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Scorpio & Cancer Zodiac Signs are Next to Rule the World

While it’s difficult to estimate how many of us believe in astrology, research suggests that 90% of adults know what their zodiac sign is. For many of us, astrology brings great comfort to us as we try to understand the uncertainty and chaos in the world with a greater understanding of celestial navigation. Whether you’re…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!!Stachshare!!

Stackshare is a Open Source Software as a Service (SaaS) and developer tool site. By developers for

developer ranked by developers. Stackshare is a little-known site and few have tried to source in it.

Well to do this without worry you need gono further than into your bag of tricks and pull out an…


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Picking the right Supply Chain Recruiting Firm

Selecting the right supply chain headhunter or recruiting firm or can be a daunting task these days as there are so many firms to choose from plus each firm is unique in terms of specialization, service offerings, markets and industries served, etc. The consequences of hiring the…


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HR Tech in COVID's New Normal, Week of Sept 23rd

Returning to office during Covid-19 pandemic

Each week we highlight a few of the most interesting HR Tech stories that our readers should be aware of.

This week we're covering the continued release of HR tech solutions during the new normal, even amidst calls for the return to the office.

From diversity and inclusion initiatives to employee engagement tools, the COVID-19 pandemic hasn’t slowed the rapid pace of HR innovation as we inch nearer to Q4 of 2020.…


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Digital Recruitment Strategies for Hiring the Best Tech Talent

Recruiters today perhaps hold one of the most critical and challenging roles in the organization. With thousands of new jobs emerging owing to rapid technological change and consequent scarcity of good technical talent, attracting and hiring quality talent is a…


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Top Tips When Writing a Resignation Letter in 2020 and 2021

Offer to assist with the transition

Always offer the employer or manager assistance with transitioning the job duties and responsibilities to another colleague or a new hire. Place this question within the resignation letter's second or third paragraph. And include an offer to help with the transition inside the resignation…


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Starbucks Interview Questions

Why do you want to be a Starbucks barista?

Answer: I love coffee. I’ve enjoyed coffee for almost my entire life. And the art of it is something I appreciate. There are subtle differences in the way that coffee can be prepared. And this is what makes every single cup special.

What part of our core values do you resonate…


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The 10 Basics of Writing a CV - To Help You Land Your Next Career.

A CV commonly contains the following information:

  • Contact information or resume header
  • Education
  • Relevant experience
  • Research interests
  • Publications
  • Presentations
  • Honors and awards
  • References
  • Professional…

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10 Weaknesses to Use for the "Strengths and Weaknesses" Interview Question

1. I can be too detail-oriented.

Sample answer: “I can find myself getting too heavily involved in the details of a project. While this is an indicator of my passion for the project, I can spend too much time focusing on the minor details and forget about the holistic needs of the team.”

2. I can care a little too much about our…


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15 Inspirational Quotes to Use at Work to Motivate Employees or Colleagues

Inspirational quotes can be a great way to motivate a colleague, employee, or friend at work. Below are the top 15 inspirational quotes for work taken from the careers website

Our favorite motivational quote and favorite quote for inspiring great work out of a person or employee.



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7 Common Resume Summary Writing Mistakes YOU CANNOT afford to make!

Writing a long story

A resume objective should be three to five sentences, equaling a paragraph at most. A long story describing previous life and current life is going to make for a much longer paragraph. This will distract from the other sections on the resume that are vital to the hiring manager.

Balance the resume objective out…


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The 5 Must Read HRTech Stories from This Week

Six Months of COVID-19 Later, Where Are We Now?

Woman working with mask during Covid-19

HCM Technology Report looks back at where we started and where we are now as a workforce during a pandemic. Work days…


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5 Major Things Recruiters Need To Know About Diversity Hiring

Recruiters need to understand that a high-quality workforce is significant to any company. Confusion and concern arise only when you provide employees that the company is unable to retain and your employee-retention graph starts falling way down expectation. Diversity is really important in case of hiring since it provides certain tangible benefits to the company. For example, once a company starts expanding globally, being able to understand and being able to reach out to a wider…


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Innovating Education Access Norms: Income-Sharing Agreements

Access to good education is critical to the overall development of a human being. And that’s true to any person on the planet, across geographies. Besides, access to education decides our earning power, or the ability to earn a livelihood. The future of your next three to four generations depends on what level of education you acquire today. And hence, access to world-class education becomes of paramount importance. But then, the biggest problem with having access to higher education is the…


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Varied Job Roles Associated With a Big Data Career

In the past few years, a plethora of data science job roles have originated, but it’s really difficult to differentiate among them distinctly. Besides, the skill set required is different for different data science job roles. For big data aspirants, fortunately, the job market had kept hot in the past several years, given the unprecedented rise in the generation of digital data. As a matter of fact, 90% of all the world’s data has been produced in the last two years alone. Herein, we will be…


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Art of Recruiting: Think like a Marketer to Attract Best Talent

Gone are the days when the recruitment process revolved around referrals and newspaper advertisements. With the growing accessibility of the internet, the recruitment industry witnessed a drastic change. It has become a convoluted and multi-step process to hire a qualified candidate for the right position. Talent acquisition and high volume recruiting…


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The 5 secrets to a great workplace induction process

Death, taxes and staff turnover. Nowadays, whatever your industry, it’s a fact of business life that employees will come and other employees will go. The good news is it’s a situation that can be harnessed by senior managers and HR to inject new energy and ideas, inspiring your team to even greater heights. Yet it also has the potential to be disruptive.…


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Ready to Initiate the Digital Transformation in Your Organization?

The pandemic COVID-19 is the biggest challenge of our lifetime, but there is also a positive side to this pandemic. It has accelerated the digital transformation across every industry. Organizations have started investing heavily in remote working and ensuring that employees can work from their home productively.

In a truly short time, organizations and employees face…

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A Clever Way to Save Money on HR Software

I had the pleasure of talking to Dan Cmejla the other day about his journey to purchase a new enterprise collaboration platform.  This was Dan’s first big business software purchase, and it was interesting to hear how he went about it.

HR Software comparison spreadsheet

At the end of the conversation I’d learned a really valuable nugget that I wanted to share with our readership.  Specially, he’d managed to get nearly every single…


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Interview Invitation Email Sample: Essential Tips To Win Top Talents

So, your job advertisement has done its function to bring back qualified candidates. You have also scheduled further interviews for potential employees. Now is the time to reach out, discover, and make a decision on the best fit for the position. It is never a waste to make an effort to craft an effective interview invitation email. A successful interview invitation email helps recruiters to save time and improve the candidate experience.…


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