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At 3:56pm on October 24, 2011, Tamara Gore Pendleton said…

Hi Dave,

I work for Hire Opportunities Career Fairs and noticed you are in Irving.  I am hosting a career fair in Irving in December and wanted to invite you to recruit at that event.  You can go to www.hireopportunities.net for more information and you can also use coupon code 40off for $40 off the registrations fee.



At 3:40pm on May 14, 2008, Michael Creighton said…
Hey Dave...Im new to the blog,just trying to build my network. Hope all is well.
At 9:14pm on May 6, 2008, Moneik Lane said…
My name is Moneik McDonald and I am a Corporate Recruiter with Beeline. We provide HR consulting services and specialize in recruiting solutions for Fortune 500 companies. Our main service offering is on-site full-lifecycle recruiting support. I came across your profile and believe your background and experience could assist me in my networking efforts. We are currently expanding our market and are getting ready to open a new office in the Dallas and Chicago area.
I would welcome the opportunity to speak with you in more detail. Also, if you know of anyone who might be interested, feel free to pass my information along.

Please contact me at the number listed below. I look forward to speaking with you soon.


Moneik McDonald

Corporate Recruiter

Office: 703.673.1511

Fax: 703.880.7108

At 6:43pm on March 10, 2008, Cherese DeJesus said…
Hi Dave, I'm new to the recruiting community and I'm looking forward to networking with great people.

Have a nice evening!

At 6:46pm on March 4, 2008, Dave Copps said…
I think I can make that. I have a late meeting, but if you think you guys will still be rolling at 7:00 I think I could stop by. Thanks for the invite!
At 10:39pm on February 27, 2008, Dennis Smith said…
Hey Dave -

RecruitingBlogs.com is sponsoring a recruiters networking party next week, March 6th, at Cape Buffalo in Addison @ 6pm! I hope you'll join us. Jason (Slouch) is flying in from Canada and paying for all the food|drinks, so you should join us!

We're just going to network - talk - have fun! Oh yeah, and then there's the food/drink part : )

We hope you will join us! Amanda is keeping track of headcount so Jason will know how much cash he needs to fly in (hah)...so if you can make it, please email Amanda at amanda.recruiter@gmail.com. She'll reply with an invite so you can get on her official headcount list.

Last thing - promise.....feel free to invite some folks from work.

Hope to meet you next week!

At 4:16pm on December 10, 2007, Lisa said…
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At 11:34am on October 4, 2007, Dave Copps said…
Hi Suzy,
Yes Exalead is a french run operation that set out to kill Google in 2004. While they have obviously not accomplished that - they do have a good search engine. They do a nice job of parsing results so if you search for "java developer ecommerce" and look to the right side of the page you can sort the people from the extraneous results (sort of like in Accoona). We have added Exalead to our search engine list and will make it searchable.

I think there will always be an endless stream of search engines with great features. My goal is to create a single interface that searches all of them. The next important thing will be to aggregate ALL of the results, remove duplicates and present them to the sourcer.

Here's a question for you sourcers: If you had an engine that would crawl ALL search engines for a specific job search, aggregate the results and remove duplicates, but it took 5 minutes to first surface your results - would you use it?
At 1:44am on October 4, 2007, Suzy Tonini said…
Hey Dave- have you heard about this new semantic search tool?

Exalead is proud to present the first semantic search service that lets people find, organize, share and enhance content online. Along with the introduction of the new BAAGZ search service, Exalead launches a special by-invitation-only beta session.


And there's yet another one, although results for me were a tad sketchy: http://cognitionsearch.com/
At 4:51pm on October 1, 2007, Dave Copps said…
Thanks everybody. I am anxious to roll out the beta to SourceCon folks. I will put out a notice for those who want to participate in the next couple of weeks.
At 3:23am on September 28, 2007, Volora Howell said…
Count me too Dave.
At 2:16am on September 24, 2007, Amybeth Hale said…
Count me in if you need more testers (which I'm sure you probably don't!)
At 12:18am on September 24, 2007, Suzy Tonini said…
Love the Moo card and I am ready to help alpha/beta testing any time.I thrive in that stuff!
At 5:44pm on September 17, 2007, James Guske said…
The product is "PureDiscovery." It is a search engine using inferences based on semantic organization of keyword tags of Internet links. It learns and it is quite amazing from what I saw. I love Dave's title on his business card: "CEO/Big Cheese."
At 2:40pm on September 17, 2007, Marie Journey said…
Brilliant Dave! If you need any additional beta testers - let me know :)
At 2:36pm on September 17, 2007, Slouch said…
what product are we talking about?
At 2:31pm on September 17, 2007, Mike Notaro said…
The concept and execution of your product looks absolutely incredible! Bravo! And quite the fun presentation at that =]
At 4:12pm on September 10, 2007, Dave Copps said…
I'm honored. Thanks for creating it. Some really great discussions going on here. You have the opportunity to make areal difference.
At 3:38pm on September 10, 2007, Slouch said…
Hi Dave, Thanks for Joining RecruitingBlogs.com


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