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Top 7 Hiring Trends in the Middle East for 2022

As businesses worldwide recover from the pandemic, the UAE job market is humming with hiring activity. The salaries in the UAE are expected to increase by 5% across all sectors.

As per…


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What You Need to Be a Good Exterminator

When you offer extermination services in the local area, it's important to improve your skills and customer service to remain competitive in the industry. There are many ways you can stand out and attract more customers as you service different types of residential and commercial…


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How To Choose a Recruiter (For Client Companies)

The Headhunting/Recruiting Industry has been around (unofficially) for thousands of years. For example, even ancient armies probably needed to find recruits to serve as warriors, and almost all religions had similar representatives whose function it was to find new acolytes, converts, devotees, etc., as well as to renew the faith of former adherents. I would suggest that Recruiting is probably the second oldest…


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USAII™ and AIEthics.World Organize a Two-Part Global Conference on Emerging AI Opportunities, AI Ethics, and Myths

Stamford, CT, Aug 15, 2022 – A two-part global conference is being organized jointly by the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) certification body the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII™ and the global leader in AI Ethics, AIEthics.World on Aug 24 and Aug 31, 2022. Part one of the online conference will be held…


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How Can University Help Kick-Start Your Career

Over the course of the pandemic, universities saw a rapid increase in applicants through the Clearing process. UCAS reported that a record number of 82,915 hopefuls got places through Clearing in 2020. 24,755 were first-time applicants directly through the process. With so many…


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What Training do You Need to Successfully Manage An Exit Plan?

Starting a business is an exciting life chapter, but that’s not to say there are no risks. Whether it’s new to you or you’ve had plenty of experience in the past, it’s important to carefully consider what you need to ensure that you reach your potential.

Thankfully, an exit plan prepares you for any difficulties you could face in the long run. In this article, we will explore the topic of business exit plans and how they can help you.

What is a business exit…


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Three Key Benefits of Having a Diverse Workforce

Following Pride Month and the criticism of businesses that changed their logo to the Pride flag without any meaningful action or diversity-led policies, it’s time for organisations to understand the importance of diversity and inclusion in their hiring practices. But if your business has never really focused on equality and diversity, what are those benefits?

Here, we’ll delve into the benefits a…


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Cosmetic Nursing Jobs Worth Looking Into

If you have a passion for nursing, there are many types of jobs available where you can provide care to different types of patients. Although the most popular type of nursing job is working in some form of medical facility, cosmetic nursing jobs are also available where the…


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Dealership offers supported internships

The dealership has welcomed four students to join and contribute to the business over the course of a school year, allowing them to develop their practical, personal and business skills within a professional setting.

The programme is for students with special educational needs who are looking to transition out of education into employment. The programme aligns with Jardine Motors Group’s mission to create…


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Careers in Sports: Which Jobs Can You Pursue With a Sports Science Degree?

Whether they’re sprinting across a racetrack or scoring a commendable goal, many people idolise sports stars. Considering their esteemed position within popular culture and the exuberant wages that come with it, it’s no wonder so many children consider athletes their role models.

But what about the sports careers that don’t feature in the news?

This article will explore some of the behind-the-scenes jobs you can aim for…


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Active Listening Examples

Developing listening as a…

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Listening as a Skill

If you want to know how to become an active listener you will need to learn certain traits about listening as a skills. Listening…

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Which Degrees Can Help You Progress in Your Hands-On Career

Higher education is becoming increasingly popular. So far in 2022, 320,000 sixth form students have already applied for university courses starting in September. This is 14,000 more than the previous year and 50,000 more than 2019. But does the rising number of applicants suggest a university education is essential?

You can, of course, have a successful…


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Which Business Degrees Can Help You Further Your Career?

There are many courses and degrees that can help you develop within your role, no matter what career path you choose.

In this article, we’ll break down how an MBA plays a large role within business, as well as some job roles where having one is a necessity.

The importance within the business sector

Within business structures, roles that are further up the chain of command will require the skills that you got while studying for your MBA. These vary from taking charge of…


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The Impact of Negative Manual Labour Stigmas on Employment

Construction and labour contributes to a huge portion of the UK’s economy and workforce, with the government estimating that 3.1 million people are employed in the sector. Though we have seen a lot of the previous negativity aimed at the industry begin to dissipate, there is still a staggering number of…


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USAII™ Partners with PwC’s Academy to expand AI skill-development in the Middle-East

Stamford, CT, Aug 04, 2022 PwC’s Academy, the Talent and Skills development business of PwC Middle East, has recently signed a contract of partnership with the world’s leading Artificial Intelligence (AI) Certifications provider the United States Artificial Intelligence Institute (USAII™) to expand AI skill development in the middle-east regions.

A report…


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6 Ways to Upgrade Your At-Home Workspace

Working from home may have begun as a temporary measure, but as we move into 2022, it’s becoming apparent that businesses are going to incorporate home working into their long-term plans. Though the work-from-home order has been lifted in England, many businesses and employees have embraced the benefits of a hybrid work schedule. Some have even decided to shift permanently to remote working.

You may have set up your home…


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How Can Business Leaders Improve Digital Experiences in the Workplace?

Implementing digital transformation into your business is essential for success. But with technological advancements dominating the business world, it’s important to assess the digital additions within your company to discover if they are making the expected improvements.

As a business leader, you may wonder where to start. Here, we explore five ways to improve digital experiences in the workplace.

Provide training on digital tools

There are…


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These Mistakes Turned into Miracles

These Mistakes Turned into Miracles…


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Here's How You Can Attract Top Talents In 2021

The ongoing COVID-19 pandemic is one of the most severe crises that humanity has ever grappled with. The pandemic has had a negative impact across all industries, bringing the economy down and coinciding with recruitment and appraisals. It is an indisputable fact that the pandemic has and will continue to change the way organizations and businesses have been operating so far. However, with the hopes of a vaccine entering the global market, the economy is slowly…


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