"We need to speed things up".  "It takes too long to post to job boards".  "Things are so unorganized right now."  

As a professional who speaks with hiring managers and recruiters at small companies everyday, I find myself finishing their sentences when the topic of their roadblocks come up.  Everyone wants to make good hires, but there are few hiring managers out there that are planning the correct way.  The focus is solely on that roadblock they have to get through to make their lives easier, and not on the where they want that road to lead - to a good hire.

Making the tedious tasks of recruiting easier is not rocket science.  There are hundreds of tools available to help with email automation, appointment scheduling, job posting and even employee referrals.  These are all top of the funnel aspects to put a hiring manager in position to produce an effective new employee, but is this enough to make the best decision for your company once you have a pool of candidates?  Absolutely not.

Forward thinking organizations spend years collecting tangible evidence on what a good employee for them looks like and the process they put candidates through to discover those employees.  Does a top employee at Google have the same skill set that a top performer at John Deere does?  Absolutely not.  

Sure, they have tools to support the backend activity of their recruiting process, but the differentiation factor does not lay in a piece of software.  Structuring your interview process is the first step in maximizing the odds you make a great hire, and minimizing the odds you make a hiring mistake.  

Everything else is secondary.

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Comment by Katrina Kibben on April 5, 2016 at 11:51am

Love that philosophy. What would you recommend for a company who wants to have more finesse? 

Comment by Bobby Ready on April 5, 2016 at 1:32pm

Thanks Katrina!  In my mind, it all starts with identifying what type of person you're looking for.  This is when the right tools become necessary.  Every organization that takes hiring seriously needs a structured and organized process that the whole team buys into.  

I speak to successful hiring managers who make organized lists of all the specific skills, personality traits, and qualifications that they hold critical for candidates to embody.  When things like these are established and communicated from the start, we enable ourselves to never lose sight of the objective of this mission.  This is how today's forward-thinking companies are building their recruiting infrastructure.  

Comment by J.T. Weber on April 5, 2016 at 2:05pm

Time to hire is always important, agreed. That doesn't mean that blasting out job descriptions yields the best results for better quality candidates. A crucial concept that many companies overlook is "time to market is directly impacted by the caliber of the team"


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