There are a lot of things I really like about There are a few things that bug me a little but the thing that I am going to be writing about below bothers me the most and it has to stop. I encourage members who feel that their time spent on is being eaten up by what I am going to write below, please do let me know so I can see about it.

You have to stop messaging people with the same message to each person. It says that you don't care and that you're not smart and that you don't get the recruiting industry. It doesn't work that way out there and it doesn't work that way in here. I know it’s a social network and that is why most things go but time wasting with valueless introductions can’t be tolerated over and over again. It's a complete waste of time to leave someone you don't know a message on about something of no value.

Please stop leaving comments to all of the pretty ladies telling them that you like their pictures. I like lots of those pictures too but you don't see me leaving comments talking about what they look like and you don't see anybody I do business with or those I respect and look up to doing business that way.

Here is another hint. If you're a guy and your friendslist is made of up 99% women - that becomes your profile. The reverse is also true.

I am trying really hard to make into something that is going to be something. I don't make everyone happy all of the time and I sometimes don't get to things that I say I am going to get to but I don't use as a low end piece of shit sourcing and promotional tool for my business.

Thanks for letting me vent. I hope you don’t find it a waste of your time.

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Hey - yer hot. I sent you a friend request.

Oh wait - I am already your friend LOL!

You inspired me to go do a quick count on my friends list, and I'm happy to say out of 25 friends, 13 are male.

But I can also say this - every single person on my friends list is there for a reason - either I know them in person, or they posted something intelligent or clever (one of my newest friends made the BEST Ruby on Rails post LOL!).....

Bottom line, I am here to expand my professional network, and if some people can't differentiate that from someone who just has a nice picture... well.... their results in business will likely speak for themselves.

It is good to make this a talking point. But I would also encourage every member of to think professionally when they POST their picture. Remember - a potential boss, co-worker, client or candidate might see it. How do they perceive you?

-Art "I know I have a SEXY picture but look past my smashingly good looks" Pitcher
Karen, there are T&A pics here? Where??? (Just kidding) :)

Yeah, social media sometimes is 'so open' that the pendelum can swing a little too much to the 'wild west' side . . . I think it's managing that (as you are here) that keeps it in check.

JD . . . didn't Dave Chapelle talk about this on this HBO special???
I like the pictures. I get complaints about mine.

I just wanted to vent a little about what bugs me about this site at times.
Right on Jason. I've thought those same things more than once.

Keep up the good work.
Ok, so I just took a look at my 'friend list' (although I consider everyone here a 'friend') . . . and of my 65 friends, I have 28 females, 36 males, . . . and 1 ventriloquist dummy.

Um . . . I'm lacking some balance with those numbers! :)
I tend to go the opposite way, kinda like being in an interview - watch your ps and qs, don't burp and tell the truth, but not too much truth. But, sex sells.

As for your photo, Slouch, didja see the article in the current Fast Company about the black hat industry? May give you pause to rethink.

A high ethical bar is only a problem for those that try to go under it.

You all know I love the site, respect and appreciate Jason and the work he has put into creating and maintaining this community, and learned a lot from the contributions of others.

If I may, a few things for me to vent:

-Forum is a place to discuss things, not post jobs or self promotion. Do that in a blog post. You have your own page, use it.

-Enough with new members receiving messages to see if they use sub-contract or search firms. That is not a great way to start a relationship with someone. In my time here I have not once asked for business. Not that it is a bad thing, but sending a message to someone I do not know to see if they would like to partner with me seems to be a horrible, bad marketing program.

-LinkedIn, we have two groups. Use them. There is really no need to message everyone your LinkedIn profile. And to show how little thought is going into it, not leaving your email address for them to easily invite you.

Here is the group within this site, Recruiters On LinkedIn

And the group on LinkedIn

-LinkedIn Part II, sending a message that you want to connect with me, including your email address, and stating LinkedIn does not allow you to invite others any more is not a great sign that your network is that great. Makes me think you have been Spamming people so why would I want to connect with you?

Oh, and have you contacted LinkedIn customer service to see if you can get more invites?

-Promotions. Rather than have a post every two days about the widget, service, or next revolutionary idea if you believe you have the next big thing why not take the step to place an ad?

OK, I hope this is all taken in the right way.


An apology for doing this but I want to "bump" this up to the main page again so others see it.
My pet peeve is bumping conversations Paul! j/k Great points!
Jason!! You are the man. I know you and I discussed some of these things a couple weeks ago. This is an excellent tool - and it will only be as good as we allow for it to be! :) Thanks so much for managing this site.
Jason - you certainly said what needed to be said here. has quickly become a great destination for sharing, collaborating, learning, and community building related to RECRUITING.

You know that this only going to become more and more of a challenge though. As this grows bigger, it will be harder to control and regulate. You may need to push this rant out on a periodic basis just to remind everyone what is really all about.
I promise to remove my naked pic and will replace with a more professional one.

Just kidding. :)

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