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It's been a while since I contributed to recruitingblogs.com.  I stepped off from recruiting almost 2 years ago moving into Product Development and Project Management space.  Now that the economy is slowly getting back up to speed our business demand has increased dramatically.  

Our business delivery structure is comprised of a blend of US/Canadian Developers and Support developers from Argentina.  In recent years Argentina had a tremendous growth and that increased the cost of hiring talent in Buenos Aires and Cordoba.  

So the CEO reaches out to me and say's "hey you have a recruiting background... I need for you to find me 40 senior .NET/PHP/Java w/ MySQL developers and have them hired in 30 days outside of Argentina  in one of the nearby countries.  Salary requirements must be lower to that of  developers in Argentina. (Why LATAM? - same US time Zones and better communication than Indian developers fo sho)

Whoa!  What? Are you serious? - His answer "Just get it done"

Hmmm... well that leaves only one country really - Brasil - Cost Double than Argentina, Chile - out of the question since they have similar exchange rate to that of Brasil.  Uruguay - Forget it - limited talent and also expensive.

So that leaves me with Paraguay.  I don't know much about Paraguay but never thought that there would be a cluster of senior talent with those specific skill sets.  How am I going to get at least several hundred resumes within 2 weeks and have them pre-screened and Technical Test Administered?

I personally don't think it's possible to hire 40 Senior developers in an unknown country within 30 days.  

Anyone had a similar experience hiring a ton of personnel within 30 day's?  

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Dude - that sounds like fun!
Hey Jerry! been a long time... dude talk about mission impossible. I only have 15 resumes and I'm on day 4 of the search. Oh get this... no real job boards in Paraguay. It's like a full blown expedition like India Jones searching for those glowing stones. Kalima Kalimaaaa LOL. Would this be considered Jungle Recruiting?

Will have to inform the CEO that we are going to need more time and work with excisting teams to balance new client workload till we ramp up.

Jerry Albright said:
Dude - that sounds like fun!
Do a search in Argentina for a recruiting firm. Tell them your job depends on you hiring 40 people. Then post your resume on Monster!!!!

Good Luck!!!!

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