What software program would you recommend for a recruiter just starting a home office? Something to monitor and build your database and track resumes??


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Bob... take a close look at cBiz. Great program and very affordable. www.cbizsoft.com is their main site.
Not wanted to spend thousands..
Hundreds maybe...for a personal operating system..
Heck...we had a dos based system when I was at MRI in 2000...!
Looking to do it on the cheap..to start out....
Need to build my data base...
Any suggestions on that?? Other than phone calls?? Websites..
Working in insurance...to start...
You're welcome. cbiz is around $40 per month and all info resides on your computer. It's pretty robust for the price. Bullhorn is good too... but I don't know their pricing structure.
I second cbiz. Have used it for years, and it's dirt cheap and robust. You can try it free for a month at www.cbizsoft.com Bullhorn is about 3x the price, at 135/month plus $600 set up fee. Cbiz is no set up fee and $39 month. It does everything, lets you inhale hundreds of resumes with one click and it will create a candidate shell for each, do bulk mail, track all your clients/jobs etc.

Thanks...I thought I saw something about a license fee....about 1200 bucks...did I misread that?? So you can get started for just 39 bucks a month..no other charges??
Can I accesss it from any laptop?? Is hosting an issue,..or for another 20 bucks they host?? Is it a download....or do I log onto their website...??
Hello Bob,
Try recruitway.com, it has the basic features you need to post jobs and track applicants, the good news it's on deman hosted solution and it's free.

cBiz is not web-based. They will host your data for the extra $20 which gives you coverage in the event of catastrophe. cBiz installs directly on your computer. This has pros and cons... but adds security to your data in that your data is on your computer only.... unless you pay the extra $20 and have them host the data.

I see Rami mentioned a free, web-based program. I've heard of another called catsone.... check out www.catsone.com. I don't know anything about it other than it's free.

One thing I like about cBiz is that it is completely customizable. If you have any understanding of relational databases, you will feel comfortable accessing the "back end" of the database where you can add custom fields for your particular purpose and process.

Hope you find what you want. Good luck.
Spoken like a true fan. I like the ability to mine through your candidates and then send them a list of open jobs which fit their needs... with just a couple of clicks.
That 1200 fee must be a different company. It's not cbiz. There's no upfront fees, nothing other than the 39 a month....or if you want them to host it, which I do, it's $59 a month.

You can download the demo for free and try it out, see if you like it before buying.

Good luck,
Of of the best informed people on Software for recruitment and staffing has to be Mark Berger. He is a writer for The Fordyce Letter, trainer and coach and if you're going to invest time and money in a system Mark can help you in making the right choice. He talks about choosing a ATS in my recent interview with him.

His live interview is featured on http://www.XtremeRecruiting.tv
I have used Maxhire.net at a price of $99.00/mo and I currently use Akken.com at $49/mo and it is a web based crm application.


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