Recently I did a quick bit of research on profile views (The thread can be found here

*NOTE* This research is quite unscientific. Deal with it. It's better than nothing.

Basically everyone has an opinion on views: Profile views, post views, how to get them, what do they mean, accept all invites to build your network for views, don't accept many invites...SO MUCH CONFLICTING INFORMATION. Sure, you could pay for guidance...but if you're like me, you're cheap.

SO, I decided to do a little digging. I wanted to ask my network- I requested the number of profile views in the last 90 days, and if the profile was that of a recruiter, job seeker, or other. As of now, there were more than 260 responses and 130,000 views.

Overwhelmingly, the HR/Recruiter responses had a much higher view rate than the jobseekers. Jobseeker views ranged from two digits to mid 3 digits. HR/Recruiter responses ranged from mid/upper 3 digits to 4 digits in views.


While I appreciated the information, I'll be honest...I didn't take the information at face value. I also creeped on the profiles of the responders.

The HR/Recruiters had much larger networks (based on the # of followers I could see) than the jobseekers.

The HR/Recruiters also had much more activity than the jobseekers. On average, the HR group had more likes, comments, and actual posts than the jobseekers. Let's be honest...usually a larger network is a result of active engagement.

The HR/Recruiters also had more clearly defined profiles...summaries that included what they recruit for, whereas the candidates on average either didn't have summaries or had very general/limited information. Let's just say that HR/Recruiter profiles would be easier to search for.


Ok ok, I'll get to the point.

Jobseekers are networking...but half-assedly. Recruiters are being can tell by the views. Jobseekers are doing what they are supposed to do...reaching out to recruiters. Being proactive. Engaging hiring managers in conversations, following up on job applications, getting their foot in the door.

BUT...the job seekers aren't being found. They aren't creating engagement. They don't have as many views because they aren't doing as much that is view-worthy. To put it another way, their milkshake aint bringing the boys to the yard.

Look at the people on the thread that have the most views in the last 90 days. I bet you have seen their posts in your daily feed. They are initiating that engagement. They're publishing articles, posting regularly, producing videos. They're the ones being tagged into other articles. I'm going to let you in on a little secret. They didn't open their LinkedIn account and find the golden ticket. They didn't fill out their profile and automatically gain 10k, 20k, 30k followers. They worked their asses off at engaging. Putting themselves out there. Figuring out what worked. They created that network.

But how does engaging help the jobseeker? Off the top of my head, I can think of at least 5 people who have gotten jobs in the past two weeks. They attribute it to some sort of advice that I have given them...whether it be a resume change, a profile change, a networking idea. "Adam, that idea you gave me paid off...I contacted that hiring manager and long story short I got the job." But how did I meet these people? Did they invite me to connect? NOPE. They had commented on one of MY posts, or had liked one of MY comments, or they tagged me into one of their conversations. All of which led me to look at their profile. Usually if you like or comment on several of my posts, I invite you to connect (I like chit-chatting with people with similar work philosophies). Their engagement online led to my viewing their profiles and striking up a conversation. IT WORKS.

Quite simply, you want to be viewed. You aren't going to be hired if you aren't viewed. And if you want to be viewed, you have to find AND be found. Find the contacts that can help you. And then do everything in your power to BE FOUND through engagement.

Basically, network with your whole ass...

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