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"Adam, I'm a recruiter. Why don't good candidates come to me? I've done it all....I've set up my LinkedIn profile. And...well, that's it. I've set up my profile. It says I'm a recruiter and everything! WHAT GIVES???"

So, you're a recruiter with a LinkedIn Premium account. Nice piece of profile flair Moneybags. Well, if you want to afford that next year, you're gonna have to make some placements. Let's put that Premium account to good use and help some people along the way.


If you have a Premium LinkedIn profile, make sure your Premium Settings are set correctly for Open Profile. What is an Open Profile? Anyone can send you InMails for FREE. Hear that candidates? You can InMail recruiters FOR FREE. As long as they have Open Profile switched on.

CANDIDATES - If you see a recruiter with a premium account, just try to send a message and see what happens. Seriously, take the .000003 seconds to give it a try.

"Adam, I wish I had more candidates!"

OF COURSE YOU DO. How are they able to contact you? Phone? Email?

"OH GOD NO. I want them to contact me...I never said I wanted to, you know, talk with them. We have an ATS. They are free to submit their resume 16 times, answer our questionnaire, and then send us a retinal scan."

*me looking confused*

"I said RETINAL."

RECRUITERS - We can do better. Stop making people jump through hoops. It's not that they aren't's just there is a better way and they would rather have a chance to tell you how awesome they are, as opposed to waiting for an ATS to compute awesomeness (incorrectly).

PUT YOUR EMAIL ADDRESS ON YOUR PROFILE. I don't care if it's in the summary, in the job description. Just do it.

"But Adam, spam? Hackers? HACKERS!"

Ok ok, if you live in fear, just make an email burner account to use. Or whatever. But my email has been on my profile for 10 years and I have yet to be taken advantage of by a Nigerian Prince.

"But Adam, what about compliance issues?"

Then document the correspondence and still have them apply via ATS. Then you can actually, you know, go look at their application.

Finally, no more confidential creeping. You wanna look at a profile, stop hiding. Strike up a conversation. What's the worst that happens, you break up your boring day with a "hello?" Relax, no one is going to lock you into a room for a 3 hour timeshare presentation. (Unless, you know, they are in timeshare sales. At which point it's a judgement call)

Look, there are good candidates out there. They want to work for your company. They want to talk to you. Help them out and make it easier to talk to you. Humanizing recruiters will do wonders for the industry. And when you reach out and want to talk to candidates, they will be more willing to return the favor.

And candidates - DO THE EXACT SAME THING. It's more than just being want to be found AND contacted. Give them a way to reach out to you. InMails are just as expensive for us as they are for you

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