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Virtual Career Fair: Definition, Best Practices and Case Studies

The unprecedented pandemic Covid-19 leading to worldwide quarantine has created a visible shift in how businesses operate. As the world’s entering the “New Normal” and everything is slowly shifting to an online model now, recruiting is no exception. In case you are in need of a solution for online recruiting, a virtual career fair is the way to go.

Virtual recruiting, at heart, strikes a lot of similarity to…


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Digital Marketing Trends and How to Decide Which Can Help Your New Business

Data confirms the effectiveness of digital marketing, especially when you take into consideration the low cost. You will likely pay less than now and see a greater return on your investment.

If you haven't adjusted your small business's…


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Racism in Recruitment: Review Your Current Recruiting Process and 6 Steps to Remove Unconscious Bias

The recent killing of George Floyd has instigated anti-racism protests across the U.S. and in over 60 countries in the following days. Racism is always a sensitive problem, and today, it has become a delicate topic more than ever in recruitment.

As the human rights activist Archbishop…


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Beyond the Coolness Factor: Why Staffing Firms Should Reconsider Their Technology Priorities

By Andy Wigderson on

A recruiter’s success depends largely on candidate and client satisfaction, which is why …


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How To Parse Information From My Résumé

Resume Parsing Definition: What is resume parsing?

Resume parsing converts free-form resume information into structured data for storage, reporting, and analysis by a computer program. Skimming manually through a resume to find the best candidates is a traditional and time-consuming process. Resume parser helps the hiring team…


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Crucial aspects & top salaries of a senior data scientist

The demand for data science experts is expected to grow by at least 19 percent in 2026.

  • Burning Glass

Data science is a rapidly blossoming field in the current world. Today almost all industries are using data science in many shapes or forms. This resulted in the demand for data professionals who have the skills to solve the problems that are related to data and help drive the business to success.

The data…


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Tips for Finding Experienced Salespeople to Add to Your Team

In the 21st century, more and more companies are turning to online sales to reach out to their target audience. There are numerous benefits that come with hiring salespeople. They can provide a lot of value to achieve higher revenue. But if you are just starting out, it might be…


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How to Deal With Job Search Depression

Job searching can be depressing sometimes. What can be irritating sometimes is the anxiety that is built through the suspense of waiting. Just waiting for feedback either today, tomorrow, next month or never.

Sometimes its so demotivating when you send so many applications and get no feedback, even for jobs where you felt that you are lowering yourself. Now you are demotivated, unemployed and broke! Whilst recruiters are taking their sweet time to schedule the interview, your rent is…


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“What” , “Why” and “How” of employee engagement software

Employee engagement software has gained immense attention in recent times. With the pandemic, employee engagement became a challenging task. As remote mode of work diminishes the scope of interaction within office premises. In such a situation, the human resource team needs to invest more effort to encourage employee engagement. …


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4 Ways You Can Start Quickly Attracting Seasonal Workers for Your Business

Many employers are struggling to find qualified employees right now. Because of this, a lot of them are already trying to recruit seasonal workers so that they can ensure that they have enough employees for upcoming rushes. If you are looking for seasonal workers as well, here are…


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Which Businesses Require a Specialist Vehicle

Many different businesses require different kinds of vans.  Needs vary across industries, with some businesses carrying out specialist tasks or managing loads too heavy for a panel van – some need custom vehicles for specialist tasks that a standard panel van cannot meet.

But, if you’re considering starting your own business, how do you figure out…


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5 Types of Degrees for a Career in Marketing

"Marketing" is a much broader field than some people think. It's not all coming up with catchy slogans or designing new labels for products. The field of marketing is as diverse as the array of products and services available in the marketplace. One thing all marketing careers have in common, however — they almost certainly require a degree. But which degree should you choose to pursue if you want a career in marketing? That's the good news — you have a lot of options to choose…


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Hilti and Sotech Form New Rainscreen Cladding Partnership

Earlier this year, UK rainscreen cladding specialist Sotech and the international engineering company Hilti confirmed a new partnership to provide a more complete offering to architects, contractors and installers specifying rainscreen cladding across the…


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How to Improve Business Insights

By Bobby Bartlett

The Problem

When I talk to staffing organizations, the most common pain I hear is that their technology stack is not able to deliver real-time insights into critical aspects of their business. The results of this are…


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How to source on the lesser known Site!! Muck Rack!!

Muck Rack Build media relationships, collaborate from anywhere, & measure success all in one place. Powered by the industry's most accurate media database. Advanced media search. Muck Rack is not a well known site and as such few have tried to source in it.

Well to do this without…


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The Relevance of Equality and Diversity in Trade Roles

It is obvious that views in society have changed significantly in the last 35 years, particularly in the last decade. A poll conducted by Sky News in 2019 revealed that in 1984, 42 per cent of people felt that the role of “breadwinner” should be filled by men, while women should take the role of “homemaker”. 35 years later, this idea had radically…


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How to Become a Medical Assistant in a Changing Industry

One of the most popular and rewarding careers in the medical field is medical assisting. It has become more and more popular in recent years as people realize that it requires minimal education and reaps maximum salary perks. The real reason to choose medical assisting as your career, though, is because it is a career in which you can provide medical care to…


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4 Ways to Continue Your Education as an Insurance Professional

So you're an excellent insurance professional. You have done your licensing and earned the credentials necessary in order to perform your job to the best of your ability. Well, there's still room for improvement isn't there? The insurance industry is constantly changing and if you continue your education throughout your career, you are likely to be more…


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Parse Scanned Resumes With RChilli OCR Technology

Recruiters receive hundreds of CVs in various formats daily, but most of them are not always readable or searchable. A significant chunk for recruiters is the scanned resumes which are a challenge for recruiters. 

What would…

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Are The Days Of Manual Attendance Gone? What’s Next?

Tracking attendance and time is imperative for all organizations, no matter what their size is or what method they use to calculate the salary. Manual attendance is now becoming a thing of the past as more and more companies are realizing that it is a waste of resources and time. Additionally, calculating the salary and payroll of every employee in the organization manually is bound to result in an error. Due to this, the company might end up overcompensating employees, and this can not only…


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