I originally posted this as a blog though this may be better suited to go here - i apologize for the redundancy as I'm new to recruitingblogs. I have a position, it happens to be for a controller and i need someone with industry experience who is also a cpa and have gone through my database, linkedin and the job boards. What do you suggest I do next?



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Its time to get your sleuth on! Local CA association events, cold calling, names and their networks. Facebook... this is the time to get creative!
This is a perfect time to realize having a split partner or two that you can REALLY count on is one of a recruiter's biggest assets. Have you networked with your state associations or split trading network to find fellow recruiters who are normally your competition?
You are not really as dead in the water as it might seem. You have exhausted the easiest avenues in your arsenal.

Tip to tap into Jigaw, Zoominfo... remember 'everything' is on the internet..

You might want to even start looking into reverse engineering on your postings.. and most def start to network.. "keep your enemies closer" and you never know a friendly candidate trade might be in the cards

I posted a response on your other post so let me make this one short: get on the phone, get on the phone, get on the phone.
Yup.. time to get your CO2 on!
Sean - you said:
"'everything' is on the internet.."

You're kidding, right?
Do you have the job posted anywhere? Look into posting it at your local cpa society/association, if they charge it's usually minimal.

Have you sent out a 'who do you know' email to contacts in your database? send it to people that are above and directly below this level as they should know people. Take time to make the email compelling, point out what makes the opportunity and company stand out, even little things like subsidized parking, for example can make an impression.

Go to the boards and search references. Like with your database, send that email to people who are directly above or below the controller level, asking them 'who do they know'.

I've had tremendous success doing this....but when you do it on the boards, you also need to add a line saying something like, 'at this moment I don't have a search that matches your background exactly, but I'd love to keep you in mind for when something comes in, please let me know what your ideal position and salary range is and I will update my notes on you.' That way you are giving them something in return for their referral, and will have data to add to your database so that you can get back in touch when something surfaces for them.

And of course, as others have said, comb the internet for names, google is your friend! Then pick up the phone and call.

Good luck!
Hi Dave! You may want to contact the following source for a boost: Parker, Nakieta K CPA - Nakieta K Wilkens..(410) 602-2944 ..ask for referrals, etc. Used the services. Hope this helps..--- M
I know , I had someone I thought I could trust but later found out when I gave him jobs they turned into leads for another firm. I've been trying to work this avenue and am continuing to do so - it's all about finding someone who is good enough to have value and trusting enough also. Thanks for the suggestion.
I don't have a subscription to zoominfo and the free part seemed kind of worthless to me. I am networking mostly via linkedin and facebook. Thanks for the suggestions.
Thank you

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