Lessons in Social Media (And An Attempt to Make Amends)

So, today was not a great day. I definitely learned an important lesson...

A) Tags work, be careful how you use them
B) I need to work on my 'inner filters'

I had to pull a few blog posts down because they were not well appreciated by a particular group mentioned. Although when I first found out I was even more irritated after speaking with my leader I realized that my posts were a bit short sighted.

My leader is great at refocusing my energy on productive tasks.

Regardless of my feelings, opinions and irritations I probably should not have publically blasted anything. And, apparently tagging my 'target' only brought my tirade to their direct attention during one of their sales/services meetings.

Its not even that I said anything outlandish or inaccurate - but apparently it should have been filtered a few times to reduce the risk of offense.

Although I was very frustrated and stressed out last week I should have attempted to stay positive.

I need to work on my HR Professional demeanor (lol). The problem is I am 23 and am best known for being very candid and direct. (best known or worst known lol) My travel blog was best known in that community for being very raw and honest. My personal blog (sorry, after today there is no way I'm posting a link lol) also known for the same.

My journey exploring social media is actually getting a little bit deeper in terms of exploring the marriage between my private and professional 'voice.'

I suppose if I ever want to be a successful consultant for products like Taleo I need to work on that filter.

Sorry if I offended anyone.

PS - it turns out people actually DO read this!

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Comment by Dan Nuroo on April 7, 2009 at 6:37am
here here Maren. Veronica, we all stuff up, we all have suffered from bloggers remorse. My thoughts are if you don't mess up, you aren't trying hard enough. Take the feedback, admit to it (as you have) learn from it, and move on to the next mistake... it is the best way to learn I'm afraid.

PS.. they certainly do read this... even if there isn't always a comment to go with it!
Comment by Veronica A on April 7, 2009 at 9:52am
Thank you Maren & Dan for your kind words and encouragement. I definitely needed it. It's a strange feeling sitting in an office discussing your blog with your leader. Part of me always wants/has to defend myself and another part had to say "Be humble!"

Maren - "humility goes a long way" this experience also helped me remember that! lol I don't humility doesn't come natural to me.

Your right Dan, mistakes help you learn.


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