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​Large Corporate Transactions: How to Staff Up for Success

Over the last two decades, the financial sector in Scotland has witnessed many large-scale corporate actions. Acquisitions, mergers, outsourcing, insourcing, transformational business wins – they have combined to fundamentally reshape companies and the way they do business.

With more high profile consolidation set for this year, the role of…


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Reducing Time to Hire: How Long Is Your Piece of String?

Everyone knows the recruitment process is getting longer and longer, particularly within the financial sector. 

And everyone recognises the problems that come with such a protracted process: rising costs and…


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Graduates: Benefits of Using a Recruitment Consultancy

Securing a job after graduation is a daunting task. The opportunities seem endless, but how do you find the career of your dreams? Job hunting is difficult to begin with, but with no experience and limited advice, the task can seem impossible. 

It may be difficult, but it’s easier than you think.

With the help of a…


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HR Certification – Your Gateway to Success

There is a dramatic rise in the demand for HR professionals who are not only well-versed with the latest tools and technology but are also certified. Yes, as the recruiters and hiring managers have realized the importance and benefits of certifications in human resources, the demand is rising.

So if you are seeking a career in human resources or…


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Technical tests: a valuable interview tool or a talent deterrent?

Technical tests; a common part of the interview process for many companies, but are they adding value to your process or deterring top talent from applying to your roles?

Do they provide employers with the insight they need? Do they enhance the interview experience for the candidate? We’ve weighed up the pros and cons of this interview tool to…


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Self-teaching vs Degree – which is the best route into programming?

You want a job in programming. How are you going learn to code? Is it best to teach yourself or to study a related degree like computer science? We weigh up the pros and cons of each to help you decide which route into programming is best for you.



 Flexibility- When…


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Candidate Cold Calls Revisited: Making Every Call A Great Call

Recently, I had the distinct pleasure of delivering a presentation at the American Staffing Association’s Annual Staffing World Expo in Washington, D.C. I gave a talk entitled, “Going Old School – The Art & Science of Making Every Call A Great Call.”

The basic premise of my program was that recruiting has always been a communications…


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LinkedIn Search Operators

LinkedIn has documented the operators firstname:, lastname:, title:, company:, and school:. They are redundant because we can search using the relevant textboxes. But it turns out there are many more search operators that work on LinkedIn.

Below is a list of LinkedIn search operators that work with any basic or…


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How to Recruit Like a Marketer?

If you want to be a successful recruiter, you should learn how to think like a marketer!

Why do recruiters need to start thinking more like marketers?…


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Career Satisfaction: Does company size matter?

Is it better to work for a small or a large company? This is an important question when considering changing jobs. To help answer, we spoke to two people who have worked for both, each with slightly different experiences.

For anonymity purposes, we’ll name them Aidan, who has recently moved from a large to a small company, and Emma, who has…


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Yearly Roundup of ATS Market 2018

As the year 2018 is about to end, I thought of reviewing how the year remained for applicant tracking systems so far. I know we all are curious to know how the ATS market has performed in this year.

  • Which were the most popular ATS in 2018?
  • How did they rank according to their market share?
  • What were their major achievements?
  • What has been their growth rate?
  • What were the major acquisitions and new…

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Post Sourcecon Atlanta Fall 2018 The Rest!

So this will be the last of the Sourcecon Fall share back. Here I will hit all the rest  of the presentations, as it relates to tools, methods etc.

 Anonymous track- Test, validate and modify your searches. Outlook things you can do: Search, Assign, Embed Links, Templates, Macros. Chrome; Chrome Flags, Save Searches, backup and import. URL…


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How to Recruit Commercial Real Estate Solicitors in a Difficult Market

Commercial real estate solicitors are hard to find. This is a problem Scottish private practice law firms have been facing for decades.

With little sign that the recruitment of commercial property solicitors is set to ease, employers need to think more creatively. Simply holding out for a like-for-like hire may not be the best option.



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Ready to Sever Ties with Your Supervisor? 4 Careers That Let You Be Your Own Boss

If you are a person whose independent spirit leads you to think about self-employment each time your supervisor says or does something foolish, you are not alone. According to the United States Bureau of Labor Statistics, 9.6 million Americans were…


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What ATS/CRM is used most here?

At Excelon Associates we use JobAdder and think they're best.

Curious what everyone uses.

Added by Joshua I.M. Forman ✔️ on December 7, 2018 at 9:18am — No Comments

Up Against the Clock – 6 Productivity Hacks for Speedy Recruitment

When the countdown is on, and there’s a deadline looming, it often seems like the whole world is making a concerted effort to…


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How to get a job without experience in the UK

School leavers, graduates and the unemployed will apply for multiple roles before they are successful. Most receive lots of rejections, leading to loss of motivation and increased frustration. Often, the reason they cannot get a job is because so many employers ask for experience. What are you supposed to do?

Fear not. This article has…


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How to Succeed at an Assessment Centre

If you’ve just been invited to attend your first assessment centre, you may not know what to expect. The thought of being assessed for an entire day or more can feel daunting.

This article helps you understand what an assessment centre involves and how you can succeed.

What is an assessment centre?

An assessment centre is a stage…


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Tips for Running a Successful Executive Recruiting Firm

Recruiting is a tricky business, especially, if you are looking to recruit a top-notch executive for an extremely important position. Keeping that into consideration, I write this article today to offer some useful tips that you may follow when recruiting eminent executives.

Before enlightening you with the route to successful executive recruiting, here is an explanation of what that term actually means.

Executive Recruiting

It is a procedure in which…


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5 Must Have to Become a Full Stack Developer

Perhaps you can see that the term “Full Stack Developer” is pretty popular nowadays. Well, do you what exactly it is and how to become a full stack developer? Well, bring together all the skills relevant to a project or product development and handle it individually. That jack of all trades is what you would call a full stack…


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