It's seems to me that there so much gloom and doom but again companies are still
hiring and candidates are still looking for new opportunities. Perhaps there are things that we can't control the gas is so high,..this election year...,food prices are getting higher (which is the basic stuff we all need), cost of doing business is getting higher,.the strange weather pattern we are gettting...I can go on but there must be something we have hope for.

What are some of the ways that you are making the most out this situation. I wasn't born during the depression or any weird era..I was a product of the 60's or least that's when I came into the world.

I miss the old days when life was simple....but then again it's how we all look at things.
I still see all of us pulling through all of this. I wish we can motivate our young people
to get into engineering (we so short of theses) more in nursing ( we're short of these) or any other profession where we can be the producers instead of being the comsumers...when we have to depend on other country to produce the stuff we need, where we have to spend and be in debt.

Am I off base on my observations?

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I'm very bullish on the economy at the moment. I know there are pockets where things have been hard, especially in manufacturing sectors.

However, I recruit across the US and can not find recruiters available for more than a few days. That tells me companies are hiring. When companies are hiring, that means they have a long range view on their growth.

Contrast that with 2000, when companies were not hiring and 2001 when recruiters were unemployed in every major city.

Gas prices are biting, and that's hard on folks like me who commute long distances. But, not so bad that we can't overcome it in most cases.
Gas is a problem for everyone, especially when you are recruiting people for driving and paying them a per km/per mile rate. Everyone is still making money though, and I think it helps to look upward when the economy is in a slump like it is lately. Cheers everyone, be positive!

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