Rocking Recruitfest - Tantalizing Toronto - Jubliant Jason - 2008 - Things I learnt!!!!!!!

First of all Hat's of to Jason for arranging such a wonderful event to get all the people with the same sync. under one roof. It's a thrilling experience to meet all the people in-person., whom we just know by their blogs, forums & their profile.

The event started with a casual get together with the morning breakfast., followed by Drumming Circle which basically teaches us how we can work as a TEAM, our Listening Capabilities, Multitasking.......

My Session with the Track Leader's:

Things I learn't.

1. Craig Silverman:
**Recruiter - Information Gathering/Archaelogist.
**Think always Big.
**Multiple Touch Parts - "7"
**Fill Ratio
**Job Order's-Flower's
**Recruitment Industry - 85% filled Internally - Only15% market share for Recruitment/Staffing firms.
**Year 2007 - The best time in the Recruitment Industry.
**Schedule a time for Business Development.
**Group Manager for "Independent Recruiter's Group" in ERE.
**Negotiating 5 Steps.....High to Low..
**(20) Questions Game.....Closed & Open...

2. Scott Love
**Why I want to choose your firm?.
**W.T.P - What's the Point?.
**What's the Benefit.
**So What?. - What's the Benefit of the Benfit?.
**So What?. - What's the value edition to me personally/personal life?.

SPIN - Spin Selling
**S- Situation

Relationship - Give & Take!
Bank - First comes the Deposit & the next comes the withdrawal.

Client Development.
1. Existing Client
2. Knows you.
3. Referred.
4. Knows of you.
5. Cold Calls.

What Unique Skill you got?.
-Special Knowledge.
-Follow-Up (Don't loose focus, Image, Response.)
-Quality-High Stds(Save time, ROI, Specific builds credibility)
-Expertise with Interpersonal Skills(Screen.)
-Connect with--(Influence.)

3. John Sumser
-Staying Fresh.(What makes you to stay fresh all the day?.- How do you beat the fatigue from the long day work.)
Taking a sip of coffee/taking a mini break/taking a nap in the afternoon/browsing
-What work's for you won't work for other's?. Why?.
-Zen Buddhism - Mediating in front of the wall. - Mind Works.
-Zen's Cone.
-Story of Little Lu.

4. Susan Burns.
The Future of Recruiting-Recruiting Road Map-2018.
Check the picture in the Photo Section - It will speak the volumes.

The first day event ended with a Bang at Jason's house where we had a Poker tournament, Magician card Tricks, a Blasting Music & Dance Party with mouth watering dishes from an expert chef.

The Second & Final day started with a Morning Yoga followed by a presentation on Personal Branding from owner Dennis Smith.
I like his unique way of presenting the facts with the Quotes & Statistics.
One quote is like this.....In 21st century people are more inclined towards to Social media networking rather than watching.....
The other one.....The way the society is going to treat you is how many people you know rather than how much you worth.......

The nostalgic event got to an end with the final moments of get-together and departing one by one.

It was once again really nice meeting people like Claudia, Maren, Rayanne, Susan Burns, Anna, Carolyn, Susan Kang Nam, Julia, Penny Goodman, Alex, Maha, Erika, Dawn Williams, Dave Mendoza, John Sumser, Recruiting Animal, David Perry, Jerry Crispin, Dennis Smith, Joel Cheeseman, Brian, Kalch, Anthony, Geoff, Craig Silverman, Scott Love, Adam, Brendan, David Jacks, Andrew, Jerry Albright & of course Jason as well.....Please apologise me If i missed any of your names who were in the Recruitfest.......

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Hey, Gopi - thanks for the update!

As miffed as I am for not being there I'm glad you and the others have come back with something for us all to share in.

Your pics are fantastic! You brought RecruitFest to me in a way I couldn't have gotten without your efforts. It really is appreciated.

Take care...
Hi Gopi, great post. I missed being able to sit in the sessions for any meaningful length of time. maybe the next one. Thanks for writing this.

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