Here is how my day went last Thursday...

6:00 AM

Woke up, grabbed the iPhone, checked my work email, checked the news, played Words with Friends (addicted and not ashamed), got out of bed, walked the dog, fed the dog, picked out clothes, checked my work email again, got in the shower, headed to work.

8:00 AM

Walked in the building (Tower Place in Buckhead, GA), went the shop to get my coffee and bagel, headed to the office, logged into Citrix, enjoyed my raison bagel, checked my work email, checked my voicemail, got up and went to my white board and went over my open orders, sat back at my desk and opened IE.

8:30 AM

First phone call out for the morning to a candidate who left me a message...LVM, went to LinkedIn, checked who is stalking me, check my LinkedIn messages (had 7, all of which were from an InMail blast) and replied via email, went through my saved-search emails from CB, Monster, and Dice, set up a call plan based off of those resumes, refreshed my coffee.

9:30 AM

Start calling...about 10 calls out I get someone live...candidate for a Healthcare IT role I am working on, talk with that candidate for about 5 minutes conducting a phone interview, determinded they were not a fit, sent email and next call, get 2 candidates who are fits, get references, leads, and standard info, submit them to Jacksonville team for them to submit to our client.

10:30 AM

Switch gears to a Tampa-based VB.NET role, ran a search on CB to see if they are out there, saved 25 resumes to a folder, blasted the folder on email, start phone calls, get no one live leaving voicemails for everyone.

11:30 AM

First interview of the day...front-end web developer with solid HTML and CSS knowledge, talk with the candidate for about 5 minutes, start programming ont he white board witht he candidate for 10 minutes, find out he is awesome, wrap up and get him out of there.

Lunch -- Walked to the office cafe and ordered a roast beef sandwich and some chips with a water to drink.  Back to work at...

12:30 PM

Proactive recruiting a search for Network Admins...get 200 results within 10 miles of the office...recession...start peaking at the resumes using CB's Resume Flip, Liked 20 of the first 50 I went through, start calling, set up 3 interviews with me, had 1 candidate hang up on me (oh, like that helps your odds)

2:00 PM

Second interview of the day...Systems Admin with great tenure, talk for about 15 minutes with her to see if I could trap her in any corners, hit on Exchange, Active Directory, Tierd Support experience, "Holy crap you worked for Home Depot for 10 years?", wrap up after some resume help and how we conduct our candidate marketing

2:30 PM

Call from best client, "I would like to offer the job to your candidate!", sweet!  Call the candidate, "Dude, got the offer, are you sitting down?" "Yeah, let's do it."  Call the client back, "We are good to go!"  Start paperwork, get the candidate and client together in our CRM, issue all the pre-employment paperwork directly to the candidate, get everything back and we are off.

4:30 PM

Back to the white board, review all of the orders, update them where necessary, build a plan for the morning, talk with some co-workers about going to grab a drink at Prohibition (speak easy at East Andrews...shhh).

5:15 PM

At Prohibition with 2 co-workers having a celebratory drink.

6:30 PM

Back at home, take out the dog, feed the dog, play with the dog, check my work email, respond to several emails from candidates who are just now getting back to me from this morning, get a call from Tampa to talk about the day, make dinner, eat dinner, go out on the porch with a beer and cigar wtih dog, relax...

9:30 PM

Check email again...check news with dog some more, take him out again.

10:30 PM



Then I start all over again at 6:00 AM.  Was that day productive?

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Comment by Amy Ala Miller on February 22, 2012 at 5:34pm

Well, the best client is the one that's calling to offer your candidate a job... :)

Comment by Zachary Sines on February 22, 2012 at 7:16pm

Absolutely.  And if they read this, they would know I was talking about them.

Comment by Amy Ala Miller on February 22, 2012 at 7:30pm

I just congratulated one of mine for being my "favorite hiring manager" after collecting all the details on the offer he wanted to make. His response - "why, because I'm the most recent?"

they see right through me...  :)

Comment by Bill Schultz on February 22, 2012 at 7:40pm

What did you drink?

Comment by Zachary Sines on February 23, 2012 at 8:47am

We had a beer, and I believe it was a New Castle.

Comment by Tim Spagnola on February 23, 2012 at 9:53am

Nothing wrong with a good New Castle ; )

Comment by Kyle Schafroth on February 23, 2012 at 11:06am

And to think some people still think recruiting in any capacity is an easy job...not sure if any of you saw an article from a while ago Why Recruiting Looks Easy - but Zachary, I think your detail of a SINGLE day perfectly captures the main thing - hiring managers and their team only see the end result of all the work that you put into finding them candidates.

They don't think about the 6am or 10pm emails and phone calls, the review process, etc.

Cheers - and great pick on the beer.

Comment by Zachary Sines on February 23, 2012 at 11:27am

And that was the easier day last week :).


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