Suck it up princess. This is as good as it gets

I rarely ‘go to lunch’. Business lunches, anyway.

But recently I did, with a group of industry veterans including Geoff Morgan, the Founder of Morgan and Banks, and Talent2. In an industry short of true leaders and innovators, Geoff stands out as a remarkably resilient business builder, and creator of careers, as well as shareholder value.

We spoke about a lot of things that day, but one thing he said, simple as it was, shook me, and contains a key lesson for all of us.

Almost in passing, I asked the everyday question, “So, Geoff, what’s your view on when the market will recover”

His answer was short, but mind-shifting for me.

He said, “You know, maybe it has recovered. Maybe this is the new-normal. Maybe, the way it is now, is just… as good as it gets”

And there it is. A paradigm-shifting view. Up until that day, I had been thinking at the back of my mind, “let’s just get through this tough period, and then we will reap the benefit when the market picks up”.

And so are many recruiters and business owners I have been talking to. Toughing it out, ‘until the recovery comes’. But now I say to those people, “build a business that makes good money in this environment. This could well be the way it is, forever”.

And it’s a brilliant discipline for a manager or recruiter. Don’t wait for some magical ‘recovery’ to fix your billings, or your profit. The cavalry is not about to charge over the hill and save us all. You are not going to rise on some magical tide. Forget wishful thinking.

If what you are doing now does not deliver in this environment, change what you do.

Reshape your business, or your offering, or your skill set, to fit the realities of now.

And while you are about it, stop whining about the tough market.

Suck it up, princess. Because this just may be as good as it gets.

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Comment by Tiffany Branch on May 22, 2013 at 10:44am

Of course. If I engage a third party, I use those who are specialized in the area for the position.


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