Our company is currently utilizing a candidate tracking system through Ceridian--and we are at our wits end with the company (they aren't working out for our payroll either).

Therefore- I think we are going to buy a software for recruiting- I need recommendations on what is easy and efficient for candidate tracking!

I personally have used: Peoplesoft, ACT!, and now Ceridian

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Ahh thanks Bill, I did not want to read thru this whole thread without seeing my favorite brand !

Bill McCabe said:
I have been using PC recruiter for about 10 years now and like it very much.

Please give me a buzz if you would like to discuss.

Bill McCabe
SoftNet Search Partners LLC
Denver, CO
populated by wackjobs no less Steve !

saw today that Lou Adler wants me to stop hiring misfits

gonna get awfully lonely around here if I have to do that......

Steve Levy said:
Another deja vu all over again thread. 26 or so responses and they all tout something different. Ah, the wacky world of applicant tracking...
Hi Cory - sounds very frustrating and if I can add my commnet

My compnay MrTed have two solutions - one for small to medium companies - ie up to 2,500 staff and it is FREE. Yes it is free. Go to www.smartrecruiter.com and have a look.

Our other solution is called Talentlink and this is more of an enterprise type solution - ie larger companies and typically we put this into those orgaisnations who are looking to deploy the solution across a number of countries/continents as it is multi lingual, can have different processes for different regions etc. www.mrted.com

Hope this help
Jamie Davies
Head of International Sales
MrTed Limited
+44 7775 928457
Hiredesk and i-GRasp are two really good tools. Both are web based so you can access from anywhere. HireDesk has more functionality - but i-GRasp is easier to use in some ways and blkier in others. I've done implementations on both and HireDesk is more advanced.
Hi Cory,

What you don't want is too much complexity in your solution. An ATS choice is based on the volume of resumes you receive daily, the number of people involved in the process, and the total amount of traffic you have or need to generate. You can end up spending too much on an ATS if you only need to hire for a few jobs. Only buy what you need. Some free systems may be free, but are they easy to use? Think about what you need. Do you need things like "sourcing strategy" and "candidate pipelines"? Or do you just need to easily review resumes?!

Our product, The Resumator, enables you manage jobs and review resumes in a paperless environment. The system also has a built-in job board recommendation engine which helps you find unfamiliar boards that provide the most bang for your dollar.

The most important aspect of our product is its simplicity—Google The Resumator and you'll see reputable reviewers, including CNET and ReadWriteWeb agree that our system is just drop dead simple, yet robust.


I should note that the CATS Applicant Tracking System is no longer open source (that version is over two years old). We do still have a free, limited version, or you can sign up for the Professional version which includes much more storage space and a ton of great features that make tracking and organization a snap. Plus, it's only $29 per month per user, a whole lot less than most of the ATS' out there. I'd love for you to check us out at www.catsone.com.
If you are looking for something that promotes collaborative tools between hiring managers and recruiters- I recommend Newton on Demand. It is online, easy to use, and stresses the importance of collaboration for your company's recruiting needs.
Try Talent Logix it free for 2 HR users and 10 hiring managers. They will also set it up and your careers site with branding along with support for recruiters and candidates. Look great and easy to use!
Give a try to CVPlus recruitment software its a pretty good software. See www.swiftpro.com for free demo and details
I have used many products by Kenexa that are web based (Open Hire, Web Hire, etc...) although currently where I am employed I'm hte only recruiter and I'm using Cyber Recruiter which works just as well.
BRASSRING is a good tool too.....Are you still looking?

The list of existing ATS is mind boggling. There are so many.
The latest one is http://HaystackHire.com , a recruiting application that is collaborative, easy-to-use and project management based. It structures your recruiting process.

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