What sector do you feel is the most profitable for recruiting?

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I would put Retained Sr. Executive Search as the # 1 for direct placement recruiters. If you can land clients, you can expect 30% fees on low 6 figure salaries. Do 5 to 10 of these a year... and it's a very good year.

Contract staffing is also very lucrative, takes less effort to make a placement, and has the advantage of ongoing residual income... or at least as long as you have active contractors.

For example, 6 active IT contractors nets you over $100k a year... 30 makes you over $500k...

I agree with Michael - however in terms of approach or industry choose a niche and live and breath it, understand the market from a 360 degree perspective and network with high profile candidates not even expecting to make an immediate placement...
Honestly, I don't think the sector matters all that much. Not as much as the skill and energy and drive of the recruiter. I'm in the tech space, which is insanely busy right now and I'm loving it, but I also have a very good friend who places mostly admin people, salaries averaging 40-60k and she's always been a top biller....outbilling people placing six figure jobs consistently. The difference is volume, when you place admins, the process is quicker, the fees are lower, but you make many more hits, so your billing can also be more consistent.

If you establish a strong niche and focus, you can do well in any sector.
Thanks for the discussion. I was just curious to see what other people thought. I have to agree with all of your comments though.

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