3 Interesting People You Won't Find On LinkedIn

I have talked to many high level Talent Acquisition and Human Resources professionals in my day and LinkedIn is never boasted as the #1 source for finding talent, it’s always part of the overall strategy.  Many of the professionals I’ve spoken with, especially older ones, think LinkedIn is for lazy recruiters. All have suggested that there are better or “older” techniques for finding great talent. So here are 3 people you wont find on LinkedIn and why.


Three People You Won’t Find On LinkedIn


1) The Successful Professional Who Values Privacy and Personal Connections.
There are people who are very successful and simply don’t want to be part of a public network. I’m not talking about celebrities either. Some people have developed a very close network that they rely on for personal growth, to them, there is no point to be on LinkedIn. These people have the real version of LinkedIn. They have their Network. People they can actually call anytime. Their “Groups” which are clubs and associations they may belong to. People they follow. Real life mentors that they have lunch or dinner with.  These types of people focus on real relationship building and care nothing about being an internet celebrity or showing off their success to the public on a webpage.

In order to find these people and possibly recruit them, you have to make your way into their inner circles.  That means finding out where they hang out or who they hang out with and somehow getting involved. But, be careful, you must be authentic. Rather than going to an accounting seminar to recruit once, you should actually have an interest in accounting. Go to all accounting events, be part of all accounting groups and integrate yourself into the accounting world, because you love it. Then, over time you will be so connected in the accounting world that placing accounting candidates will come easy to you.


2) The Person Who Doesn’t Care About Professional Life. 
There are the people in the world who just don’t care about professional appearance and being on a social network like LinkedIn is intimidating and useless. These people don’t consider themselves professional in any sense of the word so joining a professional network is out of the question. These could be people who are unmotivated and complete bums, or they could be musicians, extreme sports athletes, thrill seekers etc. These people might be on every other social network besides LinkedIn. They could be content producing geniuses and social media marketing gurus but you just won’t find them on LinkedIn.

If you’re looking for these types of people where do you look. Again, you must identify the type of person you looking for and get involved with their real life interests.  Or find them on more suitable social networks. You’ll probably find more video editors through skateboard videos on youtube then you would on LinkedIn. Roll credits please.


3) The Professional Who Should Have It But Hates It
There is always that person who hates being on social media because it’s too much to keep up with. These people may have a busy life and a decent professional career but they are blinded to the possibility of LinkedIn being useful. This type of person could probably use LinkedIn to their advantage and grow professionally. As a mid level professional, it’s curious why you wouldn’t have a LinkedIn profile. It really opens door for opportunity, it let’s you be discovered. Also, questions are raised when there is a lack of online presence. Do they even know LinkedIn exists? Are they hiding something? Is their resume truthful? Does this person actually exist? Does anyone know this person? So just like a Facebook Page increases consumer confidence for a brand, LinkedIn increases peoples confidence in you, as a professional. As a recruiter a LinkedIn profile is not where I start but I always check for peace of mind.

So those are three types of people you won't find on LinkedIn. Anyone else come to mind? Grandma & Grandpa?


This article was written by Quintin Ford, a recruitment entrepreneur located in Playa Vista, CA. Quintin is the Founder of OCEAN | STREET and avid blogger and social media guru. Learn more about Quintin on LinkedIn.

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