Talent 42: Initiating Contact with Passive Talent via Social Media

Initiating Contact with Passive Talent via Social Media

Carmen Hudson Recruiting Blogs and Sourcing Webinar: Talent 42
Social media sites are a great way to generate lists of passive candidates.  But what do you do when all you have is a name?  And what's the best way to reach out to someone you don't know?  How do you get more candidates to respond to your calls and emails.  
In this fun session, Carmen Hudson will walk you through how she researches (some might say "stalk") passive talent, how to find contact info and how to follow up to get results.
In this webinar you will learn 5 key things:
  1. How to identify your target leads
  2. How to leverage free tools to learn essential search information on your lead
  3. How to dig deep on your targets and not be a "stalker"
  4. How to contact and what to do during your contact with your lead
  5. Free tools and techniques to communicate with and close your leads

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