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Finding Work in Thailand

For many people, Thailand is just a country to go on vacation. For others, however, it is a place to live as an expat and find work. If you are the latter, you are in luck: Thailand is one of the most friendly and welcoming countries when it comes to foreigners looking for work. Most of the jobs exist in teaching English as a foreign language, but many opportunities exist for those who want to work in other industries such as tourism or IT. In fact, there is a huge variety of different jobs…


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How to both keep your hospitality staff and keep them happy

The hospitality industry is facing a crisis of staffing. According to The Morning Advertiser, the hospitality industry’s yearly staff retention sits at 70%, but the UK average is 85%. This is supported by a survey from restaurant equipment supplier, Nisbets, where it was revealed that hospitality…


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Encouraging Learning from Mistakes in E-Learning

Mistakes are a part of learning. If your learners have never make a mistake, then it is likely that the material was not sufficiently advanced or challenging. And yet, despite this,…


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Lead Generation Recruitment: SSG Knows

ssg knows recruiting for lead generation header

Lead generation is a relatively new role in the marketing field, and as organizations are learning the value lead generation specialists add, the demand for these professionals is increasing. One of the challenges for companies looking to onboard a lead…


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The Change Maestro Daily Tweet

Are your customer’s part of your improvement process? if not why not? #TheChangeMaestro #TLSContinuum

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The Secret of Conducting Great Job Interviews

What is the secret of conducting great job interviews? Discover in this article!  

What is the secret of conducting great job interviews?

A lot has been…


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The Data-Driven Approach in Recruitment

Can data ever go wrong?

No, data tells the truth.

Data is unstoppable! Data is everywhere! Before I begin to write on this topic, watch this amusing video and feel the power of data.

Imagine the potential of data; you can know a person through analytics and statistics without even meeting him. That…


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Post Sourcecon Atlanta Fall 2018 Day 2 MAIN SESSIONS!!

Day 2 Main Sessions, first up Marishsa Cannon; Leveraging your Growth Hacking. So she mentions some Daily Downloads site you should get to stay on top of Things; ERE, RecruitmentBuzz, RecruitingDaily, and Owler. Also Some tools; Timer Tab, Google Timer Muzzle, rescue time, writewords, and Grammerly.…


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Career Development: How a Trade Can Bless Your Life

Having a successful and enriching career can provide you with a sense of purpose that can motivate you daily. If you want to enjoy a daily existence that’s satisfying in every possible way, then you need to be equipped with a trade. Working on a career can contribute to feelings of confidence and…


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Find Phone Numbers by Googling for ☎, ☏, or ✆

Did you know that Google can search for symbols - including these: ☎, ☏, and ? We can use this capability to look for publicly posted phone numbers. Use an area code to find phone numbers in a target location.

Here is an example:…


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Let’s talk about mental health

Mental health issues can affect anyone at any stage of their lives, with 1 in 4 people being affected annually. In an office of 40, that’s 10 people struggling every year. It’s becoming increasingly clear that as employers, we need to take responsibility and pay more attention to the mental and physical well-being of our people. At ISL, we’re proud to be recognised as a…


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How to Use Social Media for Recruitment and Retention

The reason behind the ground-breaking popularity of social media is its interactive character. Today, billions of people are communicating through various social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, LinkedIn, Snapchat, etc. But more than that, due to its profound efficacy, social media is being used as a tool by businesses, organizations,…


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Have you been researching about business strategic plans and approaches? Are you trying to figure out how it’s done and owe to use it in the regular tasks? Are you confused whether a strategic planning course or a strategic planning certification program will help you or not?

Well, you’re not the only one.

In the fast-paced marketplace, everyone is looking to get that extra edge, that extra something over everyone else in the market. And when it comes to…


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The Most Important Benefit for an Employee is Investing in their Future

The most meaningful benefit from the workplace that an employee can receive is the chance to grow as professionals through professional training programs and the method in which corporations ensure their employees are armed with the latest tools and technologies to not just grow in their chosen career, but also take the organization forward into the future. Learning and development is more important than ever before for the modern professional, and with rapid advancements across major…


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It’s an all too typical situation. Your candidate accepts your offer, they get excited about the new job, and they go to see their boss to resign. Then….. BUY-BACK happens. 

Always a hot topic, buy-back is a nightmare when it happens, but it is also one of the potential pitfalls of the offer management…


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The Change Maestro's Daily Tweet

Are you asking every day How does this {process, procedure, action, initiative, project, policy} help the organization achieve its business objective? #TheChangeMaestro…


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How to Keep Applicants Interested in Working for You

There are times when you only have one opening but have interviewed multiple outstanding candidates. A decision has to be made and you’ll only be able to hire one. So what do you do with the candidates that you don’t choose? How do you make them feel good about your company, so that they…


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Form a Concrete Impression Through an Attractive Professional CV

As it is said, ‘first impression is the last impression’ – same is the concept applied by the recruiters who are responsible of hiring new staff in their company. Every recruiter has a similar mindset or the criteria that needs to be fulfilled by the individuals giving the interview.…


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Protecting Your Employees And Property With These Simple Safety Measures

Introduction: Keeping Your Employees Safe

Your employees are important to you and your business. That's why it's crucial to care about their safety and make it one of your top priorities. Your employee should never feel unsafe while they're at work. Unfortunately, we live in a world where anything can happen at any time. That's why it's key to take proactive measures to ensure that there are safety measures implemented at your workplace at all…


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3 Additions To Make Your Workplace More Appealing

In recent years, many prominent companies have taken steps to make their workplaces more employee-friendly, with the result being that more employees and clients now view a trip to the office as being a more positive experience.…


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