Into the "New"

From Cheezhead ... The world’s long wait is finally over. We can all breath again. Over the weekend, revealed its new, job seeker-focused redesign. How do the changes rate? We go into the site for an in-depth look at what worked and what didn’t. And does it even matter.

CEO Sal Iannuzzi calls the new site “an entirely new site experience which allows job seekers a more engaging and dynamic way to find the career that best matches their talent, background,… Continue

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2009 Hiring Predictions

Most employers expect to make no major hiring changes next year, and those who do are taking it slow. However, companies are looking at ways to make business operations easier and more cost-effective.

CareerBuilder recently released the results of its latest survey, 2009 Job Forecast, conducted by Harris Interactive. The survey, completed from November 12 to December 1, asked 3,259 hiring managers and human resource professionals in private sector companies about next year’s… Continue

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