24 Awesome career pages to draw inspiration from

Looking to upgrade your careers page? Here are some of our favorite career pages from various industries. These pages are beautiful, mobile friendly repositories of information on what makes their company a unique place to work, highlight employee value propositions, and overall enhance the company’s employer brand. Enjoy!

24) Bain and Company has their own dedicated domain for careers complete with a LinkedIn plugin that shows you connections you already have at Bain. They call out to the most impressive business professionals with the headline “World Changers Wanted.” Lastly, they’re using social proof via Glassdoor’s “Best places to Work” award.

23) PWC does a great job of highlighting various career tracks through in depth employee content that covers key questions candidates have about various roles.

22) Pepsi allows applicants to interact directly with recruiters via social networks like Twitter and LinkedIn, giving candidates a direct line to the people who can tell them about roles and steer them to the right path.

21) Eventbrite uses some slick javascript to call out the key value propositions in their EVP to would be employees.

20) Air BnB has a well designed page which utilizes white space effectively, and calls out a key perk in working there: access to some of the brightest minds in the country to learn from.

19) Marriott utilizes employee authored stories to show off what it’s like to work at this iconic brand from a global perspective.

18) Hubspot, unsurprisingly, utilizes content in showing off why they are a great place to work. Their use of role specific video in particular is what we like about their approach to sharing their key value propositions to employees and attracting talent.

17) Amazon offers looks at over 250 individual teams through their careers page. This level of content is SO RARE and gives candidates a real sense for what it’s like to work here.

16) Goldman Sachs offers in depth employee profiles, links to social networks that are actively full of content, and a compelling message to type A future financiers.

15) Bonobos hits candidates in the face with humor and social proof via various best places to work awards.

14) Opower highlights their impact through terrawatts of energy saved…that’s something a lot of people could get behind. In addition, beautiful, responsive pages house awesome video and text content that answers the question “why would anyone want to work here?”

13) Foursquare has simple perks, a carefully curated picture carousel, and jobs that I can apply for by filling out one form, not 20.

12) Zurb utilizes their design chops to show off the key stats (43 mins away from amazing surfing, sign me up!) as well as content on life as a Zurbian.

11) Yelp has created a “Yelp for working at Yelp” type of content experience where employees share what it’s like to work there…we like that.

10) Kickstarter has a beautiful series of career pages that highlight quirky facts about their staff (like who likes metal music), key values, the fact they’ve raised $2.1B on their platform, and more.

9) Amtrak does a great job delving into various roles via video (and it’s no surprise these videos have been seen tens of thousands of times).

8) Square is all about design and their careers page communicates that brilliantly through whitespace and a crisp photo collage that also offers insights into what life at Square.

7) Zappos of course appeals to folks interested in their “weird” culture via photos/videos/text. They also have an “insiders” program where candidates not quite ready to apply can get on the company’s radar via authentication through LinkedIn, uploading their resume, or signing up through email.

6) McKinsey does a ton of their employer branding via offline recruiting, but their online presence doesn’t disappoint either. They’ve invested a lot into showing off what it’s really like to work here, and have a dedicated facebook page with 41k likes to prove it.

5) NPR utilizes a dedicated careers twitter feed, tons of links to resources on working at NPR, and an appeal to their core values as an organization to attract talent.

4) SpaceX is a lesson in messaging. They are trying to do the impossible, and take on one of the most important challenges in the advancement of our species. Full stop.

3) Red Bull calls out the BS marketing video that many people have on their careers pages full of people playing ping pong and smiling too much. It’s daring and authentic, just like their brand.

2) Dropbox stays true to their high bar of design aesthetic, shares in depth employee stories, and their quirks via video.

1) Facebook combines many of the lessons we’ve learned work so well across careers pages including strong UX, in depth employee content, EVP messaging, and pointing out the importance of the work and impact you can have here.

What's next?
Wow, did you really make it through that entire list??? Nice work. Hopefully you learned a bit from these examples. We always learn best by studying the success of others.

Next week we'll be releasing a post that summarizes career page best practices so that you can learn from looking at examples, and some structured thought around this all topic which is so important to your employer brand and ability to attract talent!

This post originally appeared on the LifeGuides Blog. Visit their site to learn more about Employer branding.

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