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With over 340,000 unique visitors each month and a confirmed opt in community membership of more than 223,000 Recruiting and HR Professionals, Recruiting Blogs has evolved into one of the elite destinations to reach your target market.

Our members are active and take action. They click to feed their curiosity and they buy because they have a passion to have the best. Learn how you can reach our audience with the options below. Complete the form to the right to learn more or call us direct at (800) 424-9771.

Site Sponsorship

Want to get your company front and center of all traffic that comes to RecruitingBlogs?  Site sponsorship is for you.  We will site wrap your logo to cover the borders of all Recruiting Blogs pages. It's a great way to be sure that your content, event, trial offer or brand is seen by our community.

Video on the Home Page

Whether you want to promote your demo, your new product launch or your kids 1st birthday, RecruitingBlogs can feature a homepage video message for a preset amount of time.  Video is a big traffic source for our readers and yours will be seen by hundreds of thousands of professionals each and every month.

Member? Get 'Featured'

Want to build your own brand?  Want to become the next blogging success story that helps you land the next big thing?  RecruitingBlogs has given birth to many of the industries top bloggers.  Members have gone from staff recruiters to corporate talent acquisition directors!  Featured members receive more exposure for their dedicated blogging and topical conversations.  Heck, your here anyway, why not?!

Email Campaigns

If you have not heard of this new medium (snarky laugh) email is the way to get your message in front of our members inbox.  This is an easy and effective way to reach various segment sof our audience. Whether you need to reach the entire 220,000 + community members or a specific segment of 5,000 community members, we can help. We have a great bunch of industry people here, and whether you send a dedicated company message or sponsor a daily email, our subscribers will give you the advertising you are after.

Advertorial or Q&A

Want to see what folks really think?  An advertorial post with questions and answers will provide real time feedback. It's a direct link to the community with candid responses. Be prepared to respond. Our community is vocal and are always willing to share their opinions. But that's a great thing because our the majority of our members hold influence including buying within their organizations.

Resources Page

Here you can find the latest cutting edge research from the industry.  Work with our professional platform to get your whitepaper, webinars, and research viewed or downloaded.  Have a new idea you want to share?  Let Recruiting Blogs do the work for getting it the most wide angle view. We can give you serious exposure to more than 223,000 immediate members or we can expand your reach to our networks outreach partner.

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