Today marks my 400th post in the Bonus Track Series. I have had the incredible opportunity to study our industry, do a little research, meet the best of the best, interview and write about a few of those best, look inside myself and try to find out and understand why I act and react the way I do, become better at what I do, and improve as a writer, recruiter, businessperson, mother, friend, and human being.

I love that I get to write every day.  I love that I get to discover a new way to think.  I love that I get to do it here on RecruitingBlogs.  This has been my writing home for three years.  The courage I have found, the stamina I have built, the catalog of work that grows daily, and the friends I have made.  

I blame Bonus Track for teaching me that I can do anything to which I set my mind.  So, I'll continue to write, for at this point, I am not really sure that I can stop.  I will continue to question what goes on around me and in our arena.  I hope that with this practice, my work improves and my mind stays sharp.

There are a few people that must be thanked.  Jason Davis aka Slouch has been so supportive over the years.  Thanks so much Jason. To John Sumser who challenged me from the very beginning when he leaned in and said that I would never be able to do it. My children allow me to retreat nightly to my computer behind closed doors, I couldn't ask for more.  And of course, if you read?  Thanks so much!  

When I started this project, I committed in my head to two full years.  I am three quarters of the way there; I will make it.  How can I stop now?  I would say it is not in my nature, but as a result of my commitment to Bonus Track, my nature has changed.  For the better.  And therein lies my purpose...


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Congratulations Rayanne. We've all enjoyed your work here. Keep it up!
Amazing Rayanne. Thanks for writing everyday. I remember when you came up with the idea. I remember going to Jamaica and being in a panic worrying about the posts and the setup of the posts. Silly me. Thanks again for everything and thanks for never missing a beat and a day of writing.
Congratulations on your 400th post. I have a career blog for my jobseekers. I Started 1 year ago.... for the first 6 months I was writing furiously. After 6 months my passion was there as was my desire to help my readers, but I wrote less and less as I worked with more people in different ways. I have developed great friendships through my blog but write 1x per week now.
My point is it's very difficult to keep up writing day in and day out. My hats off to you and your keep the fire burning.
You are the Cal Ripken of the Blogs....
Writer's block? What is writer's block? Great job, Rayanne!
Great milestone Rayanne, and thanks for sharing with us. It is much easier to start something than to finish it. Keep it up!
Congrats on #400. I appreciate your dedication, and especially your voice and your perspective. As a wise women told me: Don't Drink and Write! Keep'um coming.

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