I'm starting a recruiting business and was wondering which database to use. I've used cBiz and Ultrastaff in the past, but right now its just me, so what do you recommend for a virtual office? I'm looking for reliability, good customer support and web-based so I don't have to back it up myself. Suggestions? Experiences?
Alice Barton

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my company just purchased Alchemus from Inetgen. We are getting used to it. This ATS allows everyone in the company the ability to access information from any network connection.
If you're already familiar with cBiz, you might consider sticking with them. I think for only $69 per month, they will even host your data and back it up. I'm not sure though. Have you talked to them about it?

Also, was there something you did not like about cBiz?

Remember, most web-based systems need you to work the way they want you to work. cBiz allows you to customize your operation and work flow to your specific needs. That's one of the things I like about them... and their "grab it" feature is great.
Thanks Jim. Yes. I'm looking for cost savings as well. I DID like cBiz but was wondering if there was anything else that someone particularly liked. Right now I'm going with cBiz. Thanks again. Alice
Thanks Krystel. I'd like to know the difference between Alchemus and Inetgen. Is it web-based? Can you download resumes?

I've had cbiz for 4 years now, just switched to the $69 a month to have them host. I think it's really the best value for the money, and it does everything. I love that one click of an email will download the resume, create a shell and attach the email notes....and just today I highlighted 200 resumes/emails I had in a folder and with one click it downloaded them all into the system....I only just recently discovered it could do that!

If its just you, it's great, but if you have plans to grow, you can add users and have them all networked thru cbiz.

I'm a big fan! :) Pam
Alice -

We use SendOuts and love it. go to www.SendOuts.com

Most recruiters think a database is the silver bullet in recruiting, that it will solve all problems.

If you are starting out in the business, keep your costs down. Use Act, something off the shelf. It's good enough for you to manage data.

I've used Bullhorn, Sendouts and Encore. Both Bullhorn and sendouts host their info over the internet. As far as backing things up, you should do that anyways so don't let that be a contributing factor in your decision-making prodcess. The systems sound hip and cool, but in reality the internet is slow to refresh data. If speed isn't important to you, then they are adequate tools. But you can only open one 'browser' at a time with internet based platforms. That means that you cannot easily look at all your data simultaneously, such as having one window open for candidates, the other window open for clients, and another window open for your search assignment information. Both companies, though, have great marketing. Also, look closely at Sendout's screen. It has a series of heavy dark blue horizontal lines across the screen. I quit it after a month because it strained my eyes.

Encore by Cluen www.cluen.com is my favorite system. I've used it for a while and have left it twice, only to come back to the comfortable and logical format of how they manage their data. It's probably a pretty penny, but something you can invest in once you start closing deals. But for now, you have to get good at closing deals, and that's where I would recommend you spend your time. Don't waste it with shopping for fancy databases that require dozens of hours to learn. Use something that's cheap, effective, and easy to use. Just my opinion.

Good luck,
Scott Love
Thank you for your input. Yes I agree with you. But I've found that a good interactive database is an invaluable tool. I think psychologically when you have good tools, it helps you perform. But you're right. Ultimately is in the closing of the deal. I'm getting some coaching on that. But thanks for the input. I didn't realize you can only view one screen at a time on internet based technology. Thanks Alice
Thanks Pam., Great feedback. Yes I feel comfortable with cBiz and like the style, but I don't love it. I do like the Grab it feature and Add To feature but it requires multiple clicks in most circumstances. But for the price I do agree with you. Thanks. Alice
I use eEmpACT and it is pretty good. We are working with them to improve some functions...although when I opened a year ago...I worked from piles of papers to get started. It is not ideal however it can be done and it is almost free.
Hi Alice,

From personal experience I would reccomend using eEmpact. it is great and i would love to speak with you about it sometime.

Amber Powell

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