Congratulations to John Borrowman, last weeks winner of the Question of the Week which was "Do the many social media tools save time and help make more placement or take time away from placements?" You can read John's answer in the Forum in the"%20target="_bl...'s%20answer%20in%20the%20Forum.%20John%20has%20won%20an%20Apple%20iPod%20with%20the%20complete%20%3Ca%20rel%3Dnofollow%20href=""%20width="200"%20h...">"%20target="_blank"%3EBig%20Biller%20%3Cimg...'m%20also%20seeing%20a%20large%20number%20that%20have%20not%20jumped%20on%20the%20blogging%20bandwagon.%20Jims%20interview%20helps%20clarify%20how%20blogs%20can%20be%20used%20in%20your%20business.%3C/""%20target="_blank"%3EXtremeRecruitin...""> group here on RecruitingBlogs.. John has won an Apple iPod with the complete Big Biller audiobook on it. Since John already owns the Big Biller DVD he is donating it to the Tennesee Recruiters Association and plans on enjoying listening to the book on his new iPod instead.

This weeks Question Of The Week follows in our new streamlined One Minute format.

Jim Durbin, a fellow RecruitingBlogs member and a leading Media and Recruiting expert, poses the question based on his experience with blogging for Recruitment. The full interview is avialable on the web site. Because of my travel commitments we will not announce an iPod winner to this weeks question until June 12th.

The Question Of The Week is: How can blogging help a recruiter in their business?

Blogging and blogs are a hot topic and many recruiters are using them but I'm also seeing a large number that have not jumped on the blogging bandwagon. Jims interview helps clarify how blogs can be used in your business.

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To listen to the full interview with Jim visit the web site.

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Blogging can help a recruiter in their business through the following ways:

1. Increase Recruiter Visibility (Search Engines Love Blogs)
2. Humanize the Recruiter (or ‘Career Partner’)
3. Warm up the Relationship as Blogs are Personal
4. Establish Legitimacy & Authority
5. Show that the Recruiter Cares Enough About their Personal & Professional Brand to Make This Type of Sustained Effort
6. Blogs Convey A Distinct Openness
7. Blogs are Interactive (Comments)
8. People Love to be “Informed” Rather Than “Sold”
9. Allow for more continuous brand impressions (i.e. what used to be known as a ‘Multi-drip’)
10. Blogs are a natural continuation of a 'Micro-Blog' or 'Tweet' - they make a natural and easy to implement landing page (did I also mension 'measurable' through built-in Blog controls?)

Great Recruiters always tell candidates to research the recruiter who calls them, and one of the easiest ways to do this is through a Google search on their name . . . which often leads to a blog as one of the top 3 responses.

Furthermore, a growing number of candidates and clients are so bombarded with recruiting calls that there are not receptive until they know more about us and what we stand for – a blog is a great place to start. Also consider the inherent level of candidate hesitance that accompanies a recessionary period - in a down economy, you have to work harder to build trust . . . and rightfully so.

*** In an initial email to candidates and clients, it’s easy to say, “I imagine you would like to get to know a little more about me before we connect – feel free to Google me or check out my blog below.” 99% of my calls today involve a discussion on one of my blog posts, which is a great way to build rapport!

In my estimation, blogging is no longer a question - it's merely a parity point. We can't afford to not do it! :)

Joshua Letourneau
Mg Director, SSF (Strategic Sourcing Framework)
LG & Assoc Search / Talent Strategy
Blogging online has been an excellent way for my company and I to reach a wider lead generation and candidate pool. Not to mention that blogging, for the most part, is free advertising.

In my current roles, running a full desk as well as managing a start-up company, blogging is crucial. It is an excellent way to "go to" the candidates during the day and sometimes at night especially when trying to find candidates in other states. It is not so easy to meet up with them where they congregate unless I am blogging and seeking them out in forums and other discussions as well.

When I enter into specific forums or moderate my own niche blogs it allows the candidate a way to see that I understand what it is that they do for a living and that I am not just another recruiter trying to crash their forum. There is nothing more annoying to candidates than when they are trying to solve issues related to the work they are doing and a recruiter "out-of-the-blue" posts jobs in the middle of the conversation.

I like blogs because it is a great way to gain virtual trust and a passive candidate audience. When online etiquette and "blogging best practices" are adhered to combined with industry intelligience common ground is established with candidates and relationship building can begin.

When it comes to the large number of recruiters as well as HR not jumping on the bandwagon my feelings are that it is because the "risk" involved and that the content can not be managed.

Amber Powell
Business Development Manager
Signature Staff Resources, LLC
O: 214-227-7490
F: 214-703-8000

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