Is My Recruiter Meeting with Me or Meeting a Quota?

Some recruiting firms have quotas. Their recruiters must meet with the required number of candidates, even if the candidates are outside of their field. I’m not sure why a recruiter would want to spend time with someone they know they can’t help, but I’m certain that it’s not a good use of a candidate’s time. How do you make sure that a recruiter can help you find a job that matches your specific set of skills and preferences?

Use these two questions to make sure that your recruiter can actually help you find a great job.

Tell me the last five jobs you filled in MY industry?

What if they can’t answer that? Maybe there’s a good reason for it. It might be a seasonal thing. For example, there’s not a lot of hiring going on for tax accountants after tax season. So, maybe you can follow up by asking:

When was the last time you filled MY type of job?

Feel free to politely express your concern if your recruiter can’t answer these questions.

Why are these great questions? There is no way for a recruiter to fake the answers. You either have the jobs and connections or you don’t. The ability to develop you as a top candidate and connect you with best available positions is at the core of what you need.

Candidates meet with recruiters to find a specific type of job. From the start, you need to make sure that a recruiter has the experience and access to do that for you. What are the odds that you will be a recruiter’s first placement in an industry outside of their specialty? (The answer is slim to none?) So why take that chance? Ask these questions, and the answers will tell you whether to stick with your recruiter or pick up the phone and go somewhere else.

Katy Keogh is a Principal of Winter, Wyman’s New York Financial Con... division. Learn more about Katy and the types of contract finance and accounting jobs she is working on at Winter Wyman.

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Comment by C. B. Stalling!! on September 17, 2010 at 10:48am
When I worked for a staffing firm my quota was how many calls a day I made but the big quota was for how many interview I confirmed. Who cares how many people you meet with. That type of quota is just a wasted of everyones time and maybe that is for the rookie recruiter but not for the top billers.


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