Sun On Your face, Wind In Your Hair; Life Doesn't Get Any Better Than This

Driving past a local elementary school the other day, I saw the best example of unbridled enjoyment that I’ve seen in a long time. A boy on a scooter, going fast down a grass-covered embankment, his dark hair blown back, his freckled face split wide with a huge grin, his eyes mere slits because of the size of his smile, his arms acting as shock absorbers as his scooter hurtled him down the bumpy grass hill and slowed slightly as he reached the flat field. His friends reclined nearby under the shade of a tree cheering him on, their own scooters at their sides, ready to spring into action.

I envied this boy his complete abandon. As we get older, hard knocks and life lessons can tend to make us a bit jaded. I’ve definitely had this happen in the recruiting field, especially this last month. So I tasked myself with thinking of opposing “good” to counter the recent “bad”, and came up with the following:

Placed a candidate in a high growth position with a world-class corporation, including a hefty pay raise, and requiring no relocation. Candidate is extremely happy in her new position!

Received numerous “atta girl” emails from candidates and clients alike, thanking me for my professionalism and communication. I view these things as a “given” but apparently the skills are uncommon enough to warrant a “thank you” email when others encounter them. Atta Girl emails are always fun to receive.

Got an amazing new office chair. What a difference this is making in my work life already!! (Talk about taking pleasure in the simple things…)

Our world is hectic. The economy’s down, gas prices are through the roof… Life can look bleak when the negatives start piling up. Try to take a few minutes to identify the good things in your life, and hopefully you’ll experience some of the unbridled joy that can come from recognizing the simple pleasures that come your way.

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Comment by Sally Raade on July 29, 2008 at 2:12pm
Great post....

It's so true about falling into the the gravity that keeps us down.
For us to fly above the negatives, we have to focus on the positives. It's amazing how high we can get off the ground when we surround ourselve with lots of positive people, positive situations and positive things!

Remember to have a positive attitude towards life- it will help you see things differently from the negatives.
Comment by Rob Clarke on July 30, 2008 at 2:02pm
Congratulations on your new chair Nancy! Great post as usual, I know the value of having a great chair (being that I sit here for 9-10 hours a day!). I forget which book it is, but there was a something called "a healthy brain diet" and basically just talked about the way you communicate to yourself and always trying to be positive and optimistic, because as you said- there is a lot of things to feel crummy about if you want to focus on that. Great post as usual Nancy, thanks!


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