We're recruiters. We know most of you hate us. We know some of you see us as a necessary evil. Some of you want to like us, but you feel like you shouldn't. Finally, there's a small sliver of the population that likes us and wants to work with us. This article is for you.

We want to like you. We go into every candidate relationship with an open mind. A fresh start! Another chance to really help someone make their life better and find them that perfect job. To make a difference. We try our best to steer you in the right direction. But then when it's time for some honest feedback, it can all go horribly horribly wrong.

Don't be that candidate.

What kind of candidate is "that" candidate?

The kind that doesn't listen to your recruiter. The kind that doesn't listen to the feedback, doesn't like the feedback, or doesn't agree with the feedback.

*Note - This article is for those of you that work with recruiters that actually, you know, give feedback. Not the recruiters that take your resume and then wind up in another dimension without access to email or phones.*

We encourage dialogue. We encourage collaboration. We certainly respect your opinion. But it comes to a point when we have to have the final word on some things, and you have to trust us.

Don't be that candidate.

Do not curse at us. (Some of them have)

Do not call us liars. (Many of them have)

Do not question our mental abilities. (Don’t get me started)

Do not leave threatening voicemails for me. And then leave apology voicemails at 2am. And then, after apparently thinking about it, leave threatening voicemails at 4am. (Two have.)

Do not send me a scathing email about how I am the worst recruiter ever. (If you must do this, please proofread this email before sending. Proofreading is more than using spell check. I have received more than enough angry emails about "pubic accounting." I assure you… it distracts from your main message.)

Here is a scenario for you - What if the candidate acts like the recruiter never gave them feedback? 

Say what??

It's true. There are certain candidates that, for some reason or another, just do not listen to what I tell them. I’m not sure if they forget, or just choose to completely ignore the suggestions. But I'm sure that other recruiters know what I am talking about.

The irony is this: Gather 100 job seekers into a room. Take a vote. What is the number one complaint about recruiters? (Sadly there is never a single vote for "Just too awesome. It’s just too hard comprehending just how awesome recruiters are.") The answer is...lack of feedback. Candidates WANT feedback. " Why didn't I get an interview?" "Why didn't I get the offer?" "What did they say about my resume?" "Why am I not a fit for the role? Why won’t you submit me?” But, when we take the time to honestly and specifically explain the reasons, I'd say half of the time the words are lost forever as soon as they leave my mouth. Candidates have to learn to really listen to what their recruiter is telling them. Trust us. We tell you things for a reason. We only get paid when we place you. We aren’t paid on hours spent on searches, revising resumes, and providing job search therapy. We WANT to place you. We NEED to place you. We want to get paid! We want you to get paid! So…

Don't be that candidate.

You have to listen AND understand. Don't ask us the same question 100 times when we have told you the answer 99 times already.  There are candidates that just do not “get it” and it is absolutely crippling their job search. Weekly, literally every week (I am NOT exaggerating. You have NO IDEA how much I wish I was exaggerating. Please…please help me.) I get calls and emails from the same group of candidates inquiring about the same roles, after I have already gone into painstakingly detailed explanations as to why they weren’t qualified. Sometimes they ask about the same role they inquired about the previous week. We all know the definition of insanity, correct? How is this productive for anyone?? You don't have to necessarily agree with me, but if you work with me you should at least respect the fact that I’m trying to do what is best for both you and the client. And you should believe me when I tell you that we've had this conversation twice before (at least). This is what we do for a living…you have to trust us. We aren’t here to insult you, or make you feel bad about yourself. We aren’t here to set you up to fail and place you in just any position. There is a method to our madness. Give it a try and actually listen to our feedback

We want to help you. I'm not saying this to be malicious or hurtful or even funny. But, please...

Don't be that candidate.

A quick thanks for the strong response to my article last week, "Find Success With A Recruiter By Asking Yourself 40 Questions." https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/find-success-recruiter-asking-yourse...Lots of feedback on that one and I appreciate it. It was a featured article on RecruitingBlogs.com last week!

If you have any questions about anything I discussed in the above article, looking for a job and/or working with a recruiter, just ask! Shoot me an email at akarpiak@karpiakconsulting.com

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