There is so much to say and far more to do.




Two years ago, I proposed a plan to Jason Davis, who manages this community - that I would write a post every single work day - every day.  He accepted and took the terms with a grain of salt.  Knowing I was a faithful, committed recruiter, why should he have expected anything  less from my writing?  He knew my history and but neither one of us knew what we were ultimately facing and already living through:  economic grappling that brings change.


It has not been easy.  It has actually been one of the hardest things I have ever done, worked through, accomplished, fulfilled.  I love writing. I will probably never stop writing, ever.  I feel fortunate that writing has served me well, has driven my own personal development. Yes, it was necessary; much like the kid that has to run at top speed and cannonball into the pool - it just needed to be done.


I want, more than anything, for your firms, your businesses, your agencies to be successful.  That success may already be in place, it may begin today, or may take place tomorrow.   There are no people more committed to this business than those that seek improvement and help.  Or offer to assist and build up.


All I know is that, generally speaking, we are on the mend.  The mend is good.  New ideas abound, new softwares are being developed, new players are joining the game instead of leaving it. And there is a buzz in the air.   Life is as it should be: good


Join me in celebrating. 


Thanks to all.  500.  Whew.


I'll be posting some of personal blogging rules later today, maybe they'll help you or someone you know that has been wanting to start writing...  Make it a great day.

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Congratulations Rayanne!

Hi Rayanne


Congrats on achieving the milestone. Taking a minute to read your forum is a nice way to take a break and give the eyes a rest. Your efforts are appreciated! Please keep up the great work.



Quite an achievement! Congrats Rayanne!
Congrats, Congrats!
Thanks Rayanne for the great posts. I know how difficult it is to write knowing you have to write something and not knowing what to write but somehow coming up with something that makes you go hmmm and that makes the reader think. RecruitingBlogs is a better place because of all you have given and I want to say thanks for that.
Congrats! It really is an achievement to do this every day.

Congratulations - Dedication, passion and a bit of fun - all three ingredients are very much part of your writings, making for a good read.

So where to next?


Congrats, Rayanne.  Incredible accomplishment.  Keep it rolling!
Congrats RA.  There are few things in the life of a recruiter that are consistent.(  Unchanging in achievement or effect over a period of time).   My day starts with coffee and your post of the day.  The only two things in my life that are the same each day.  Thanks for a bit of consistent sanity.



This is really amazing.  I, for one, read your posts and I do enjoy them and get something out of them.  I certainly didn't read all 500, but my understanding and perspective on blogging has really evolved over the last couple of years.  I get the ongoing narrative thing and the value that brings to the table for the right audience.  It's not always about an earth shattering and thought provoking piece of work, but I've seen plenty of posts from you that come from that direction.  That's impressive.  Congrats.  I'm sure you've gotten a lot out of the experience and that it has been worth while.

Congratulations Rayanne! Kinda motivates me to write more.

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