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Hire with confidence: How to Conduct an Employer Background Check

So you did it. After much searching and interviewing you seem to have found the perfect job candidate — now what? Well, if you’re like 95 percent of employers, you’re about to confirm their employment with the last and final step of the vetting process: the background check.

If you mention employment background screening to the…


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5 Common Performance Management Challenges

A performance management system helps in managing employee performance effectively and also engaging them to increase productivity. The performance management system has progressed over the years, and today, the system focuses on retaining talents, employee development, innovation, and nurturing future leaders.

Here are 5 common…


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Forging Ahead: How to Become an Excellent Entrepreneur

Entrepreneurship has tons of benefits. You’re able to create your own schedule, find your own clients and work on your own terms. Plus, there’s really no cap on how much you can make. The sky is the limit. However, it’s one of the hardest jobs you’ll ever take on. If you want to make sure you forge ahead in spite of the challenges that arise, consider some of…


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How to Relax Yourself after a Relocation

Home shifting can be very much stressful many things go into it. Even if you have consigned the entire packing and moving job to reliable packers and movers, you still have the number of responsibilities to handle.

You should transfer your gas and telephone to your new home, notify friends and neighbours regarding the move, clean up your old house of the mess that would otherwise be left behind, arrange for the moving of your family members, take care of the baggage in your care…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Moonlight Work!!

Moonlight is a professional network of remote software developers. Companies join the

membership to get access to vetted engineers and designers, and hire them as contractors

or full-time employees. Developers apply to find  remote work opportunities and engage with

the community. Moonlight Work Network is…


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The Cost Per Hire Nuance Your Recruiting Team Doesn't Appreciate

Most talent acquisition teams are familiar with cost per hire. It's a core metric for understanding the efficiency of your recruiting function, and is simply calculated as the total recruiting budget divided by the total number of hires your organization has made.

Cost per hire will include things like third party recruiters, job board spend, technology (ATS, assessment, etc), internal recruiters, career site CMS, and everything else that goes towards meeting your hiring…


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Top 5 Recruiting Trends in 2021

Recruitment is about creativity these days, where trends keep changing every year. Today is the era of millennials who merely accept jobs; they are selective for organizations and profiles they want to work. It is not all about you searching for talent, but instead, they are searching for you!…


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Midlife Career Change

2020 Career Change

​You may not have been lucky enough to choose the right career from the beginning. You might wonder if there’s still time. Yes, there’s still time, but it’s important to make an effective plan for a …

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In order to bring about true continuous process improvement you need to get out of your comfort zone and look at the real world.

In our book Reality, Perception and your Workplace Culture I discussed this point in detail. It becomes a case of looking at the world from the image in the mirror or looking at the world from what you see looking out the window.

To bring about genuine process improvement you need to be able to see the world from the point of view of the customer. Your customer sees the world as having a problem and it directly effects how they interact with…


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How to Build a Strong Organizational Culture

Throughout time, global cultures have shifted, splintered, uprisen, and altered in myriad ways to reflect the values of their people. From a business perspective, how does this translate to the workplace? Organizational culture is a system of shared values that can shape employees’ performance, behavior, and beliefs.

However, it’s not a stale system. We like how leadership author Abdi Osman Jama put it:…


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Advice on the Optimal HR Career Path

I was having a conversation with someone in HR a few weeks ago and they asked me a very pointed question: what is the best career path to take if I want to get to the CHRO/Chief People Officer role in the next few years?

The world of HR is evolving quickly. We had a 10 year aggressive decrease in unemployment followed by the chaos of COVID. There is a newfound emphasis on HR (or People Operations as I like to call it), as well as talent acquisition. The US economy continues to be…


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Can employees sue over Covid-19?

If someone returns to work and becomes sick and dies because of unsafe working conditions or due to contact with a Covid-19 infected co-worker or customer then, it’s a good chance that the surviving family members will sue their loved one’s employer.

Its already happened at Walmart, Safeway and Tyson…


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The Impact of Recruitment Analytics to Improve Hiring

Every employer is looking for excellent talent, which provides their company an edge over the competition. The world of the recruitment industry changing fast, and attracting the right candidates is one of the most significant challenges for HR managers. They waste their precious time and energy screening through job applications.

Since there are many opportunities for job seekers, they can apply for jobs on job sites, social media platforms, and many other online…


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HR Tech on Our Radar: June 2020

Welcome to our new monthly series, HR Tech on Our Radar, where we will highlight various companies that have caught our attention.

Different companies need different service offerings, and if there’s one thing for sure, it’s that you have a lot of choices when it comes to HR Tech. Whether your company is a relatively new startup or a larger company looking for a better fit, we hope our features will be a starting point toward getting the right solutions in place.

This month, we…


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What a Good Business Strategist Must Know

The typical modern organization must navigate a number of challenges in the course of its day-to-day work. These stem from the uncertainty of future events in the business environment, such as new products and methods of production, or the actions of customers and employees or the organization. 

This brings about the need for a proper roadmap discussing the mission, vision, and overall direction of the organization. Such a roadmap builds on the strengths of the organization and…


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How to Prepare Yourselves Against AI and Job Automation

Do you know that Google Assistants can make real human-like calls to book services, make appointments, and everything else that an assistant does? If you know, you will realize the potential artificial intelligence brings to the table.  

 This example looks promising and gives us a glimpse of the future, but it is also worrisome at the same time. While AI professionals are basking in the glory of new-found demand, others are not so fortunate.…


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5 Factors that Define the New Normal After COVID-19

Millions of jobs and companies have been staggered due to nationwide lockdown. Undoubtedly, the economy will rise again, and organizations will resume. In this, the overall recruitment industry is set to undergo changes post normalization and find a few innovative ways to attract, hire, and retain new talent.

What I believe is that there is a gap between new business needs and talent management. To remove this gap, AI-based talent management platforms would play a pivotal…


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Key Features of HRMS

Key Features of HRMS Software

Having the right HR software for your business can be a game changer.  But more often than not, the choices can be overwhelming--particularly for human resource teams trying to wade through tech-heavy specs and options while also managing employee relations issues, open enrollment, and everything else on your plate!

To help your HR team in their research process, we wanted to lay out the key features of HR management systems…


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How to source on the lesser known sites!! Podnetwork!!

The POD Network is North America’s largest educational development community,

supporting more than 1,400 members representing every US state and more than 30

countries, to develop professionally through meaningful and sustained interaction.  The POD

Network is a little-known site and few have tried to source in it. Well to…


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Are the world's hardest working countries the least happy?

Many of us have stayed later at work to meet a tight deadline or finish a large project — but would we work frequent unpaid hours? Have you considered the toll this can have on your mental health and wellbeing? It is well established and commonly known across the world that work-related stress is a huge contributor to work absence. Therefore,…


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