5 Timeless Recruiting Blog Posts Everyone Should Read

With the speed at which social media moves, can a blog post truly be referred to as “timeless?”

Of course. Working within the recruiting software industry, I see first-hand how the most modern features we offer our customers are essentially designed to solve the same core problems.

Similarly, messaging designed to solve core recruiting challenges can always be seen as timeless, even if this messaging is contained in a blog post that can be more accurately defined as ‘real-time.’

Below, find five such timeless recruiting blog posts:

1. Sure signs of a rookie
Recruiters of all stripes, from beginners to seasoned veterans, can inadvertently slip into poor habits – especially when it comes to interviewing candidates. This highly entertaining post from Barbara Goldman, published to Recruiting Blogs, offers a list of questions that will make any recruiter look stupid (her words, not mine) if asked. While some of the examples in this post may seem extreme, the lesson imparted to always ensure quality, targeted questions are posed to candidates in the interview process is truly timeless.

2. Negotiating Recruitment fees in a downturn. Time to stand your ground!
With luck, we will soon see an end to what is now being popularly referred to as the ‘Great Recession.’ But economic patterns, as we should all be well aware, are cyclical. Another economic downturn is as certain as the next sunrise. This post by Greg Savage, originally published in 2009, should be bookmarked and locked away for when it is needed most.

3. Social Media: the Most Powerful Recruiting Tool Since the Telephone
As noted by Dr. John Sullivan in this post to ERE.net, “social media to support recruiting is not only not a fad, it is the most powerful tool added to the recruiter’s tool box since the invention of the telephone.“ If you are striving to find the proof points you need to sell social media as a recruiting tool for your organization, or simply need to remind yourself of all social media can do to enhance your efforts, check out Dr. Sullivan’s post.

4. Memo To Human Resources: New Ways To Get Great Candidates
Penelope Trunk’s Brazen Careerist is full of timeless posts based on her experience as the founder of multiple start-ups. This particular post from 2008, featuring five powerful ways to attract great candidates, is one of my favorites. From telling candidates where they will go next in an organization, to promoting positions within targeted communities, we don’t see these recruiting methods falling by the wayside anytime soon.

5. How To Find Resumes With Alternative Search Engines
For many, recruiting for candidates leveraging search engines means recruiting for candidates leveraging Google. While Google may be the largest and most used search engine, this doesn’t mean that other search engines don’t hold value. From Yahoo! to Bing, to Ask to AOL, each search engine will display different results for any given search – and any search result could hold that diamond in the rough you seek. This post to The Recruiters Lounge offers a video review of alternative search engines and the value they hold for recruiters. For your timeless takeaway, never forget that no matter how many places you’ve looked for candidates, there are likely still several hidden corners left to try.

What recruiting blog posts, or recruiting lessons, do you consider to be timeless?

I encourage you to share your thoughts via a comment below.

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Comment by Martin H.Snyder on October 14, 2010 at 1:34pm
Comment by TargetRecruit on October 14, 2010 at 2:39pm
Thanks for the useful info Tim, helped me a lot I have bookmarked all of them for my future reading reference, Please keep the great work going, Being in the staffing industry myself with an ATS called as TargetRecruit , i find these blogs help me keep updated a lot on the trends happening around staffing which helps me to incorporate it in my software and marketing efforts.


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