Please tell me why (again) I'm supposed to give you all my contacts on LinkedIn......

For the life of me I just don't get it! I've built solid relationships from the ground up and now you want to see them all? And I don't even KNOW YOU?

I don't think so. I guess if I hadn't put any work into developing my contacts I might be more inclined to simply give them to you.........but that's just not the case.

The more invites I get from people totally out of the blue - the more apparant it is becoming to me: NO!

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I totally agree "recruiting guy" of course there are so many roads that you've been through to get all your networks done and I don't think it's just fair to let everyone grab what you have in there. I've been in this recruiting industry for a very short period of time (2 years + only) and I should say that my network in linkedin are all hard work and not just people that I've found in my friend's list list (if you know what i mean) I've also put a lot of time in mapping and meetings with my candidates and clients to increase the level of relationship between a search firm executive and candidates/clients -- so i totally agree with Ryan too that if you want to expand your network, there should be another way -- so many ways -- can connect offline and send emails to each other and start from there. You don't have to give away all your contacts. One can simply ask for your help or recommendation. In that way, you can both be in touch all the time as well rather than picking people off your list and forgets about you.

Linkedin is very useful for me too and my facebook is a totally different issue for me.

As for me joining recruiting blogs is one of the amazing ways to networking as I get to find people outside my turf and start gaining friends around the world. This will also help me find some interesting opportunities when i decide to relocate from Asia.

I do know that there are people in the financial area who wants to move to Asia and it's just a thought that maybe this will help a little.
Hi Jerry,

What I don't get is why you are so upset about this. Is anyone holding a gun at your head? Or even twisting your arm? You possess free will, you know. Just Say No!


But Jerry, you dont have to -- YOU can choose to link up with individuals you wish to (on linkedin) yet keep your own contact private (you can block off open viewing of contacts in the linkedin settings). BTW I am looking for recruiters who work with 'military' employers (such as Lockheed, MartinMariette, Northrup Grumman, et al) >>
This is a really interesting string of posts re: LinkedIn and contacts. I have not been turned down many times to make a connection. I state my purpose honestly. Recently, I was rejected out of hand by a middle connection, who told me he knew who I was trying to connect with here in Singapore personally. His reason, my invite was not compelling enough? Free lunch, job offer in SAP line, and chance to earn referall fees? Okay lah as they say in Singapore. Meanwhile, the guy who rejected the connection, has like 4500+ connection to his alumni association. I dare say he does not know all of them personally!

By the way, I especially like the posts by Ryan here....

Have a great day, and please let me know how I can help you.


Rick Price
Jerry - you sound shocked by this behaviour? Which shocks me in turn. The recruiting industry is full of chancers so by putting yourself out there you're inviting such advances from said unenlightened re webiquette "recruiters"... They are worthy recipients of an IDK, but this is not possible if you're on toplinked
Hi Jerry,

I totally agree with you. I also have clients that request their contact information not be shown on Linkedin to all the world. I do openly accept invitations though. I have received a couple of inmails from others wanting to see my contacts ranting that they couldn't and how "wrong" it is for me to do that. Ahh, no. not happening here either!!!!!

Lately, upon receiving an invitation I will ask the person why they want to connect with me....only those with "true or sincere" intentions get accepted.
Not again..... Keep in mind this is an OPEN networking group.......
Clarification: Only open, true, and sincere invitations are accepted.
You mean RBC is an OPEN networking group? I'm not sure which direction you're going here. I realize what RecruitingBlogs is. I also realize what LinkedIn is. I am MORE than happy to share all my RECRUITING FRIENDS (not shouting - just emphasizing) with all my other RECRUITING FRIENDS.

But to share all my clients with my recruiting friends? Are you kidding me?

Again the answer is no thank you.
Which is why I have continuously said in these posts, that sharing contacts in an open networking environment is great. However, disclosing clients contact info is not. Being open, is not giving away the book, it's simply being open to helping and connecting others.... Good article by the way.
Excellent reply Karen.

I'm still looking for a specific definition of what I am agreeing to when I accept an invitation from somone on any of these networks. Am I saying "Welcome to my world. I am giving you a thumbs up to all my contacts" or what. What AM I saying when I accept?

Again it goes back to how much you've invested in what you are giving your competitors. If I just hit a few buttons and all sudden I've got 500 "friends" then sure - you can have them too.

I know the difference between a name in my social network list and a number in my cell phone - and theres is a big difference.

So again - no thanks. I'll keep my contacts.

I have to say that I am completely confused as to why you cannot figure this out? It’s not rocket science. You have to have a little understanding of the value of the boards or you would not have joined in the first place. If you are saying that you joined RBC and LinkedIn to add your clients, that is silly. In fact this whole conversation is silly and quite useless in the broad scheme of things. Let’s be real for a minute, you joined to learn new things. You joined to meet new people and CONTACTS. You were introduced to these contacts through other contacts and these contacts are open to sharing information and knowledge with you.

Here it is spelled out.

Regardless of the social network, when you join a “SOCIAL” networked which LinkedIn, RBC, NING, etc…. are, that n you are saying that you are open to network with others. Which in turn is saying that you are open to sharing and introducing others. It that simple. If you can’t pick this up, than I can’t help you. It’s simply becoming a waste of time.

And NO we are not saying give ways your contacts…. Good luck with trying to figure this out….

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