Have/would you pay a "signing bonus" to a candidate to get a deal done?

I'm hearing about this more and more and would be interested to see what's going on with RBC.

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Comment by Bill Schultz on February 15, 2012 at 4:51pm

LoL, doesn't seem like it.  But you did ask a question, seems like you were looking for complete agreement.  

Let me know next time.  

no eith is not a word but use is.  Therefore my confusion.  Cutting your commission or or giving a bonus, neither is illegal in Real Estate. 

Comment by Christopher Poreda on February 15, 2012 at 6:01pm

Bill...what you don't know is I'm in the real estate business as well, and you're wrong.  I should have known better then to go toe-to-toe with someone who keeps their profile private.

Comment by Bill Schultz on February 15, 2012 at 8:58pm
So am I in Real estate, friendo. And in my country it's perfectly legal.   Don't see what my profile has to do with anything.  Toe to toe? You asked a question , I answered. You took offense, end of story. Still think it's a dumb idea to kickback money.
Comment by Sandra McCartt on February 15, 2012 at 9:30pm

Now wait Willard, maybe that is what is rattling around in my head. If a recruiter pays a sign on bonus to a candidate is it a kick back? I see a kick back as  paying something to the person who is in a position to hire, list a job, or approve payment of a fee within a company to give a recruiter an extra benefit of get business or get preference for their candidate who might not otherwise get hired.


A candidate is not in a position at that juncture to do anything but accept a job so would it be considered a kick back.  One can argue that by a recruiter paying a sign on bonus the candidate who becomes an employee would then possibly be in a position to five the recruiter favorable treatment because the recruiter paid them something to take the job or make the deal work if you want to be more delicate.  In effect though we would actually be paying them to take the job. So a kick back in advance perhaps.  Is  that the rub Bill?


Effectively if we do pay something to the candidate we are cutting our fee because it has to come out of the fee that we would earn so i get what you were saying about cutting the fee.  I don't know squat about real estate but are we talking about the difference in cutting a commission % and paying a buyer or seller directly some amount to close the sale.  For instance if the realtor put a deal together that goes to the lender with sale price 100K then turns around and pays the seller 5K out of their commission because the seller would not take less than 105K is that illegal.  Or if the realtor pays the buyer 5K so the buyer can make a larger down payment in order to qualify for the loan is that illegal?  Just asking.

Comment by Bill Schultz on February 15, 2012 at 10:14pm
Yes it's legal in california. That's all I know. My partner recently just paid for a appliance insurance policy for a homeowner. Perfectly above board. As far as kickback, call it what you Willl. My feeling is there are many options available to the client. Sign on bonus, equity, MBO, etc. my fee is pre-negotiated and way off the table.
For your situation, Sandra. The candidate is leaving money on the table for future gain. The resume equity he earns from your placement should be the catalyst.


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