There are a lot of things I really like about There are a few things that bug me a little but the thing that I am going to be writing about below bothers me the most and it has to stop. I encourage members who feel that their time spent on is being eaten up by what I am going to write below, please do let me know so I can see about it.

You have to stop messaging people with the same message to each person. It says that you don't care and that you're not smart and that you don't get the recruiting industry. It doesn't work that way out there and it doesn't work that way in here. I know it’s a social network and that is why most things go but time wasting with valueless introductions can’t be tolerated over and over again. It's a complete waste of time to leave someone you don't know a message on about something of no value.

Please stop leaving comments to all of the pretty ladies telling them that you like their pictures. I like lots of those pictures too but you don't see me leaving comments talking about what they look like and you don't see anybody I do business with or those I respect and look up to doing business that way.

Here is another hint. If you're a guy and your friendslist is made of up 99% women - that becomes your profile. The reverse is also true.

I am trying really hard to make into something that is going to be something. I don't make everyone happy all of the time and I sometimes don't get to things that I say I am going to get to but I don't use as a low end piece of shit sourcing and promotional tool for my business.

Thanks for letting me vent. I hope you don’t find it a waste of your time.

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Sorry to hear you are leaving this string. I was looking forward to your feedback regarding my last post.
I think THIS is what we are ALL SICK OF. Just posted a few minutes ago as a reply to someone looking for a recruiting job in Chicago:

Seeking recruiting or sourcing position A.S.A.P.
I was just laid off last Tuesday and searching for a recruiting position in Chicago area. Can anyone help? :) KAREN KLEMP

At 4:10pm on July 18th, 2008, Rupesh Walavalkar said…
We got your reference here and we would be interested to send you our Candidate Hotlist. Please advice if that is ok with you.

Intelliswift In brief:

- 250+ people strong (we will be 350+ in next 2-3 quarters as we have approved H1B candidates joining us from US/India/Singapore/UK) .

- Focused in providing Professional Services to clients in US (70% in the west & east coast and 30% rest of US).

- Technology – Web (Java, Microsoft), ERP (SAP, Oracle Apps), Specialized Technologies (DWH, Admins and Testers)

- Office locations – Fremont (Headquarters), LA, NJ and India

- Rated as 4th Fastest growing Organization by San Francisco and Bay Area Business journals in the TOP 50 Fastest Growing Companies in California.

Looking forward to a long term business relationship. You have a nice day.
Cheers – Rupesh
Thanks & Regards____________________________________________________________

Intelliswift Software Inc
Fremont CA 94538
Direct No: 510 870 1561

Yahoo IM:
Speaks to approach. SPAM .. in my opinion.
Hey Jimbo. I read your page. Didn't join because I'm not sure if you want me to as I'm not in the med or pharma line.

Your code of behaviour is fine.
I would make it point form.
Otherwise who reads any agreements.

Regards Recruiting Animal. (I'm linking to my show. An offsite venture).
Jim, I decided to post a reponse to you out of respect for your feedback request.

To your request for feedback, I think you have got it right in your comment, "Common sense and common courtesy." See, common courtesy to me isn't to bombard me with garbage ads on my personal profile. If you want to market it me, you can do it 3 ways: 1. Place an ad that I may click on and potentially buy your products/svcs. 2. Put on a free webinar in which I can gauge interest and potentially purchase your products/svcs at the end, or 3. Build your brand in such a way (through posting and contributing) so that I can see what you're all about . . . and then potentially buy your products and services. Yes, there are other ways, but those seem pretty reasonable to me - common courtesy, if you ask me.

Jim, if I were presenting to a group, I would suggest that the way you build the community (and the boundaries/rules you set up) comes down to the issue of sustainability versus aiming for a quick buck. And in that sense, it all comes down to the exit strategy (i.e. I could inflate membership with a 'by all means necessary' approach . . . and then sell it off once it reaches a critical mass . . . OR I could build a network the right way and aim for long-term sustainability. It's all relative to my exit strategy and business agenda.)

In looking at the exit strategy and objective first, then I don't think there is a 'right' or 'wrong', a 1 or 0, an 'on' or 'off'. It's all relative.
And that is what I speak of.

I do have a response to your quote "Activity breeds activity and activity and good content attract new members..." I totally agree with you but...look at it from another perspective.

Say, the new person on the site. How much good content have they seen so far? And how welcome do they feel when they have been Spammed 4 times?
Thank you, Josh. I appreciate the reply.

I think your second paragraph is very clear. And, I think your input, along with others providing feedback, will maybe help create a community standard which JD (as decided by JD for obvious reasons) can introduce every new member to so that they can understand quickly. They will also not be able to plead ignorance when they are held accountable for their actions. But, they will understand what is "appropriate" within this specific community and can decide how to conduct themselves for the benefit of themselves and the community or the community and themselves (whichever order you prefer).

Discussing actual business models for social communities would probably detract from the intent of this string. As appealing as that discussion may be for me.... I'll have to join you on another string for that one. Thanks again for the post.
ok Josh, that last paragraph sounds like something slippery that I might say.
Rupesh on the profile says Pune. In that message he says Fremont, CA

And he just joined the Wisconsin group.
Not very welcome... to be sure. That's why I suggest a standard be set... so that nothing is assumed. Introduce everyone to the standards upon joining.... then, if they decide to violate the rules.... they can't plead ignorance when they are unhappy with the consequences.

I think it will also help others come out of their "shell" because they may feel liberated knowing a bit more about "how" to get what they want. To be clear... I'm here for my benefit. If my being here can benefit someone else... then I've contributed to the group... willingly. That may not be the "PC" approach, but, in my opinion, it's honest.... and, in my own community, I expect members are looking for what they can get before they are looking for what they can give. So, if we show them how to get what they want... they will set up shop and give to get. (speaks back to the content is king truism).

Let me know if you think I'm whacked. :-)
You are whacked Jimmy. Listen to what everyone is saying: their only goal is to build the collective. No one is pursuing personal gain. At least not as a primary aim. Shame, Jimmy, on you.
I hope more folks can admit that they are here for their personal gain. Isn't that why we all "work"? If I'm perceived as selfish.... just remember.... what I have to give can never make it out if I don't survive. I preserve myself so that I can do what makes me happy; Give to others. Sound like a play on words? Well... that's up to the reader, eh?

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